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We created Blufig with the passion and zeal to create something spectacular. It is the answer to our hunger to express ourselves as marketers, designers, writers and developers. The Digital Marketing marketplace is thriving with opportunities. We became desirous and delirious at the same time. To deliver brilliant outcomes. To thrive. We became Blufig.

Back Office Solutions - Accounting Services. 5 Ways Talent Acquisition is Different from Recruitment Services. The success and growth of an organisation depends on its people.

5 Ways Talent Acquisition is Different from Recruitment Services

We believe that journey of empowerment starts from the moment of introduction. Hence, having the right talent for the right role at the right time is critical. Our focus is to enhance the strengths of an organisation to first, create a proposition that is enticing for potential Talent. The level of support and involvement is extended towards identifying Talent whose skills and aspirations have a strong coupling with the platform of opportunity available with the organisation.

Retail ERP Software for clothing,apparel,footwear,sports equipment, cosmetics, accessories,home decor and home furnishing brands. Skip to main content Flexibility at POS Supports GST billing & multiple payment modes in same transaction at POSPOS Order: Take customer orders and layway itemsGlobal Credit Note: Allow Credit Notes to be redeemed in any storeGlobal Stock Lookup: Check item stock in stores which are nearbyOnline Sales:Book online sales and manage accounts via Excel upload Flexible Production process Bill of Material: Create Cost Sheet, Bill of Materials.

Retail ERP Software for clothing,apparel,footwear,sports equipment, cosmetics, accessories,home decor and home furnishing brands

New age Reverse Engineering Malware. Simbus - Implementation Services. Best Event Management Software Company. How bookkeeping services can save you in the tax season. If you own a business, then November can be pretty scary for you.

How bookkeeping services can save you in the tax season

It would mean that you are in the middle of the fourth quarter and you need to get your books in order. Suddenly, you realize that you have a bunch of receipts from the first quarter that you have not yet added to your books. Worst-case scenario, you cannot remember where you stored them! This is just a short snippet of everything that could go wrong for year-end tax filing calculations if you do not make an effort to get your books on track on time.

In our previous article, we discussed in detail the necessity of keeping your financial records updated. Best Contract Staffing and Recruitment Company in Bangalore. Introduction It is not easy to establish a strong foundation as a fresh company in any industry.

Best Contract Staffing and Recruitment Company in Bangalore

The process requires a lot of hard work and investment. Often, fresh companies are unable to accumulate the required workforce and funds to flourish. Thus, they crumble under pressure. Inventory Management Solutions. How to choose the right SOAR security platform. Retail Space Planning Software. Things to consider when choosing event registration software. Choosing the rightmost event registration software is the key element for event’s success.

Things to consider when choosing event registration software

This tool is essential to generate event registration pages which are the first interaction point that potential attendees may encounter. Event organizers and managers generally neglect this software, maybe owing to the lack of information. Do you know this event registration software (which often ignored by the event managers organizers) influence the sign-up members?

If no, then allow me to explain. Payment Processing Outsourcing Services. What Does VUCA World Really Mean for HR? - G&S Consulting. What is VUCA world?

What Does VUCA World Really Mean for HR? - G&S Consulting

Change is the only constant. This oft-repeated statement holds true now more than ever in the business environment which is the new VUCA world. In this new VUCA world, Businesses are facing complex new challenges on a regular basis, often from unexpected sources, and are frequently caught unprepared to address these issues.

Cash acceptance limit introduced in POS. Description In a bid to curb money laundering as well as to restrict the number and amount of cash dealings, the government has introduced some new rules and banned some types of cash payments.

Cash acceptance limit introduced in POS

Retail businesses cannot accept cash of 2 Lacs or more from the customers as follows: in aggregate from a person in a day, or in respect of a single transaction, or in respect of transactions relating to one event or occasion from a person Till date, this was managed by all via standard operating procedures (SOP) but now Ginesys has introduced this feature in the system which shall restrict the cashier from receiving cash "of and above" as specified in the new system policy setting (Restrict cash transactions of and above <specify value>).

