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Google reveals the mysterious custom hardware that powers AlphaGo. The machine learning community has coalesced around Google's TensorFlow library.

Google reveals the mysterious custom hardware that powers AlphaGo

Interestingly, one major holdout was DeepMind, which did most of its research on the Torch7 library. Samsung’s first mirror displays are now being used in a hair salon. Samsung has been experimenting with mirror and transparent displays for years, but mostly in concept form.

Samsung’s first mirror displays are now being used in a hair salon

While we saw a pair of impressive 55-inch mirrored and transparent OLED displays last year, Samsung is revealing the first commercial installation of its mirror display today. Best Responsive Wordpress Hosting Theme For Cloud Providers. HostChilly- WordPress Hosting Theme For Cloud Providers Since it’s the age of Cloud, the world of cloud hosting is becoming increasingly competitive.

Best Responsive Wordpress Hosting Theme For Cloud Providers

The new web hosting providers are focusing more on their cloud hosting packages while the old ones are fast switching to the cloud. What makes torrents work. What makes torrents work. Top Responsive Hosting Templates. ISRO's Rocket Scientists Build Pump For Heart Transplants. New Delhi: Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation or ISRO have used material and technology used to build rockets to create a small device that pumps blood and is seen as a step towards making an artificial heart.

ISRO's Rocket Scientists Build Pump For Heart Transplants

The Made-in-India left ventricle assist device weighs 100 gm and will help people who need heart transplants, replicating the function of a part of the heart that pumps blood. It is being tested right now by a team of surgeons on animals and is expected to be ready for use on humans only after a few years of extensive testing. The device was recently tested on five pigs at a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram for a six-hour experiment which doctors said was successful. The device is made of biocompatible titanium alloy and can pump blood at the rate of 3 to 5 litres per minute. Similar imported heart pumps cost crores of rupees, but the ISRO version is expected to cost only Rs. 1.25 lakh. Top Responsive Web Hosting Templates. China sets aside rancor, offers Japan condolences for quakes. BEIJING (AP) — Chinese President Xi Jinping has extended his condolences to Japan's Emperor Akihito over the country's recent deadly earthquakes in a brief respite from the usual rancor between Beijing and Tokyo.

China sets aside rancor, offers Japan condolences for quakes

Reports Tuesday of Xi's comments said he also expressed "sincere wishes" that the Japanese people might speedily overcome difficulties and rebuild their homes. "On behalf of the Chinese government and people, I extend my sympathies for those who have died and condolences to their families and those who were injured," Xi said in the message issued late Monday. Xi made no mention of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is widely loathed in China over his conservative views on history and moves to strengthen Japan's defense. High-level Chinese-Japanese ties have been largely frozen since Japan nationalized a string of uninhabited East China Sea islands claimed by China in 2012, setting off violent anti-Japanese protests in several Chinese cities.

India, Russia foreign ministers hold bilateral talks in Moscow. Top Responsive WHMCS WordPress Hosting Template. Now, an app that brings couples `2gether` New Delhi, Apr 15 (ANI): To enrich relationships, BharatMatrimony has launched an app that seeks to help couples create and share their lifetime journey, privately and securely.

Now, an app that brings couples `2gether`

BharatMatrimony's 2gether app aims at bringing out the good times couples have in their journey and improve the communication between them. This app is a secure and private messenger. Professionally Designed Responsive CloudHosting Template for your Website. An ideal cloud hosting theme is uncomplicated, clean and sufficiently descriptive with a specific cloud based approach.

Professionally Designed Responsive CloudHosting Template for your Website

There are many cloud hosting templates based on multiple versions available in the market. In this blog, we have presented top 3 cloud themes for the cloud hosting providers. 1. Hybrid Cloud – The Cloud Hosting Template If you want to provide your visitors a pleasant browsing experience with simple features and beautiful design, then this is one of the best cloud themes. Features • WHMCS template is compatible with latest WHMCS6.0 version • Attractive animation effects • Multiple design variations • 20+ Pages • Available in multiple versions: HTML5 and WHMCS6. Malaria first spread from birds: Study. New York, March 25 (IANS) Malaria, a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through mosquitoe bites, started out as a parasite in birds, and then it evolved to colonise bats, and from there it has evolved to affect other mammals, reveals a new study.

Malaria first spread from birds: Study

Malaria affects close to 500 million people every year, but we're not the only ones--different species of malaria parasite can infect birds, bats and other mammals too, the study pointed out. Humans cannot contract malaria directly from birds or bats. Top 8 WHMCS Addon. Best Responsive WordPress Web Hosting Theme by ThemeChilly. Frigid Pluto is home to more diverse terrain than expected. By Irene Klotz CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.

Frigid Pluto is home to more diverse terrain than expected

(Reuters) - The most detailed look at Pluto's surface to date has revealed an unexpected range of mountains, glacial flows, smooth plains and other landscapes, according to studies released on Thursday. The unprecedented window into the so-called dwarf planet, which orbits the sun like other planets but is smaller, comes via high-resolution photographs from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft.

30 Work Lunch Ideas (That Will Make Your Colleagues Drool With Envy) Asia Cup and ICC World T20 2016: Time for India to get into ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 mood. India made a winning start against Pakistan, and maintained momentum throughout the tournament © Getty Images The busy cricket season is here and the cricketers from all over the world will be engrossed in the slam-bang version of the game over the next few months.

Asia Cup and ICC World T20 2016: Time for India to get into ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 mood

The countries from the Indian subcontinent will be busy with Asia Cup 2016 in Bangladesh before heading to India for the ICC World T20 2016. There are no doubts that Asia Cup 2016 — being played in the T20 format for the first time ever — will serve as an excellent opportunity for several teams ahead of the global tournament. The focus will be on Asian countries in specific, and on India in particular for being the hosts, and they need to get into the mood they had in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. India had had an ordinary run till ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 that kicked off in Australia and New Zealand exactly a year ago.

Freedom 251 Smartphone: 10 Unanswered Questions. There's a simple maxim that people would do well to remember - if it seems too good to be true, then there's probably a catch. So when a virtually unknown company called Ringing Bells announced the launch of a 3G smartphone priced at just Rs. 251, it set off warning bells instead. Named the Freedom 251, the phone seemed impossible for its price - a 4-inch Android 5.1 smartphone with 3G connectivity, a 1.3GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage, with front and rear cameras, might be commonplace specifications today but the price of such a phone is usually anywhere between 10 to 15 times the price - how was the Rs. 251 price tag possible? Particularly when, at the launch of the phone on Wednesday, the company officials clearly stated that there is no government subsidy involved in the pricing of the phone.

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Choosing best WordPress plugins for your site will make your work easier and deliver better experience for your users as well. So, here we are with some of the must have plugins for web hosting business. 1. Yoast: Yoast is not just an SEO plugin, it is the art and science of website optimization. Top 10 WordPress Themes for Your Hosting Website. Starting a web hosting business may seem quite easy, but it’s certainly not easy to make yourself stand out from the horde of web hosting companies out there. To make yourself visible on top, you need a good, professional and responsive website. So, here we are with top 10 WordPress themes that’ll surely help you find your ground among competitors. WHMCS Order Form Templates. HostChillyV3 WordPress Hosting Theme. WOWHOST V2 - Best WordPress Hosting Theme with WHMCS. Mist Host- WordPress Hosting Theme. WordPress Hosting Themes and Templates. Best Hosting Templates & Themes.