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Clothes Site Moxsie Lures Future Employees With Foursquare-Style System. Jetting off to Paris and Milan to handpick the latest fashions is a pretty glamorous gig--if you can get it. So here’s a more attainable goal for wannabe fashionistas: Become a virtual buyer on Moxsie, a “community-driven” startup that sells clothing, shoes, and accessories crafted by independent designers. Two months ago, Moxsie began posting pictures and videos of sample products on Twitter during the company’s regular merchandising meetings, and allowing its 115,000 followers to send instant feedback on which fabrics, colors, and designs they like or dislike.

Moxsie then uses their input to decide which products to stock up on. The Decade's 10 Best Digital Ad Campaigns. Zxing - Project Hosting on Google Code. Context Optional. The Adobe USA site has been optimized for users within the United States.

Context Optional

If you live outside the U.S., we recommend that you visit your local site for the most relevant information, including pricing, promotions, and local events. United States Canada - English Your country selection will be remembered for future visits. You can change this selection at any time using the country selector at the bottom of the page. Always be Social. Tips & News for Youtube Marketing & SEO. iJustine on Converting 300 Million YouTube Views Into a Network of Fans. This interview is part of our ongoing series related to The Influence Project.

iJustine on Converting 300 Million YouTube Views Into a Network of Fans

The New Faces of Social Media. Introducing Deals. A Beginner?s Guide to Facebook Insights. Social media news, strategy, tools, and techniques. 25 Characteristics of Highly Effective Social Media Campaigns. There is so much rock and roll going on involving businesses running social media campaigns.

25 Characteristics of Highly Effective Social Media Campaigns

However, there are not many social media rockstars. Their guitars vary. Some rock hard and some… not so hard. 8 Ways Restaurants Can Use Facebook Pages (and Not Fail Like Burger King) Burger King’s marketers have been brilliant, and that includes what they’ve done on Facebook — who can forget the Whopper Sacrifice application, where you could de-friend people in exchange for a free burger.

8 Ways Restaurants Can Use Facebook Pages (and Not Fail Like Burger King)

But this cleverness has not translated into any fans on Facebook. Despite being one of the top burger chains in the world, the company does not even appear to have a Facebook page. Meanwhile, its main rival, McDonald‘s, has the largest Facebook restaurant page, with 1.24 million fans. Facebook fans matter, of course, because you can convert them to actual customers. 5 Winning Social Media Campaigns to Learn From. Companies are starting to broaden what they consider online advertising, and are opting to run some amazing social media campaigns.

5 Winning Social Media Campaigns to Learn From

Rather than slapping a banner ad on a site, social media campaigns take full advantage of the web's unique properties like interactivity, community-building, and the ability to specialize local offers. Top 50 Facebook Pages 2009. 5 Huge Trends in Social Media Right Now. What's the first thing young women do when they wake up?

5 Huge Trends in Social Media Right Now

Check Facebook. Guess Who's the World's Biggest Landlord? Alarming, troubling and yet so ultimately predictable is the assumption Facebook will eventually charge fees for accounts held by corporates.

Guess Who's the World's Biggest Landlord?

This is based on simple business paradigms. Leverage is now heavily weighted towards one party (Facebook) which implies the other must pay (companies). Five Companies that Fix their Story to Inspire Service. Branding as a strategy means little if the customer experience is not there.

Five Companies that Fix their Story to Inspire Service

If your story doesn’t align with what you do, all of the clever tactics you can come up with to follow your lofty goal will not make the cut. Unless you can fix your story by inspiring a culture of service from the inside. You instill a belief as well as make an example of behaviors to follow throughout the organization. You know that this cannot just be a grassroots effort, it needs to come all the way from the top. Which companies are doing that today? 1. Three Companies that Started down the Trust Path with Customers First. They do it by talking about and engaging with topics and content that will make their customers smarter.

Three Companies that Started down the Trust Path with Customers First

Or they share tidbits that are fun and engaging, and share the love. Nissan's Social Media Strategy: Hire "Nobodies" The auto industry will spend $1.2 billion this year on social media advertising.

Nissan's Social Media Strategy: Hire "Nobodies"

With all that cash up for grabs, one might expect car makers to turn to Facebook and Twitter heavyweights Ashton Kutcher or Justin Bieber for their online marketing. But not Nissan. To launch its new line of Juke cars in the U.S., the Japanese auto company is entrusting its brand, in the words of one rep, to "virtual nobodies...two relatively unknown men with zero celebrity status. " The "virtual nobodies" are Jason Sadler and Evan White, the duo behind social media service I Wear Your Shirt, a marketing company that can be rented on a daily basis to promote brands on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The pair will wear whatever apparel the sponsor chooses, acting as human billboards. Nissan is the biggest brand yet to hire the pair, and they're not only renting their chest space. Eavesdrop on the Internet With Trendrr. Trendrr, a business intelligence site, unveiled a new platform today that seeks to answer a basic question: What is the internet saying about your brand? What with the countless blogs, microblogs, news aggregators, and video sites people congregate to, filled with countless status messages, chats, posts, and tweets....How could anyone possibly get a read on it all? The Future of Advertising Has Been Promoted: A New Study. For years, Twitter focused on building a fervent community while other established and burgeoning social networks attempted to do so while fueling growth with advertising dollars. 2011 will go down in history as the year when Twitter was officially promoted from a micro blogging network to a full fledged interest network, with each of its denizens expressing their likes and dislikes Tweet after Tweet.

Combine a highly engaged interest network with the ability to introduce relevant promotions or brands in a way that's non-intrusive and you have an interesting recipe for fusing a social network with an ad network. Welcome to Twitter 2.0. Empowered. The Viral Garden. Media Use Statistics. A new survey shows that Americans are increasingly transfixed with social networking sites, with Facebook grabbing more of our time than any other blog or social media.

Social networks and blogs are taking up more and more of Americans time online, now accounting for nearly a quarter of our time spent on the Internet, according Nielsen's social media report. Internet users in the U.S. spend more than twice as much time on social networks than they do in the second-most popular category: playing online games. Facebook is the top destination of all social networks and blogs. Nielsen reported that 140 million people visited Facebook in May.