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Nowe życie starego budynku. Najdziwniejsze miejsca do mieszkania [ZDJĘCIA] Dla niektórych mieszkanie w domu, bloku, kamienicy czy luksusowym apartamentowcu to zdecydowanie za mało.

Nowe życie starego budynku. Najdziwniejsze miejsca do mieszkania [ZDJĘCIA]

Zobaczcie, jak stare stodoły, wieże ciśnień, młyny i kościoły zamieniły się w przytulne domy mieszkalne. Drewniany, niewielki kościół w Brisbane w Australii, wybudowany w 1867 roku zamienił się w luksusowy, wygodny dom. Wszystko za sprawą architektów ze studia Willis Greenhalgh Architects. Nie zmieniono bryły budynku, natomiast wnętrza urządzono bardzo nowocześnie. Kurz und Schön opener. Backyard Offices. Backyard Offices April 24th, 2012 | Inspiration | British company Pod Space makes and sells prefabricated garden buildings that were designed to be used as guest rooms, studios, and home offices.

Backyard Offices

Compact eco-friendly pods will fit unobtrusively into most backyards and larger models will accommodate up to four adults.They come with integrated workstations, lighting, and bookshelves. Mini Pod Micro Pod Max Eco Pod Glide Pod Micro Pod. 12 Cool Products for Tea Lovers. Collection of useful tea accessories and creative inventions designed to make tea preparation easier and more enjoyable.

12 Cool Products for Tea Lovers

Teastick Stylish one-cup tea infuser that combines the quality of loose leaf tea with the convenience of a tea bag. [link, via] Tea Sub Creative TeaSub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup, creating the perfect infusion of your favorite brew. 12 Creative and Unique Curtains. Modern curtains and creative shower curtain designs from all over the world.

12 Creative and Unique Curtains

London Underground Curtain Navigate the Underground from your bathroom or just pay homage to London’s iconic transit system with this cool curtain. [link] 40 Creative Business Card Designs. 40 Creative Business Card Designs December 9th, 2008 | Inspiration | Unique and creative business card designs from all over the world. 01 - Emerson Taymor Business Card 02 - Pomegranit Business Card 03 - Stephanie Towell Business Card 04 - Murillo Design Business Card 05 - Ken Speckle Gifts Business Card.

40 Creative Business Card Designs

Top 75 Best Design Resources of 2008. Top 75 Best Design Resources of 2008 December 19th, 2008 | Design | Collection of the best and most useful design resources of 2008.

Top 75 Best Design Resources of 2008

Typography Resources - 60 Brilliant Typefaces For Corporate Design [Smashing Magazine] School of Art and Design Creativity Test. Clever advertising campaign for Panamericana School of Art and Design encourages people everywhere to test their creativity. The objective is to draw as many things as possible that originate from X’s or O’s. How far does your creativity go? Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil.

15 Examples of Creative Packaging. This post showcases the most unusual and creative packaging designs. Peelable Bottles Creative bottles with fruit inspired textures were made for the launch of new flavors of Smirnoff Caipiroska. [link] Nobilin Pills Packaging Clever packaging shows how the product works: every pill targets heavy food in your stomach. Kleenex Packaging Perfect Slice of Summer tissue boxes designed by Hiroko Sanders. Blood Bag Energy Drink Fruit punch energy drink comes in a transfusion-style blood bag. Yarn Packaging Creative packaging designed to promote Rellana Hair range of yarn.

Laundry Detergent Box. Unique and Creative Magazine Holders. The most creative holders, stands and racks that will store your newspapers and magazines in style.

Unique and Creative Magazine Holders

Magazine Coffee Table This unique table features 14 slots for your favorite magazines. [link] Wall Magazine Rack With or without magazines this rack will look great in any room. Dog Shaped Magazine Holder. 15 Unique and Innovative Calendars. The most creative modern calendars and innovative calendar designs that will show you the current date in style.

15 Unique and Innovative Calendars

Autumn Calendar World’s first tear-off calendar that tears off its “leaves” automatically. [link] Magnetic Calendar One ball is suspended in mid-air to mark each month, while a second magnetic ball is placed on the horizontal beam to indicate the day. Ink Calendar Oscar Diaz designed a calendar that uses the capillary action of printer ink spreading across paper to display the current date. One a Day Calendar Unique calendar made with cod liver oil tablets. Balloon Calendar Balloon AA Company has created a special balloon calendar that lightens up the mood in a stressful office. 12 Cool Products for your Bike.

Collection of useful and creative bicycle accessories designed for people that spend a lot of time on their bikes.

12 Cool Products for your Bike

Frame Bag Compatible with many classic bike frames with horizontal top tubes, the frame bag features two compartments for A4 notebooks or laptops. [link] iPhone Bike Mount GoRide allows you to easily attach your Apple iPhone to your bike. 15 Unusual Cutting Boards. The most creative and unusual cutting board designs from all over the world.

15 Unusual Cutting Boards

VW Bus Cutting Board Unique cutting board inspired by Volkswagen’s famous camper van. [link] Chop-n-Scoop Board Innovative cutting board makes it easy to transfer chopped food. OCD Cutting Board. Creative and Unusual Bookshelves. Super Mario Room. Check out this awesome Super Mario room art installation. “The installation may or may not have been created by a woman named Antoinette J. Citizen.” [via geekologie] - Russian Super Mario Car. 12 Unusual and Creative Mirrors. Collection of unusual modern mirrors and creative mirror designs that will look great on your wall. Razorblade Mirror Not only is this a pretty damn cool object to put on the wall, it’s also a perfect Shaving mirror. [link] Clipboard Mirror At first glance a run-of-the-mill clipboard, but on closer inspection a stylish and simple mirror. Skateboard Mirror.

Cool Modern Outdoor Table. Abachus is a cool outdoor table with six metal arms that you can lean against instead of using regular chairs. The table is extremely robust and perfect to be left outside in all seasons. Thanks to its fixed arms, you will never have to struggle with chairs. Modern and Creative Packing Tape Designs. Collection of the most creative packing tape designs from all over the world. Message Tape Black out the unwanted parts to create your own messages.

[link] Everything is OK Tape. 15 Cool and Unusual Pillows. Clever and Creative T-Shirt Designs. Lull Flower Lamp Concept. Designed by three Norwegian designers (Marianne Varmo, Heidi Buene, and Audun Kollstad), Lull is a lamp that opens and closes like a flower. In the morning, the lamp opens carefully and dims up to gently wake you up.

In the evening, the flower slowly closes and eventually turns off. Lull is not yet in production, but if everything goes as planned, it is going to be in the stores by the end of 2009. 24 Modern Mugs and Creative Mug Designs. 15 Unique and Creative Staircases. Stylish modern stairs and creative staircase designs from all over the world. Helical Stairs The gradual upward rotation if this staircase is extremely elegant and the user is almost unaware of the change in elevation.