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Ashutosh Securities Pvt. Ltd. makes investing in mutual funds an easy task to do. Start investing with us and see your money grow. Our team of professionals comes up with the best plans for your financial goals. We are a trusted company having experience in investing in mutual funds of more than a decade.

SEBI Proposes For A New Category ‘Accredited Investors’! Hello Readers!

SEBI Proposes For A New Category ‘Accredited Investors’!

The controller and regulator of Mutual Fund In India, SEBI (Security Exchange Board In India) came up with a new proposal the last Wednesday that is 24th February 2021. The Consultation Paper has proposed the creation of a new class of ‘Accredited Investors (AI)’. In its new proposal, SEBI expressed that there are certain investors in the market that hold a good market experience and have better understandings of the risks and returns associated with different financial products. Thus, these investors can be allowed to invest in customized or complex products. The investors recognized or classifies in the category of AI investors, would be given relaxations on certain existing regulations. Who Will Be Categorized In The Category Of AI?

The proposal mentioned in the consultation paper states that investors completing certain criteria will be categorized as AI. To be categorized as AI, individual needs to one of the following three conditions: How A Woman Can Change Holding Status For Mutual Fund Units? Hello Readers!

How A Woman Can Change Holding Status For Mutual Fund Units?

Working women are independent and highly interested in a well-planned budget. Most of the women plan their savings, then investment, and after that their expenses. Many of the women, as soon as they start earning their plan their investments in different financial instruments, to secure their future goals. For women who start investing in mutual funds before their marriage, the problem occurs after they get married and look towards changing their maiden name. As she had investments in mutual fund houses, she has to look forward to changing the name, which would require making the name alteration in records of all of them, for future redemptions or any other transactions. Well, dear women, need not worry, the process is simple and straight-forward.

How To Process The Procedure? Well, in order to get her name changed for all her investments in mutual funds, she has to update her KYC. Here what women miss is updating their bank account. An Overview: Motilal Oswal Asset Allocation Passive FoF! Hello Readers!

An Overview: Motilal Oswal Asset Allocation Passive FoF!

Motilal Oswal AMC recently announced a new NFO offer of a fund of fund (FoF) named Motilal Oswal Asset Allocation Passive FoF. This NFO was open for subscription on 19th February 2021 and will be closed for subscription on 5th March 2021. This new NFO is all concentrated over the objective of Asset allocation. We know, Asset Allocation is all about how much investments that investor will invest across different asset classes. For many, asset allocation becomes tough to work as many of them fail to analyze how much to invest and in how many asset classes are the most suitable asset allocation strategy for them.

New Wage Code Lowers Take Home Salary, While Increases PF Contribution!! Hello Readers!!

New Wage Code Lowers Take Home Salary, While Increases PF Contribution!!

The Parliament showed the green flag to the Code of Wages in 2019 and rationalized 44 central labor laws. The most important prospect in this was the new Wage Code. The new Wage Code determines that the allowances given to an employee should not exceed more than 50% of the total cost to the company (CTC). This clearly defines that now the basic pay of an employee would be equal to 50% of the CTC. Avoid These Mistakes While Planning To Invest This Tax-Season! Hello Readers!

Avoid These Mistakes While Planning To Invest This Tax-Season!

Do you know which season is trending now? Obviously, your answer will be spring season, but dear I am not talking about that, I am talking about the tax season. Yes, the tax season often comes before the month of March. This year the last date for tax-saving investment for the year 2020-21, has been fixed till 31st March. This is the last chance for people to maximize their tax benefits under various sections unless the finance ministry extends the deadlines again like it did the last time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Debt Mutual Funds Are Better Bet Than Direct Bond Investments! Hello Readers!

Debt Mutual Funds Are Better Bet Than Direct Bond Investments!

Recently the Reserve Bank of India, announced that retail investors can buy government securities directly. However, as per experts, investing in debt funds instead of buying bonds from the market is still the best option. And there are several reasons to support their suggestion. Let us have a look at these reasons. Fuel Prices Trending ‘OUT OF CONTROL’ In India!! Hello Readers!

Fuel Prices Trending ‘OUT OF CONTROL’ In India!!

At the start of this month February, we got the Union Budget of our country for the fiscal year 2021-22, announced by our Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. There were a number of provisions in the budget. Regarding the diesel and petrol prices in the budget, FM announced, a hike in agriculture cess by 2.5 percent on Petrol and agriculture cess increased by 4 percent on diesel. They also had a word that this hike won’t affect the buyer’s pocket, but the petrol and diesel prices trending since last few days is narrating a different story. Mutual Fund Allocation Increased To REITs and InvITs! Hello Readers!

Mutual Fund Allocation Increased To REITs and InvITs!

