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Welcome Back. Vehicle Tracking Installations Prevent Theft and Reduce Fuel Costs Give us a… Fleet Management - A step towards a cost-efficient business. Fleet management has inherent features that can provide benefits to almost any kind of business.

Fleet Management - A step towards a cost-efficient business

Almost all kinds of businesses across the world use some form of transportation to carry out their day to day business. Whether an employee using the company car to get to an appointment or a fleet of trucks used to transport goods from one place to another in both cases one thing they have in common is transportation. Looking for Vehicle Tracking Installations. Hands-free Phone Installers - Ireland. Hands-free phone kits are induced majorly to overcome the dilemma of distracted driving.

Hands-free Phone Installers - Ireland

Distracted driving begins with the use of cellular devices while driving. It dominates the reasons for collisions caused by drivers each year. The reason is simple they start visualizing the matter they are in conversation while driving. The vehicle tracking installers have induced the hands-free kits to avert the all such situations. These kits will allow drivers to avoid distraction while using their smartphones and concentrate on the road and their driving. Hands-free equipment requires limited use of hands or we can say that they are operated without any use of hands.

Hands-free installers are offering a wide range of products like Bluetooth car kits, iPhone car kits, multi-functional systems, car phone holder and much more. The hands-free kits are not confined to calling rather the installers are offering features like live speed camera alerts along with real-time traffic information. Vehicle Tracking System, Ireland. Individual Car trackers No matter what vehicle you have we can supply and install most leading vehicle trackers to help reduce your insurance and all are Insurance stolen recovery approved by most Insurance companies.

Vehicle Tracking System, Ireland

Call Today for a quote on 053 9131464. Fleet tracking software Fleet trackers are designed to cut costs and improve driver performance we offer the leading brands of fleet management products installed on a nationwide basis any time anyplace so call us Today on 0539131760 for a demo. Plant trackers Plant tracking allows you to monitor and administrate your plant. Terms and Conditions. Lynsco group ltd T/A Lynsco FleetTerms and Conditions of sale. 1. 11.3 Installation day.

Terms and Conditions

The buyer accepts that all installations are deemed finished and final within 4 hours of the last vehicle fit. Any issues must be raised on testing day. If it is proven than negligence has been carried out on behalf of the engineer then in the case of a contracted engineer you accept that this is between yourselves and that contractor as Lynsco in this case is merely introducing the contractor. Contact Lynsco Fleet - 053 9131464.

Blog. Install a Tracking device to improve the safety of your car. Careers in Lynscofleet. Careers in Lynscofleet. Case Studies. Customers. Motorcycle Tracking, Ireland. Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Installations. For business owners, having even one car or truck stolen may make their business to lose a lot of money in revenue.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Installations

Vehicle tracking installation is highly essential for car rental agentsas they can easily know the arrival time of their vehicle, the route it’s travelling and saves onfuel and time. On the whole, you can keep updated with your vehicles and drivers. You can also keep an eye on your driver’sbehavior, prevent theft and even the amount of time your employee takesbreaks. Having all these records helps a vehicle owner to best manage their fleet business. Today’s generation often think about a GPS system to get the right directions and find stolen vehicles etc.

Truck vehicle tracking systems. Plant Trackers. Fleet Tracking Software, Ireland. Individual Car Trackers. Vehicle Tracking System, Ireland. Roof Racks and Van Accessories. Light Bars and Beacons for Vehicles. Buy Driver Assistance Products. Vehicle Security and Car Tracker Services, Ireland. Handsfree Phone Kits for Vehicles. Fleet Management Systems, Ireland. Lynsco fleet vehicle tracking system is powered by our vehicle tracking partners Trackmatic.

Fleet Management Systems, Ireland

The system allows you to locate your fleet 24/7 and 365 days a year. You can view live anywhere at any time where your fleet is and take a advantage of a huge range of features that include • Automated departmentalised reports with your logo on showing Over speeding Out of hours use Business mileage Time sheets Service intervals Excessive idling • Historical playback Play back previous trips in real time as they happened • View on any phone or computer • Driver behaviour Harsh braking Over speeding Harsh cornering Acceleration Idling This all leads to a large reduction in • Fuel • Wear and tear • Admin time • Carbon emissions And a increase in • Productivity • Working time In short the system will save an average of 14% on your fuel bill alone and can increase productivity by up to 21%. The system is fully customized and easy to use. Nationwide Vehicle Installation Services, Ireland.

Lynsco fleet was formed in 2009 and has grown to be one of the largest vehicle installations companies in Ireland.

Nationwide Vehicle Installation Services, Ireland

With more than thirty engineers we provide any install at anytime anywhere throughout Ireland. Our passion is customer service and with such a large network of engineers and experience we can fulfil any installation contract anywhere. Our pricing model is one of the most competitive in Europe which has allowed us to grow at a fantastic rate. Our Services - Fleet management systems, Vehicle security and car trackers etc. Trade Enquires – Vehicle Tracking Installations. Trade Enquires. Vehicle Tracking Installers, Ireland. Blog. Vehicle tracking software is the here and now which in turn makes vehicles better, smarter and fit them with up to the minute software that can offer real-time reports of the vehicle.


By just spending a few euros more, you can get real power in your hands through this software that is being talked about in the papers and the internet. Vehicle companies across the globe are in the process of making smart cars that will have software with thousands of lines of code written in order to offer vehicle tracking and vehicle CCTV functionalities but there is still time before these cars are rolled out in the market. When good technology meets good pricing Right now vehicle tracking software is being sold off the shelf through the online route which is perhaps the best way to introduce a product in the market.

There are no dealers or sub dealers in the process and users get the best price of the product while the software seller can retain their margins. About - Vehicle Tracking Installation Company, Ireland. Lynsco fleet is a trading name of the Lynsco Group Ltd and is one of the largest vehicle installations companies within Ireland. 100% Irish owned Lynsco fleet has been providing fleet services for many years.

About - Vehicle Tracking Installation Company, Ireland

We have a vast amount of experience and have completed contracts for both small to large companies ranging in size from one vehicle to thousands. All our engineers are fully registered and insured and have been through a full training package allowing us to deliver the very best in service and systems for your vehicle fleet. Our products cover the full range of the service spectrum from vehicle tracking supply and fit to car alarm systems and phone hands free car kits. We are fully insured and VAT registered and leads the way in award winning installations. Vehicle Tracking Installations, Ireland.