For example, if the policy value is 2,00,000.00, then the cashier won't be allowed to: Receive tender of 2,00,000.00 and above in a single bill, i.e., max cash tender in a single bill should be 1,99,999.99. New age Reverse Engineering Malware. Simbus - Implementation Services. Event Management Solutions. Whether you organise a small class for kids or a comprehensive training workshop for your employees, or want to educate your end users or distributors, ensuring maximum attendance is crucial to your success.

Event Management Solutions

Eventurbo can be a problem solver for your education and training needs and help you manage such classes. We provide you with a highly functional and cloud-based class registration platform to cater to your diverse requirements. As with any corporation, it is essential to educate customers or retrain the faculty and staff to meet the business objectives. The need to continuously improve the knowledge of customers and the skills of its staff has become the top priority for any organisation.

Features of Accounting Services in Singapore. Managing the accounts of your company is not an easy task.

Features of Accounting Services in Singapore

As sensitive a company’s finances are, business leaders need to proactively keep tabs on daily transactions, receipts, and prepare tax statements when required. This takes up a considerable portion of crucial work hours that could be diverted towards the core activities of the business. PikoHANA offers businesses with single-window, all-inclusive support for outsourcing accounting services in Singapore. Accounting experts at PikoHANA are trained in handling complicated business transactions, receipts and expenses. 4 best strategies for talent acquisition that work in 2019. Future-ready strategies for Talent Acquisition process in 2019: The transition to a digital world has influenced every industry.

4 best strategies for talent acquisition that work in 2019

Organizations across industries have had to make drastic changes to their structure, methods of operation, and best practices, in order to facilitate a digital transformation. However, the most important factor that organizations have had to re-look at is the type of Talent that they hire. New Android App for basic Warehouse Management operations has been enabled in Ginesys. Description It's rush hour at the warehouse! The pickers are waiting with their completed lists at the scanner to create their packets for distribution! But there are only a few scanners for the large number of pickers with their huge pick-lists!

Email security solutions for enterprises. We have an ERP Modules setup, so do we need Advanced Planning and scheduling? Yes. We have an ERP modules that does Production Planning and Scheduling is a common answer. ERP has several shortcomings when it comes to detailed planning and scheduling. Event Registration Software - Bizzabo alternatives. Online event registration software has drastically unburdened organizers from tedious event planning process. Contemporary event management solutions offer quick and user-friendly features to get your event to the floor faster. These platforms have been exclusively crafted for the benefit of both the planners and the attendees. Advanced, technology-driven features of event software provide a multitude of customizations, reliable ticketing processes and assist event planners with comprehensive insights into participant count while ensuring appropriate engagement.

Outsourced Accounting Services Singapore. PikoHANA is much more than just a business services provider for small businesses. We are your partners for back office automation. PikoHANA provides added value and expertise to your company’s corporate structure. We house an expert team of finance, accounts and administration professionals We ensure we respond to your needs in record time of 30 minutes We offer technology agnostic delivery capability that deploys the best of breed cloud solutions.

Recruitment Firm - G&S Consulting. Leverage retail ERP software to improve customer satisfaction. There are no two ways about it that retail businesses exist because of their customers. Customers run the show in the retail sector - an organization can give others a run for their money with a strong and loyal customer base. These customers can not be acquired easily; retailers need to constantly work towards keeping them highly satisfied from day one.

Retail ERP solutions are an integral part of any retail business. ERP systems help the business owners and employees to manage all business operations - inventory, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, point-of-sales, finances, customer loyalty, reporting, and the like. Many retailers fail to tap on the goldmine of data that these retail ERP solutions can provide for improving their customer relations. 1. With a robust ERP solution in place, retailers have a bird’s-eye view of their business and all the touchpoints where customers interact with the brand. What is Zero Trust Security and how can you enforce it? Event Registration Software - Bizzabo alternatives. Thinking About Digital Transformation - Simbus. Not just another IT consulting company… Here are 4 things we do differently at Simbus.

