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Dr.Surabhi Goyal

Dr. Surabhi Goyal is Director and Professor at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi. Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) is one of the top 10 private B- schools in India. Established in 1996, the institute has successfully carved a niche as one of the best PGDM institutes in Delhi. It offers the most sought after PGDM courses to the aspirants and lays a strong foundation to build a sustainable career in management.

How is MBA different from PGDM? With the advent of corporate culture, globalization, and increasing entrepreneurship enthusiasts in India, more and more aspirants are opting for management courses after graduation.

How is MBA different from PGDM?

There are many institutes and universities that are offering postgraduate programs in management throughout the country. Delhi alone has more than 2000 management institutes offering a wide range of management courses. The management courses offered by different institutes and universities fall under two categories/titles, viz., MBA and PGDM. Aspirants often get confused about the two as they are not able to make out the difference between the titles as well as their content. This causes the biggest dilemma of their lives – which course they should opt for and why. Undeniably, both the courses MBA and PGDM predominantly train aspirants for managerial and leadership positions. Importance of CAT in MBA / PGDM Admissions. How Business Schools have changed the Game of Corporates.

The business environment is changing drastically.

How Business Schools have changed the Game of Corporates

There is a paradigm shift in the way businesses function due to change in customer expectations, digital media, and work culture across the world. Hence, there has been a perpetual need for sermonizing market and organizational uncertainties which are being addressed by the top notch business schools offering transformation management courses. Business schools provide trans formative learning solutions to management students pursuing PGDM courses. They equip the students with skills that can engage customers, compete across the industry and hence, grow business. These management courses produce leaders and front line managers who can create value for the organization they work with. Undoubtedly, business schools have changed the game of corporates. Let’s understand how business schools are disrupting the business world and company’s work culture: Business Transformation Strategic work Alignment Deeper Network of Talent Competent leaders Dr.

Enrol for PGDM Courses in the Best Management Institute in Delhi. Registration Opens for PGDM Aspirants, Academic Year 2020-2022. Education background for admission to the PGDM Program(s) The participants must possess a bachelor’s equivalent degree in any discipline.

Registration Opens for PGDM Aspirants, Academic Year 2020-2022

Minimum of 50% aggregate marks or equivalent, from a recognized university in India or abroad (recognized by the UGC / Association of Indian Universities (AIU)). Candidates appearing in the final year of their bachelor’s degree are also eligible. They must furnish the provisional degree certificate by September 30, 2020. Admissions Open for MBA/PGDM Courses, Batch 2020-2022. Are You Planning to Study in the Best MBA College in Delhi? 15 Golden Rules Of PGDM Marketing Aspirants. Marketing plays an important role in the success of an organization, and it is in fact, the heart of an organization.

15 Golden Rules Of PGDM Marketing Aspirants

Today, marketing is not limited to the introduction of a product in the market, and it is about building brand connections directly with the consumers amidst huge competition. Marketing demands creative and innovative brains, people who can think out of the box in a given situation. PGDM in marketing is such a course that moulds an ordinary student to an extraordinary marketer.

With numerous PGDM specialization, it gets difficult for the aspirants to choose one. Best Career Opportunities After PGDM From Asia Pacific Institute of Management. The birth of Management education dates back to the beginning of the 19th Century when Harvard started offering Management Education as a full-fledged program.

Best Career Opportunities After PGDM From Asia Pacific Institute of Management

With the advent of the global economy, the demand for professionals having formal management education accelerated. Industries today want employees who are dynamic, competent and good communication and leadership skills. Why pursue an MBA or PGDM? An engineer, a banker or an IT professional with a specialized MBA or PGDM commands more weight in the Job market than that of a Graduate. Management has become an indispensable skill to such an extent that many organization has partnered with leading institutions to train their workforces. Asia Pacific Institute of Management. Regarded as one of the most difficult entrance tests, qualifying CAT is on the mind of every student who wishes to study in Top Management Colleges.

Asia Pacific Institute of Management

For aspiring candidates, we have put forth this article which covers the 2019 CAT Eligibility Criteria. We have tried our best to provide you with a piece of comprehensive information regarding the matter. Please read on for details: What is CAT? Common Admission Test, also known as CAT, is a highly competitive qualification exam conducted by IIM for admission into their highly approved PGDM programs. It is a computer-based exam. 5 Reasons to Pursue MBA-PGDM. MBA - A Pathway to Succeed as an Entrepreneur. "Is MBA necessary to become a successful Entrepreneur?”

MBA - A Pathway to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

-At one point or another, this thought crosses every entrepreneur's mind. While there are a lot of arguments for and against this topic, it's interesting to understand if, for an entrepreneur, an MBA is a necessity or not. The history of Management Education dates back to the beginning of the 19th Century when Harvard started a dedicated program in Management. The demand for the qualified managerial professionals has gone up. A Management Program is specifically carved to develop skills necessary to become a successful Entrepreneur Management Educational Programs are practical in nature and are tailor-made to develop skills that a learner must have to ace in business. How PGDM MBA Helps You Become an Investment Banker? An investment banker acts as an intermediary between the companies planning to raise money and institutional investors.

How PGDM MBA Helps You Become an Investment Banker?

He meticulously utilizes his skills to issue securities to the organizations. But, if the recap of the expertise of investment banker is analysed, then, it is certainly the hard-work, analytical skills and dedication which are involved in his preparation. Why is the PGDM the best career option after Engineering? Apply for PGDM courses Batch 2020-2022. Admission open for Batch 2020-22 in PGDM IB. Looking for admission in the best PGDM college in India?