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Breast Cancer UK. We're asking you to make a pledge to #DitchTheJunk, and in doing so reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals which may be linked to breast cancer.

Breast Cancer UK

From the harmful chemicals used in cosmetics and domestic cleaning products to the pesticides and preservatives that can be found in food and drink – many synthetic chemicals have been linked to a range of adverse health effects, including breast cancer. We’re saying it’s time to DITCH THE JUNK……. Breast Cancer UK campaigns for the prevention of breast cancer by tackling the environmental and chemical causes of the disease. We believe people can helpreduce their risk of developing breast cancer by reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals.

In the UK, 1 in 5 cases of breast cancer is in women under the age of 50. Modern living has led to an explosion of synthetic chemicals being used which bombard our bodies on a daily basis. “The ever expanding number of synthetic chemicals found in cosmetics and personal care products is a concern. Waterproof Liquid Corrector & Concealer. Waterproof correcting and concealer fluid containing emolient oils and light reflecting pigments.

Waterproof Liquid Corrector & Concealer

With its hydrating formula the light reflecting pigments conceal and soften the appearance of fine lines. Apply in small dots and blend out into the base with your ring finger or a brush. 8g. Finding your shade: Cool undertones select the A range (A1-3) Warm undertones select from the AY range (A1Y 1-3) Very pale and porcelain complexions select Porcelain or A0. Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream Review - Skin & Tonics : A Skincare Blog. Next up in my Mizon review series is the Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream.

Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream Review - Skin & Tonics : A Skincare Blog

Some of you may already know that I don’t review or use a lot of eye creams – I most eye creams are a marketing gimmick to get us to pay more for less product. It’s true that the skin in our eye area is thinner than the skin on the rest of our faces, but it’s still skin, and there is no scientifically supported reason why a well-formulated skincare product wouldn’t also perform well around the eye. All that said, I was actually pretty excited about trying an eye cream. It’s been a while since I’ve used one, and I was eager to see if it really performed that differently from my regular face products. What is it? Wantastic Beauty – Blogging about Asian skincare & beauty.

Lisa Eldridge Make Up. Lisa Eldridge Make Up Close x Be part of The #HouseOfEldridge community and don't miss out on my newsletters.

Lisa Eldridge Make Up

By continuing on this site you are accepting our use of cookies. Read my policy on cookies, featured products and affiliates here. Everyday Looks Great Looks For Every Day Party Looks Stronger Evening and Party Looks Basics The Secret To Great Make Up THE Adele Makeup Tutorial featuring Guest Art... My Korea Obsession.

Âme pure® Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database. Kosmopedia - cała prawda o kosmetykach - inci, szkodliwe kosmetyki, kosmetyki szkodzą, bezpieczeństwo kosmetyków, niebezpieczne kosmetyki. Arsenic - naturalnie z przekorą: Blog kończy dwa lata! I ja naprawdę nie wiem, kiedy te dwa lata zleciały!

Arsenic - naturalnie z przekorą: Blog kończy dwa lata!

Wiem, że ostatnio mój blog zaniedbuję, ale Wy też wiecie, że to już jest tradycją w okolicach stycznia i czerwca ;) Po zdaniu sesji wracam z codziennymi postami na interesujące Was tematy. Jeśli chcecie, abym napisała o czymś konkretnym, zgłoście się do mnie na maila: galiszkiewicz@arsenic.plAle, ale... z okazji tej rocznicy pragnę podarować Wam możliwość zakupów w sklepach, które sama bardzo lubię, do których często wracam, i których produkty polecam Wam na blogu. Wiem, że czasami piszę o kosmetykach dość drogich lub trudno dostępnych, stąd pomysł na konkurs, w którym można wygrać bon na zakupy o wartości 100 zł w moich ulubionych sklepach.A nie są to przypadkowe sklepy, lecz sama śmietanka :) Dobrze je znacie z mojego bloga, jest też perełka w postaci nowo otwartego sklepu jednej z moich czytelniczek!

6 Genius Eyeliner Hacks You NEED To Try. Shutterstock Few things in the beauty world are more frustrating than the moment when you ruin your entire eye look with one poorly applied stroke of eyeliner.

6 Genius Eyeliner Hacks You NEED To Try

Next time, try one of these tips from Chicago-based makeup artist Paula Heckenast to up your eyeliner game. Smudge With Shadow While pencil liners with a built-in smudger on the end may seem crazy-convenient, it's not going to give you the best effect, says Paula. Instead, take a shadow in the color of your liner (either shimmery and matte will work, depending on the look you’re going for). Put it on a smudge brush, and use that to smoke out the liner for that quintessential sultry look. MORE: The Beauty Trick You Should Steal From Pharrell. Caroline Hirons. Dressed in Mint. Konturowanie twarzy: korygujemy kształt - Blog Makijaż Uroda. Konturowanie twarzy jest bardzo istotnym etapem podczas tworzenia idealnego makijażu.

Konturowanie twarzy: korygujemy kształt - Blog Makijaż Uroda

I choć bardzo często pomijane i niedoceniane, potrafi ogromnie wiele! :) Działamy tu, poprzez uwydatnienie rozświetlaczem tego, co najbardziej lubimy w swojej twarzy i „chowanie” bronzerem tych części, które chciałybyśmy optycznie wyszczuplić lub zmniejszyć :) Dzięki temu, możemy optycznie korygować jej kształt, nadać buzi „trójwymiarowości”, a jednocześnie delikatnej opalenizny. Czym możemy modelować twarz? :) Oczywiście, nie muszą być to kosmetyki opisane jako bronzer czy rozświetlacz. Blog Modowy Blond - moda, uroda, inspiracje blondynki -