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WoW/Hearthstone/D3/Heroes News and Guides - Icy Veins. Raidbots. Mage Class Champions Guide - World of Warcraft Forums. EU Realm Pop. Best Horde realms - World of Warcraft. Take the portal! Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft. WeakAuras Highmaul - VoxWiki. Kargath Bladefist Fixate Group Warns when fixated by Kargath or a Tiger.

WeakAuras Highmaul - VoxWiki

Fixate Group The Butcher Gushing Wounds Adjustment Group Gushing Wounds Adjustment Group Brackenspore Burning Infusion Stacks Burning Infusion Stacks dGJ)baGELODrPABurZeb1CPsnBjDtueFtLStuzVKDRy)s0pPs(lL0VfmurjdwunCe6GkjdtjCmeDoQWcvHLIalMQQLlYdPkEk0YefpxOjII0uPyYkvth4IukxffLlRQRJ0gPQmoLsBwkBhfv3gLEmvPPPsDAqJuP4zuIgnLW4fL6Ks4wQORHcNxj1NLQdJQEncYIugHqHfCgBe4BLhBUl84IdDhj(1Qv)00aNEmqRcJcZyFHDh2VojDC2)T7FJ8fYkCx4UmcBHbGWLV4YqkCTRwl(aXDXW(92llxC7C7fdHPVddJznXxi0Byec3fUb2TGLNwlZplZps8Ej0prIH0xMFwMFqtdC6L5ftJgHHr4qznjyV)PO4ifcsWE)tYiC)9tBnZAIVWnRiGj(ygHfo8SFugXrk8GMg40lZlMgncdJacimBxTw8bY3jJBNmCqE7W5LLzCErsQ25ndHTWaeY0qcgZklH1a)UmcxgMx4gy3cwEAvyI37lJqwAfaLrabesJV1LH51HWuO(YiKLwbqzeqaH04B1BG1ppqhcb81FaYiKLwbqzeqabeqiVmcpOPbo9Y8IPrJWWiSGZyJaFR8yZDHhxCO7iXVwT6NMg40JbAvaHmxCK3zwiGea Call of the Tides Warning Call of the Tides Exploding Fungus Exploding Fungus Flamethrower Active Flamethrower Active Next Infesting Spores Next Infesting Spores.

Health Potion Portal dla wymagających graczy. Serwis informacyjny dla pasjonatów gier wideo. Allita @ Grim Batol. WoW Hunter Guides for WoD. Note: As of September 2014, new authors and admins are taking the reigns, and these guides are being constantly updated for Warlords of Draenor!

WoW Hunter Guides for WoD

Welcome to Warlords of Draenors, fellow hunters. 6.0 is upon us. We’re ready to help you get prepared for the expansion and onwards. Most of these guides are relevant for level 90 and we will have them updated again to fit level 100 needs. Enjoy! We’re super happy to finally have these guides revamped! Here’s the shortcut to various WoD guides on the WHU: Pets/Stable Hunter Pet Raid Buffs & The Best Hunter Pet Beast Mastery Marksmanship Survival Extreme Soloing. WoW Heroes - World of Warcraft PvE character info & ratings. News - GuildOx - WoW Rankings. Artlu @ Twisting Nether - Community.

Zeherah's Hunter DPS Analyzer. - World of Warcraft. WoW Roleplay Gear. Black Dragon Mail « WoW Roleplay Gear. Black Dragon Mailaka The Black Dragonscale Set Armor Type: MailLevel Req.: 56Source: BoE Leatherworker CraftedAvailability: Finding a Leatherworker with the recipes is considerably harder than obtaining the materials to make the items How to get the set: The Black Dragonscale set is a combination of three rare items and one epic, all of which are crafted by Leatherworkers.

Black Dragon Mail « WoW Roleplay Gear

See below for more details on these recipes. We’ve included two different sets of extra items to accompany the Black Dragon Mail, the first of which can be worn by any mail user, but the second is hunter-only. Shoulder – Black Dragonscale ShouldersChest – Black Dragonscale BreastplateLegs – Black Dragonscale LeggingsFeet – Black Dragonscale Boots Shoulders – Requires 300+ Leatherworking skill to craft and Pattern: Black Dragonscale Shoulders, a drop from Anvilrage Marshals in Blackrock Depths at approximately a 1.3% chance. - World of Warcraft Gear Rankings - News. Macros for WoW Warriors, Hunters, Paladins, Warlocks, Druids, Monks, Mages, PVP, PVE, and Funny Wow Macros.

Siege of Orgrimmar Loot Tables, Clarifications on Off-Spec and Upgradable Legendary Capes. Nephrenn Q&A #4 Burneika jako Garrosh?

:D February 21, 2014 in Q&A, Vlogi Q&A czyli Pytania i OdpowiedziZadaj swoje pytanie w komentarzu! Ask Mr. Robot. Noxxic - Stay Epic. Noxxic - WoW, GW2, Diablo 3 and SWTOR End-Game Guides - Stay Epic. WoW Reforge Calculator & Optimizer. Mists of Pandaria: New Mounts.

Hunter's only

Taktyki. World of Warcraft News and Raiding Strategies. Best Choices for 5.0.5 Mists of Pandaria of World of Warcraft - WoW Popular - Filter by All. World of Warcraft universe guide - WoWWiki. - WoW Vanity Pets, Companions & Non Combat Pets. You feel smaller… Logarithmic Hands: Agent of Nozdormu and other Hunter Transmogs. Logarithmic Hands has been putting together unique, creative transmogrification sets over the past months, many of them done by request, and many of them designed for hunters.

Logarithmic Hands: Agent of Nozdormu and other Hunter Transmogs

Today’s feature was a multi-class set named for the Agent of Nozdormu badge from classic WoW. Logarithmic Hands: “I’m working on a series of sets based on the five dragonflights. Going to make a set for each armor class corresponding to each aspect. Here’s what I’ve started on:” Agent of Nozdormu Hunter Transmog See the original article for the Agent of Nozdormu hunter transmog item list. Below are more hunter transmogs created by Logarithmic Hands in the past. The Dragonstalker The Blood Seeker The Demon Stalker The Shadow Stalker The Ebon Dragon Stalker The Giant Stalker The Qiraji Striker Sen'jin Shadow Hunter Kaldorei Ranger Twilight Oathbinder Wavehunter Servant of the Queen Ebon Huntress Itami Silverwood (3 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Loading ...

Elitist Jerks. Akademia World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. "By luck, I stumbled upon your site, and of course I wanted to try it out.

Akademia World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

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Restoration shaman

WowTrader. Thottbot - World of Warcraft.