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Lok'nStore Trading Update. Self-Storage facilities provider Lok'nStore Group Plc, in its pre-close trading update, reported that its trading during the second half of the year has been robust, after a strong first half of fiscal 2014.

Lok'nStore Trading Update

The company said it is witnessing clear signs of the continued strengthening of the economy and the steps that it took to enhance operating efficiency during the economic downturn ensure it is effectively locked into this upturn with the business responding strongly. In its core self-storage business revenue is on target to be up 10.2% like-for-like, year-over-year. At July 31, 2014, the firm anticipates occupancy to grow by 9.6% and price per let square foot to increase by nearly 6.4%, compared with 12 months ago. Regulations floors. Loadgates - Active Supply & Design. Access - Active Supply & Design. Stairs - Active Supply & Design. We ensure that all regulations for the mezzanine stair size, location and features are met.

Stairs - Active Supply & Design

It is important for users that they are able to access the upper floor with ease and convenience. Active Supply & Design's experience in this field will ensure that this criteria is met. Fire Rating. Suppying each of our floors with a fire rating satisfies the necessary requirements for Building Regulations Approval.

Fire Rating

There are a number of elements to this fire rating which MUST be present. These are:- Our suspended ceilings are attached to the underside of the mezzanine floor with hangers, trim and track. The 1200mm x 600mm, white, fissured ceiling tiles are then placed under the entire area of the mezzanine floor creating a timed, fire retardant barrier. We provide all columns on your mezzanine floor with casings that, like the suspended ceiling, protect the steelwork from direct fire damage for a specified length of time. To maintain the fire resistance throughout the floor, any open edges around loading areas or stairs are covered with either a plasterboard or plastisol coated fascia. Fire blanket is installed vertically within the void of the mezzanine floor to seperate the floor into compartments. Mezzanine Design. Let Active Supply & Design take care of all of the mezzanine design and construction criteria to meet your needs.

Mezzanine Design

We can suggest the best mezzanine floor options that are right for you and your business. All of Active's mezzanine floors allow you a choice of finishes for the design of the structural steelwork, column cladding, decking, staircases and handrail to compliment your building and to match your company's corporate image. We are often asked about the height and weight requirements for our mezzanine floors so, below, we have detailed the key points to both questions. Preferably, your building should have a minimum of 5m to the eaves in order for a single tier mezzanine floor to be installed.

The following table suggests other tier requirements. Depending on the future usage of your mezzanine floor, we design the steelwork to withstand certain loadings. Mezzanine Flooring. Active Supply & Design are experts in constructing mezzanine floor systems.

Mezzanine Flooring

The design, supply and installation of mezzanine floors and all of our floor installations and constructions are manufactured, constructed and designed to pass all of the necessary building regulations in the UK and Europe. We can supply a single-tier or multi-tier mezzanine floors and we will advise you how you can maximise your space. As an ideal way of maximising the efficient use of height within your building, Active Supply & Design can install the perfect solution to your space and storage needs.

We also have a vast background of experience in industrial warehousing and office fit-out and specialise in the design and construction of suspended ceilings, fire rating, staircases, handrail, pallet racking and shelving. Roller Doors. Roller shutter doors, also known as roll-up doors can be manufactured in a range of sizes from 1m to 4m wide.

Roller Doors

However, we would always suggest that a 1.5m to 2m roller shutter door would be perfectly sufficient for the vast majority of applications. Roll up steel shutter doors can be provided in many different colours to suit your needs. Depending on the discussions that take place with our clients, the roller shutter doors, if utilised, are usually provided in place of the double leaf swing doors on storage units over 100ft2. Swing Doors. As standard, we manufacture your plastisol coated swing doors in either a single leaf at 1m wide or a double leaf at 1.5m wide and at a height of 2.1m.

Swing Doors

If necessary we can offer alternative swing door sizes to meet with your precise requirements. All flush swing doors are delivered complete with rear strengthening bars and "fixing free" front faces. Self Storage Doors. Self Storage Partitions Unit-Dividers & Walling. Our market leading aluminium-zinc dividing walls are manufactured to be clean, secure and bright, helping you to sell your facility to your clients.