IT consulting companies in India are a dime a dozen, ranging from large global organizations to start ups with niche focus areas. Broadly speaking,these companies partner with clients and advise them on the use of information technology either to overcome specific business challenges and/or help meet business objectives more efficiently. But with so many companies on the rise, how do you choose one over the others? The case against payroll in Excel. A tech accountant's opinion. - Pikohana. Often times, small businesses opt to use Excel for payroll; however, it complicates matters rather than simplifying them. If you are a small business that has employees, it is almost certain, they did not join you expecting to make impressive salaries from the beginning. Granted, everyone ultimately works to get paid, but most employees seek employment opportunities that they will enjoy while working for that paycheck. Yet, if something goes awry and payroll can’t be processed, or is miscalculated, employees can quickly become upset and you may even risk losing them.

[2020] HR Outsourcing Guide l G&S Consulting. Auto Replenishment in the Retail Scenario. The current Indian Retail Market is highly competitive in nature and hence retailers require tools like Automatic Store Replenishment that provides them with a competitive edge ensuring success in the Indian Retail environment. Majority of the Indian Retailers are continuously aiming to improve Customer loyalty by offering good service. At the same time, they are struggling to reduce the costs in order to stay competitive. This is where Automatic Store Replenishment comes into play. Incident Management Software for Enterprises - All you Need to know. 3D Apparel Design Software Solutions. Things to consider when choosing event registration software. Why you should outsource your accounting, even if you're not a multinational (yet) - Pikohana.

Running your own business comes with many demands and stresses. And, whether you’re already in the midst of becoming multinational or merely considering it, as a business owner, it’s probably safe to assume you do not have the time or energy to focus on back office details properly. A very effective option to remedying the issue is using an outsourced accountant. You’d be surprised at how many businesses – big or small – enjoy the benefits of outsourcing their accounting needs. Corporate Services - Incorporate in Singapore.

Retail Management Solution. Enrich Enterprise Security with SOAR Cyber Security Platform. Top 5 Analytics trends in Fashion Retail. Best Competitors to Eventbrite. The emergence of online event management software on the internet has revolutionized the way organizers host their events. The success of any event depends on the attendee turnout count and their overall satisfaction, which can be best accomplished through online platforms that provide a multitude of customizations for the benefit of the event planner. With everything happening online, the demand is rising for a sustainable online event planning platform. Top recruitment and staffing company in Bangalore. In today's extremely competitive job market, selecting and hiring the right candidate for your business can be a crucial and complicated process.

Company Incorporation Services - Singapore. Talent Acquisition consultancy l G&S HR Solution l Bangalore. The success of any organization, small or big, deeply roots into the quality of its Talent, which is in turn closely tied to its hiring strategies. The approach HR takes to hire employees can drastically affect organizations and their productivity, but acquiring the ‘right’ Talent is a challenging task.

Supermarket Billing Software - Advantages. Cyber Security Software Platform - A must for enterprises who are serious about security. Retail Planning Solutions and Consultants. Eventurbo - A Smart and Effective Alternative to Meetup - Accounting Services - Bookkeeping Services. Best Contract Staffing and Recruitment Company in Bangalore. What is Retail ERP software? What are its Advantages. Best Malware Analysis Tool to Detect and Respond to Threats before they actually occur.

Product Lifecycle Management Solutions. Event Workshop Planning Software. IT Contract Staffing Services l G&S Consulting. ERP Retail Management Software with GST ready features. A Peek into the tools for Malware Analysis. Supply chain management in fashion. Membership Registration Software. 7 Key Facets of Recruitment Marketing I G&S Consulting. Inventory management software to enhance the retail business.

Content and Malware Analysis. Retail Space Planning Software. Create Beautiful Event pages with Eventurbo: Event Management Website. Ultimate HR solutions in Bangalore I G&S Consulting. Supermarket, grocery and convenience store software. What is SOAR Security and how can it improve Detection? Top 5 Analytics trends in Fashion Retail. 5 Best Capabilities Of Web based Membership Management Software. Best IT recruitment agencies in Bangalore. Point Of Sale Software India. A Peek into the tools for Malware Analysis. 3D Fashion Design Software for Virtual Products. Fundraising Management Software for Charity Events.

Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore.