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Vidéo Kanarev

Faible courant d'électrolyse de l'eau par le professeur Kanarev. << Kanarev´s Page Ph. M. Kanarev E-mail: An interest to hydrogen energetic is being increased of late years. It is explained by the fact that hydrogen is an inexhaustible and environmental-friendly energy carrier. Many laboratories in the world are busy solving a problem of a reduction of energy consumption for hydrogen production from water, but there are no significant results. A question emerges: is it possible to model an electrolytical process of water decomposition into hydrogen and oxygen, which takes place during photosynthesis? The electrodes of the cell are made of steel.

Fig. 1a. As a laboratory model of the low current electrolyzer cell generates small quantity of gases, a solution mass change definition method during the experiment and further calculation of released hydrogen and oxygen is the most reliable method of definition of their quantity. One liter of hydrogen weighs 0.09 g; one liter of oxygen weighs 1.47 g. Table 1 Experimental results Pulse duration 1. Électrolyse Kanarev. Professor Kanarev is the holder of five patents and several books. Professor Kanarev has shown a new form of electrochemistry which can generate much more hydrogen than a conventional electrolysis ever could. His tests show at least 10 times the capacity but his data also suggests 4,000 times more hydrogen than the Wh input would predict.

He also has measured very significant hydrogen generation when his cell is not powered. Kanarev's 3 kW hydrogen producing experimental plasma electrolysis reactor in operation during a demonstration in January 2002 in Krasnodar, Russia (Photo J. Kanarev is based in the Kuban State Agrarian university and has had this technology available since 2002 yet where is it today?. Kanarev describes many problems associated with the currnt mainstream scientific faculties dogma and of cause political and economic conditions (Energy suppression).

This directly leads them back to classical ways of progress. Coverage on Kanarev by Innoplaza. Kanarev Electrolysis. From PESWiki Kanarev's 3 kW hydrogen producing experimental plasma electrolysis reactor in operation during a demonstration in January 2002 in Krasnodar, Russia (Photo: J. Hartikka). Professor Kanarev's Electrolysis Processes Introduction and index of works by Professor Kanarev, includes five patents, several books. Some processes described resemble those being attributed to the Joe cell. "Water is the Main Power Carrier of Future Power Engineering" -- Kanarev website "Professor Kanarev has shown a new form of electrochemistry which can generate much more Hydrogen than conventional electrolysis ever could. Official Website - (forwards to - Professor Ph. Overview The following is translated from Russian.

He patents the simple device on studying nucleus of atoms with the help of cold nuclear synthesis. Patents List of Patents and Applications - supplied by Prof. Russian: 2227817 Field Substance Effect Ph.M. Kanarev annonce une auto-exécutable moteur-générateur. Russian Professor Ph. M. Kanarev presents what he calls "the world's first self-rotating electric generator," saying it has been tested by a scientist from the Russian Academy of Science. The device was built to demonstrate Kanarev's theory of the mocrocosmos. By Sterling D. AllanPure Energy Systems News EXCLUSIVE On Sept. 12 Professor Philip Mihailovich Kanarev sent me a video by email saying: "It seems to me this VIDEO will be interesting to you and to the readers of your site.

" Being preoccupied with other matters that day, I overlooked that email and did not see it again until yesterday, when I received another email from Kanarev regarding his analysis and critique of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded jointly to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene". Last night I posted his analysis, along with a brief preface. He responded at 4:48 AM Mountain saying: (slightly edited) Dear Mr.

Video Here's the video: Kanarev: Generators of Global (Clear) Energy. << Kanarev´s Page Published 25.09.2003. Updated 05.10.2003. Ph. M. A.I. E-mail: The global energy problems have been discussed for a long time; they are well known. Why hydrogen and why from water? It is easy to imagine what financial and intellectual resources of the world are included in the search of the ways how to reduce energy expenses for hydrogen production from water. Energy problem is global not due to depletion of oil and gas, but due to their environmental hazard. In history of science, the facts of annihilation of the scientists who have success in energy expense reduction for hydrogen production from water have already been registered.

It is known that the theoretical investigation results publication in press is a priority. It is known that if it becomes possible to reduce energy expenses for hydrogen production of water 5fold, it will be the cheapest energy carrier. Low voltage process of water electrolysis is known from Faraday’s times. Fig. 3. 1. Kanarev JoeCell Rasmussen. Le générateur du Pr Kanarev Le Pr Kanarev Un scientifique Russe donne plus de détails sur le procédé de production d'hydrogène à la demande.

En s'inspirant de l'efficacité de la photosynthèse, il a eu le sentiment que l'électrolyse classique, était tout simplement dans l'erreur. Le Pr Kanarev publie sur le web des articles techniques. On trouve plus d'informations sur le site PESwiki (par Greg Watson et Sterling Allan) Pourquoi le Pr Kanarev n'est pas encore riche ? Le générateur du Pr Kanarev Le commentaire est en russe, mais on peut y trouver ce trait de ressemblance avec la Joe Cell : l'appareil de Kanarev continue de fonctionner un certain temps après avoir été débranché.

Voir aussi : Autour de l'histoire de la Joe-Cell 3 Joe Cells Comment Hamish Robertson voit la Joe Cell Des moteurs à charge d'espace * Professor Ph. M. Kanarev, Krasnodar. Expert Resolution by Prof. Ageev: The results of theoretical investigations of Professor Ph.M. Kanarev are based on a new axiomatics of exact sciences formulated and presented by him. Due to this fact, some of his scientific results do not match a number of acknowledged modern physical and chemical theories, with the special theory of relativity by A.

Einstein and the theory of orbital movement of the electrons in the atoms, in particular. It is natural, because the above-mentioned theories have been worked out without taking into consideration the actual existing fact of space - matter - time unity, which is axiomatic, and due to this fact it should be taken into consideration when any mathematical theory is worked out. But it has not taken place, because prior to Ph.M. Minkovsky was the first to pay attention to space - time unity. Having formulated the axiom of space - matter - time unity, Ph.M. In his scientific works, Ph.M. To my mind, on the basis of the concept of Ph.M. Ph.M.