In the last few years, Mutual funds have been allocating a part of their investment in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvITs). Reports and data of ACE MF show that the equity, debt, and even multi-asset funds have been investing a very small part of their portfolio in these asset classes. With the recent public issue of Brookfield India REITs, currently, there are five REITs and InvITs available in the exchanges. Undefined Goals! How Can I Plan My Investments? Hello Readers!

Undefined Goals! How Can I Plan My Investments?

People start their financial planning and money management task by setting their goals. These goals can be many, be it retirement planning, financial independence, or some other goals. RailTel Corporation Of India Launches A New IPO! Hello Readers!

RailTel Corporation Of India Launches A New IPO!

In the month of January, we saw a number of companies announcing their new IPO. There were constant IPOs being launched. Well, the next IPO on this list has already been scheduled. This IPO has been announced by RailTel Corporation of India Limited. The opening date of this IPO is on 16th February 2021, and the closing date listed is on 18th February 2021.

Some Mutual Fund Schemes Showed Gain Of More Than 45% In Three Months! Hello Readers! Last year was definitely a tragic year for the mutual fund industry, it started with an upward bang, went to its lowest in mid, and finally ended with a bang in recovery. In fact, the last three months proved to be a strategic boon for the Equity sector in mutual funds. What happened?? In the last three months, mutual funds net sold Indian equities worth over Rs 70,000 crore. During the period October 31, 2020, to February 10, 2021, the benchmark index Nifty TRI gained 30 percent where 10 equity mutual fund schemes gave an absolute return of over 45 percent. Are You Near Reaching Your Before The Expected Time? Hello Readers! If you are an investor you might have received many suggestions and tips to manage and continue your investment, in this pandemic situation.

If you are a person who is planning to start an investment, then you might have received suggestions on whether you should invest in the current market or not. But if you are an investor and indeed you are close to achieving your long-term goal, then are you advised for what strategies you must follow? Well, there are basically two aspects of reaching the goal in such scenarios, time and value. Either you might have achieved the amount you earmarked for a particular goal, before the specified time, or it could be that you are close to the time you carved out for the goal.

Here, what is the scene of the market, how hard it is suffering, or what is its value at that time is much less important than the matter that you have achieved your goal or near reaching it, and this event, obviously needs your attention. It’s Valentine Week! Plan Your Money Matter Together With Your Partner! ULIP’s No Long Hold A Tax-Free Status!! Hello Readers! ULIP’s that is Unit Linked Insurance Plan, a kind of financial security that has benefits of both an insurance policy and an investment.

That means, if you invest in ULIP’s, then your money can grow and at the same time, your loved one’s future is protected from life's unexpected turns. The third benefit of ULIP’s that attracted the investors much was its tax-free status. Well, that’s over now!! Yes, in the Union Budget for the fiscal year 2021, Finance Minister announced that “If annual premiums of ULIP’s exceed Rs 2.5 lakh, then it will roll back from exemption”. Key Highlights Of AMFI Report For The Month Of January 2021!! Hello Readers! The first month of the year 2021, is over a week before, and now its time to watch out, what were the total outflows and inflows reports for different mutual fund schemes as per the report presented by AMFI (Association of Mutual Fund In India).

The main focus of the report presented by the AMFI was on the newly introduced Flexi-cap funds, a new category introduced by SEBI (Security Exchange Board of India). What’s Big For Salaried Person In Budget 2021!? Hello Readers! The Union Budget for the Fiscal year 2021-22 was announced on 1st February 2021, by Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman. Financial Experts expressed that Finance Minister has stood with her promises and had given a budget that is completely growth projecting in the coming years.

Every section of society was eagerly waiting for the Budget, to see what benefits they are going to get especially at this time of the pandemic. More of the hopes were from the budget was from the salaried section of this country. Indian Economy Is All Set To Grow, Be An Equity Participant Today! Indian Economy Is All Set To Grow, Be An Equity Participant Today! Budget 2021-22: What Gets Costlier And What's Cheaper? Hello Readers!! The Union Budget for the fiscal year 2021-22 is out. This year's Budget is unique as the finance minister used a Made in India tablet to deliver a paperless Budget address, and ditched a 'bahi khata', that she used last year.

The Budget 2021 is special and at the same time too challenging because it has come at a time when the country’s economy was hitched by the COVID-19 pandemic and is in the phase of recovery. It will be interesting to watch out how this Budget help to accelerate the recovery speed of the Indian Economy. As the Budget for FY21-22 is announced, many commodities are set to become more expensive and some items of daily use will have revised prices.

