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Driverless Cars and Car Accidents—What Now? – Leifer Law Firm. It looks like driverless cars may be a reality a few years into the future, but their existence has raised a lot of questions about how this will impact traffic accidents.

Driverless Cars and Car Accidents—What Now? – Leifer Law Firm

Even though technology in cars has made the machinery of driving much more safe, accidents are still a serious concern today. In fact, car accidents are still a leading cause of injuries and death in the United States. This is part of the push behind driverless cars, which use computers to communicate with other vehicles and reduce the likelihood of an accident. Researchers studying the potential impact of driverless cars believe that deaths on the road could be reduced by as much as 90 percent. This could mean up to 300,000 lives saved every ten years in the U.S. and a significant savings in terms of the medical costs associated with car accidents. Comfort or Concern? Despite the fact that there are so many potential benefits in these vehicles, there are also obstacles ahead. What About the Law? Driving Blame. Sidewalk Accidents: Who is Responsible? – Leifer Law Firm. If you slip or fall on a sidewalk, determining who is liable for your injury is not as straightforward as you might think.

Sidewalk Accidents: Who is Responsible? – Leifer Law Firm

First, you must determine if someone is actually liable for your accident. In personal injury cases, including those on sidewalks, there must be someone who was negligent and therefore caused your accident and related injuries. Motorcyclist Killed After Crash with Truck – Leifer Law Firm. Motorcycle accidents in Boca Raton are unfortunately all too common, and this one is just a recent example.

Motorcyclist Killed After Crash with Truck – Leifer Law Firm

In the early morning hours of this past Tuesday, a motorcyclist was killed when he collided with a semi-truck on Spanish River Boulevard. Local police have yet to identify him or release any further details about the accident. Fatal Facts. Motorcycle accidents are an almost daily occurrence in the Boca Raton area, and these types of accidents are among the most likely to cause serious injury or death. 15 Ways to Take Control of Your Life After an Injury – Leifer Law Firm.

Suffering an injury or a loss challenges you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

15 Ways to Take Control of Your Life After an Injury – Leifer Law Firm

Life certainly has its set backs, but you are in control of taking minor steps, which add up to major changes. You can make your life simpler, notice opportunity, and prepare yourself for the future as you recover. KNOW ABOUT COMMON MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT FACTS? Unfortunately, too many drivers and even motorcycle riders do not understand the facts regarding these devastating crashes.


Whether you’re sharing the road with bikes or you like to go for a motorcycle ride yourself, familiarize yourself with these lesser known pieces of information. Source : — COREY LEIFER, Florida Personal Injury Attorney of Leifer Law Firm, works on all cases personally and often meets clients on evenings and weekends to accommodate their schedule. He is an active member of the community in South Florida and is a proud supporter of numerous local charities, particularly those that benefit children. If you have suffered a serious injury in an accident due to the negligence of another person, you have the right to seek compensation. Can I Sue After a Slip and Fall Injury? During a regular visit to the grocery store, nobody expects to encounter a severe accident.

Can I Sue After a Slip and Fall Injury?

Preventing Sports Injuries: How to Be a REAL Coach for Your Kid. As a parent, it is only natural to want the best for your child in all aspects of life.

Preventing Sports Injuries: How to Be a REAL Coach for Your Kid

Many parents feel this way, especially when the child expresses interest in participating in sports activities. In team sports, however, you need to be aware that you will also need to interact with the coach. Having a bad relationship with your child’s sports coach can lead to all kinds of drama, problems, and even sports-related injuries that all can easily be avoided. Get Help in Your DUI Case with a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Everything You Need to Know for Your Medical Malpractice Case. What is the legal meaning of medical malpractice?

Everything You Need to Know for Your Medical Malpractice Case

Medical malpractice normally happens when a health-care provider swerves from the expected health care standards when treating a patient. Treatment Up to Standards. The “health care standard” is defined as what a well trained and certified medical practitioner would or would not have done under similar circumstances. Essentially it boils down to whether the medical practitioner was negligent.

There is no doubt that medical malpractice lawsuits are gradually becoming more common in the medical field. This is a nightmare because most of them, or even just any other medical practitioners, do not expect to be sued by the same patients they spend each day treating and helping. However, in spite of this increased awareness of medical negligence by health care providers on the part of the public, still there is strong evidence indicating that most of the patients still remain ignorant on the finer details of medical malpractice cases.

Boating Safety Guidelines for Operators. With the warm Florida summer season fast approaching many find themselves ready to enjoy a nice day boating.

Boating Safety Guidelines for Operators

Florida holds the record for the largest number of personal and recreational watercrafts of all the states. Having such a large amount of watercraft vehicles also means that Florida has extensive laws and regulations in order to keep the waters, environment, property, and people safe. due to having the largest number of watercrafts, Florida is the nation leading state for boating accidents. Boating accidents such as collisions, engine failures, fires, and capsizing are common accidents that can result in serious injury or death to the passengers and persons involved. How Divorce Leads to Bankruptcy. Divorce and bankruptcy are the law’s odd couple.

How Divorce Leads to Bankruptcy

Hardesty, Tyde, Green & Ashton, P.A. Brain injuries are among the most devastating types of injuries that can happen to an individual. An experienced Jacksonville brain and spinal cord injury attorney can help you recover compensation if you have suffered these types of severe injuries from an accident. Do You Know the Signs of a Brain Injury? Unlike other types of personal injuries, brain injuries can be quite subtle and therefore difficult to recognize.