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Art & Logic. (1) What startups are hiring engineers with strengths in machine learning/NLP. BloomReach (in Mountain View, California) is hiring.

(1) What startups are hiring engineers with strengths in machine learning/NLP

We have an amazingly strong team of about 20 engineers in machine learning, NLP, and search (a large fraction PhDs), drawing from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, and many other companies in the Valley. We're early stage, well-funded, and work on data problems at web scale (usually with Hadoop), including query language models, clustering, and a proprietary ranking system, as well as some interesting graph optimization algorithms. Our product is widely deployed and generating revenue. We're looking for very strong, practical engineers who enjoy problems in this space, ideally with background in search, information retrieval, or systems and infrastructure -- but unusually talented candidates of any kind are welcome.

Message me or check our (brief) website for more details. Greenplum is driving the future of Big Data analytics. Jobs. Billets d'avion, Hôtel, location de voiture. QL2: Real-time Search. About Us For more information: Contact Us QL2 Technical Support For technical support: Tel: +1 425.224.5033 QL2 Sales For information on all products and services: Tel: +1 206.443.6836 AMERICASQL2 Software, LLC2849 Paces Ferry Rd SE., Suite 760Atlanta, GA 30339Tel: +1 EMEA QL2 Europe Ltd. 43 High Street, Suite 2 Marlow SL7 1BA United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1628473857 | Fax: +44 (0) 1494880942 INDIA QL2 Software (India), Pvt.

QL2: Real-time Search

About us. The Economist - World News, Politics, Economics, Business & Finance. NewsWhip builds interactive social news clouds with Infomous. NDRC start-up NewsWhip, which tracks the world’s news stories and shows which ones are spreading fastest via social media, has forged an alliance with US data visualisation company Infomous to create interactive clouds that show the fastest-spreading topics.

NewsWhip builds interactive social news clouds with Infomous

Users can now find small interactive clouds on the sidebar of As users navigate the site (going to a section on gossip or tech, for example), the topic of the cloud also changes. Meanwhile, there's a more interactive, full-size cloud at, with news from the US, Canada, the UK and India. The companies are planning to provide a cloud interface for more topics soon. "It's really neat to see our data presented in this way" said Paul Quigley, NewsWhip CEO.

Last week, NewsWhip won the People's Choice Award at Dublin Beta. 'See' what's hot "The ability to see what articles are 'hot' in a specific topic category makes for a particularly compelling type of cloud. " John Kennedy. Paolo Gaudiano eWeek Interview. Careers. Join our Team! GeekWire - Dispatches from the Digital Frontier. Nordstrom Innovation Lab. Microsoft Acquires Farecast For $115M. Rumors about the acquisition of Farecast are accurate – in a very brief blog post CEO Hugh Crean says they’ve been acquired by Microsoft.

Microsoft Acquires Farecast For $115M

SeattlePI, which first broke the rumor last week, says the price tag was $115 million. While the two companies are an understandable fit given their proximity and partnership over MSN Travel, SeattlePI reports that Farecast entertained multiple offers before accepting Microsoft’s. Farecast is an airfare pricing comparision tool that also uses a predictive algorithm to recommend when you buy your ticket. So the idea is to show the user not just who has the cheapest ticket, but whether or not waiting might make sense as well. The site has also guarantees tickets at its predicted prices for an extra charge. The deal follows the acquisition of competitor SideStep by Kayak in December. Online Shopping for TVs, Computers, Cameras & Electronics.

NYT: Friday’s deals may not be the best - Business - US business - The New York Times. Microsoft Careers. Building the top web destinations for saving consumers time and money. 'The most ambitious project at eBay for a long, long time' High performance access to file storage "It's one of the most ambitious projects that's been undertaken at eBay for a very, very long time," vice president of search and experience technology Hugh Williams tells us on the phone.

'The most ambitious project at eBay for a long, long time'

"I'd argue it's on the scale of any major search engine re-write a company has done. " That's a meaty claim. eBay is one of the biggest names in tech, a survivor of the late 1990s dot-com bubble which has come to dominate the market for online auctions. Not only that, but this isn't the first mega-search project Williams has worked on. Two years ago Williams was an actor in possibly the internet's greatest comeback story – the jury's still out - building Microsoft's Bing. And you don't need to be a search algorithm nerd to appreciate Williams' Bing work: it's right in front of your eyes.