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You will get real authentic information the prediction that will surprise you because honest astrologer will always tell the truth. There is no plastic quoted words just the prediction, negative or positive. For clear cut prediction always contact astrologer Ashok Prajapati.

Best Marriage Dates For Your 2021 Wedding - AshokPrajapti. 2020 is an uncertain time, leading to the cancellation of auspicious events like marriage.

Best Marriage Dates For Your 2021 Wedding - AshokPrajapti

Many people wonder if they can get married in 2021. Apart from that, many married couples want to know how their married life will work in 2021. Here we have covered the concerns of both parties with this marriage prediction horoscope for 2021 according to zodiac signs. Let’s get started. Aries: Aries marriage astrology 2021 shows that year can start on a great note for its natives. However, you will have to encounter a challenging time, especially when you have exaggerated expectations.

Taurus: 2021 is also a great year for the married life of Taurus. In other words, you two can bump into each other and start communicating. However, you can be frustrated when your beloved one will fail to understand. Gemini: WHO WILL BE MY LIFE PARTNER? Meeting the perfect companion and getting a partner of our preferences is a thought that is continually recurring to us, and many a time, we just ponder deep over who actually would be our soul mate?


Whether or not we have met them and what kind of lifestyle and personality would they be having? Have you ever wondered that meeting your dream spouse one fine day is predefined and is actually the effect of the celestial connections and their interdependency? The astrology is the tool to predict and explain answers to such questions by mapping your planetary positions and energies while you were born on earth.

Analyzing the Ascendants: Ascendant (Rising sign) or better known as ‘Lagna’ in Vedic Astrology, is the first and the most important house in the horoscope. Studying the Venus Planet: A harmonious relationship depends on the right placement of Venus in your Birth Chart. Your Guide to Reading and Understand A Birth Chart. An astrology birth chart known as Kundli or horoscope is an astrological structure used for assessing and predicting one’s future.

Your Guide to Reading and Understand A Birth Chart

Your date of birth, place, and time required to make a Birth Chart. To make predictions, an astrologer considers your planetary positions, moon sign, ascendant sign, and other birth details. The astrological positions and angles of the planets at the time of birth are the most significant standpoint when it comes to calculating various aspects of life. What is a Zero Degree Aries Point in Astrology? Every zodiac or house is 30 degrees long, which means that the sun stays for 30 days in each zodiac sign.

What is a Zero Degree Aries Point in Astrology?

There are three special degrees in forecasting: 0, 1, and 29. During these special degrees, the planetary energies are very powerful and so, are in the case of zero degrees Aries natal charts, which give such people the energy to break the molds and entice the world with their idealness. At the zero degrees AP, the sun is at the equator of the earth while going towards the north. Full Moon In August— All You Need To Know And Do. As we welcome another month, we look forward to yet another full moon — but the Full Sturgeon Moon of August third is about to shower upon us some incredible bursts of energy.

Full Moon In August— All You Need To Know And Do

In the moon sign of the virtuous Aquarius, this moon, according to the astrology experts tell us to pursue goodwill and to welcome reform. Moon illumination in Aquarius Aquarius is a sign that cleanses our thought process, shines light on our emotions, and is capable of interpreting a framework like no one’s business. It digs deep in its assessment, ready to be correct reasonably to be displeased. Health Problems by Your Zodiac Sign. While lifestyle and diet can affect your health, some health conditions are determined by your zodiac sign.

Health Problems by Your Zodiac Sign

Or you can say that your zodiac sign makes you prone to some diseases. Here we will know the illness by your zodiac signs. Aries Health Problems: The Significance and Importance Of Astrology. As the world progresses towards science and technology at heterodox thoughts, the significance of astrology somehow it’s still strong.

The Significance and Importance Of Astrology

The world of astrology, and belief in it, balance the universe. And rightly so, it deals with the most essential aspect of our lives, our future. You can label it as a science, as there are calculations involved. This field of study has been in the world since the prehistoric era. Astrology’s significance has been evident through maps, Egyptian pyramids, cave drawings, and ancient manuscripts. Doctor Horoscope : Planetary Combination for Medical Profession. Doctors are counted among one of the prestigious and respectable careers in any nation.

Doctor Horoscope : Planetary Combination for Medical Profession

Moreover, financial gain is also associated with this profession. No wonder why many parents want their children to study for this field after their matriculation. While it takes one to be determined, focused, and industrious to prepare for the medical field, certain planetary positions can be supportive of this career. Here’s how… Important Planets for Astrological Yoga to Become a Doctor.

The Importance of Navamsa Chart in Birth Chart Analysis. Navamsa chart is an eminent astrology chart after Rashi Chart or Birth Chart for prediction and interpretations.

The Importance of Navamsa Chart in Birth Chart Analysis

It helps astrologers obtain important information about one’s life, including marriage, characteristics and destiny. Navamsa is a Sanskrit term which means Ninth Division in astrology. Nav means Nine and Amsa means a division or planetary part. Can You Ever Become Rich? Here's How Astrology Answers. Most clients often ask us if there is a possibility of getting rich in their horoscope.

Can You Ever Become Rich? Here's How Astrology Answers

In fact, it is one of the most asked questions to an astrologer. After all, money is required to fulfil the needs as well as to lead a better life. No wonder why people are curious about their prospectus of getting rich in the future.