Self Storage Partitions Unit-Dividers & Walling

Our dividing wall panels have a 1m cover width which reduces the number of joints in each full length of wall and inherently adds to the walls strength. This is enforced further by each panel being overlapped. When fitted under a mezzanine floor all of our walls, as standard, are secured with strengthening brackets. These pupose made, bespoke brackets help further in preventing unauthorised access to the units by adding to the rigidity of the system. Corridor Hallway Systems. In order for your facility to become a success, amongst other things, you will need it to be secure and clean and our corridor / hallway walling systems are manufactured to meet those exact needs.

Corridor Hallway Systems

Our UK designed and manufactured corridor walling partitioning systems have been constructed, tried and tested for over 12 years and have been installed into hundreds of self storage facilities throughout Europe. A profile corridor partitioning system complete with plastisol coating A flat hallway walling system complete with plastisol coating A flat corridor partitioning system complete with high gloss coating All of our corridor partitioning systems are manufactured in standard white but other colours are available, upon request, in order to meet with your corporate identity. The number of external fixings is minimal so that your corridors look clean and uncluttered. Each system is designed to prevent unauthorised access, whilst still remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Self Storage Facility Management. It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned self storage management veteran or soon plan to open your very first facility; the effective and efficient management of the building is paramount to its continued success within the local economy and industry as a whole.

Self Storage Facility Management

From analysis of unit room mix trends to key marketing techniques that actually work, it is important that you take advice from the right people in the industry; those with the working knowledge and experience of all aspects of self-storage facilities. Self Storage Contractors. When considering a new self storage installation in an existing building or in a brand new facility, it is vital to choose a fit-out contractor who can help you from concept to completion and ensure that you are getting the best, most efficient design and quickest, most precise installation; using the highest quality materials available anywhere in Europe. That's why, here at Active Supply & Design, our clients have been returning again and again for over 20 years for further phase design and installations and new build facility fit-outs. Self Storage Conversion. With our expertise in constructing Self Storage facilities throughout Europe, from the ground up, Active Supply & Design can complete whole building conversions.

We can create fully functioning storage centres from warehouses, distribution centres and archive stores. For us, it's the dream project. Converting warehouses and other large buildings into self-storage facilities is an easy possibility with our expertise. We can create hundreds of rooms and multiple levels of mezzanine flooring. Our teams work closely with you to design, plan and map out the whole project. Gallery - Active Supply & Design.

External Self Storage Units. Externally accessed self-storage units are a great way to use otherwise empty space within the grounds of your self storage facility, that in turn gives your self storage tenants a greater range of options when visiting your building. Often, these drop down containers can be accessed 24 hours a day by your tenants which gives you the ability to sell the rooms at a higher rate per square foot due to their increased convenience to tradesman and other such persons who need 24 hour access to the self storage facility. The external access portable units are purpose built for the application and also command much higher returns than standard shipping containers offered by many. Regulations. This is another area where the value of using Active Supply & Design can be truly recognised. During the design phase of your facility, we include means of achieving compliance with Building Regulations.

As the UK's largest self storage fit-out company we regularly deal with local authorities and the fire brigade to ascertain the correct level of protection for your customers. Security Mesh. Why Mesh? Along the same lines as corridor soffit, mesh is only utilised where no ceiling exists above the self storage units and additional security is therefore required. Corridor Soffit. Self storage corner guard protectors. Ask Active Lockers.

Add On Options. Kicker Plate. Kickerplate offers an effective solution to your facility's corridor walling system if it suffers from damage caused by trolley's and movement of large items through the aisles. Colour Options. Self Storage Locks & Latches. Roller Doors. Swing Doors. Site Map. Glossary. Profile Panel System - Meaning that the corridor walls are corrugated. Flat Panel System - Meaning that the corridor walls are flat with a minor curviture across their length to aid in rigidity. Plastisol - Plastisol is a generic name for the PVC based paint coating that is applied to the steel substrate in liquid form. Plastisols are available in a huge choice of colours. High Gloss - High Gloss is a description given to the coating of a steel panel which resembles that of a "washing machine" finish.

Polyester Powder Coated - The steel substrate has a hot dipped galvanised coating and is primed and coated with high grade Polyester enamel paint. Header Bars & Panels - A way to describe the horizontal door frame component above the door and the panels which slot in above it. What We Do. Why Active. The entire Active team is dedicated to exceed your expectations.

We identify the scope of work, and clarify every potential issue. About. We are an award winning independent company, established since 1991 by its founder and Principal, Andrew Donaldson. Self Storage Construction.