Long And Tough Road Ahead For FT MF To Re-establish Its Image!! BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS OF BUDGET 2021! Key Highlights Of Economic Survey 2020-21! Dear Parents, Outdated Financial Advice Is Not Good For Your Millennial Youths! What Health Insurance Industry Expects From Budget 2021? SEBI’s New Guidelines On Investment Advisors Registration Fees! Expectations Of Tax Experts, Insurance Companies And Mutual Funds From Budget 2021! Hello Readers!! We are in a new year, a new session, and with this soon we will get to hear our Union Budget with new provisions to improve our economy for the fiscal year 2021-22. Risks That Market Might Face In 2021! SWP In Mutual Funds Can Be A Good Alternative For Dividend Mutual Funds! Experts Mantras to Build Your Financial Portfolio In 2021! Wait and Watch Still Persists, Shows Market Trend in December!

WHERE TO INVEST IN 2021? Save Tax On Returns While Creating Wealth For Your Goals! Do The Returns From Sectoral Funds Justify The Risk Of Investing In These Funds? Agri Reforms Are Part Of Govt's Efforts To Remove Hindrances, Says PM. DID YOU ANALYZE YOUR FINANCIAL WELL-BEING? “Farmers Protest May Slowdown The Economic Recovery”-Says CII! Axis Special Situation NFO, Should You invest? Three Things To Add In Your Resolution 2021! Economists Wrote To Tomar, Central Laws Won’t Benefit Farmers!

Top-Up Your Emergency Fund In This New Year 2021! How Should Investors Approach Year 2021 For Their Investment Planning? Financial Mistakes To Avoid While Dealing With Your Dear Ones! Systematic Withdrawals Are Becoming Popular As SIP! Looking For Dividend Plans To invest? Here Is What You Must know!! Hybrid Funds, Should Be A Part Of Your Asset Allocation Or Not? Is There Any Right Time To Invest In Overseas Funds. Flexi-Cap Funds, A New Category Of Mutual Funds!! Kotak MF launches ESG Fund NFO, Subscription Ends on 5th December!

Should You Invest In Multi Asset-Allocation Funds? Factors Affecting The Performance Of Mutual Funds! Do You Have Money Sleeping In Your Bank Account? Exit Load In Mutual Funds, Does It Benefits In Any Way? End Of The Year, Time To Reshuffle Your Investments! Three Money Habits To Be Learned From A Self-Made Millionaire. Markets Proved To be Positive More Than Negative In November 2020! Teach Your Financially Well-off Child, Importance of Saving! Is There Any Right Time To Invest In Overseas Funds. Looking For Dividend Plans To invest? Here Is What You Must know!! Tips For New Generation That help Them Vanish Their Debt Burden! October Witnessed Market Volatility With Multiple New Regulations From SEBI! Money Tips For Shoppers On Diwali! Three Money Behaviors You Should Get Over! Monthly Or Weekly, Which Term Is Better For SIP Installments?

Do You Have A Nominee For Your Mutual Fund Portfolio? SEBI’s New Norm For Inter-Scheme Transfer In Mutual Funds! Free-Tax Status Of Returns From ULIP, A Valuable Reason To Invest In It? SEBI’s New Circular For Allotting Mutual Fund Units! Why Equity MF Is Different From NPS, For Retirement Planning? How To Analyze Whether You Can Afford Something? How Can Couples Invest Together In Mutual Funds ? Where Not To Invest For Your Short-Term Needs? Growth MF Or Dividend MF - Where Do You Pay High Tax? Ways To Maximize Your Cash Flow During A Job Loss!

Risk Seeking or Risk Averse, Which Behavior To Opt? Mistakes You Must Avoid While Picking Up Debt Fund Categories! Where Not To Invest For Your Short-Term Needs? How Would The Recent Noise In GDP Affect Your Investment Strategy? How Would The Recent Noise In GDP Affect Your Investment Strategy? Replenish Your Depleted Emergency Fund! Right Time To Redeem Your Long-Term Investments! Too Many Bank Account? Know How Many You Should Hold! HOW TO RETIRE RICH? Long-Term Investments Needs Inflation Beating Returns But Not Short-Term Investment, Why? Why Liquid Fund Growth Rate Is Trending Low This Year? Have You Tried Labeling Your Investments? Financial Lessons One Must Learn From Lord Ganesha! Investing Biases That Prove Harmful To Your Investments! Investing Biases That Prove Harmful To Your Investments! Lessons You Might Learn While Investing In ELSS Mutual Funds! Ever Thought of Semi-Retirement Instead of Early Retirement! Are You A Freelancer? Know How To Calculate Your Tax Payable!

How Many Funds In The Same Asset, Can Be Too Many? Do You Know About Joint Hold Investing In Mutual Funds? IGNORE THE RECENT MARKET NOISE AND STAY INVESTED! Are You Chasing A Sector Fund, Is It Worth Investing In It? Are You Chasing A Sector Fund, Is It Worth Investing In It? Fall Under High Tax Bracket? Beware of This Nuances in Investment Allocation! FACTORS NOT TO COMPROMISE WITH WHILE INVESTING! Mistakes You Must Avoid In The Race To Save Tax! What Part of Your Earning Is Ideal to Invest in Mutual Funds?