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Our latest experiences include: - IoT systems & solutions - BLE/Beacon based mobile apps - Online marketplace platforms with mobile apps - Influencer marketing systems - Web portal design & Development - Native apps development in iOS, Android & Windows We have an in house team of 70+ members with an average platform experience of 2.5+ years. Nurturing a long standing professional association is our ultimate goal, and we strive towards it daily. For Any Sales Enquiry (+91) 79-40095953

Apple’s ARKit all Set for Augmenting AR Solutions - Blog. With a popular game like ‘Pokémon Go’, AR games have been gaining a lot of attention nowadays. 2016 had been a year to popularize AR solution.

Apple’s ARKit all Set for Augmenting AR Solutions - Blog

The market for augmented reality is growing rapidly with the technology niche adapting it in their business practices. Mobile AR could become the primary driver of a $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021 (underperform $94 billion, outperform $122 billion), with AR taking the lion’s share of $83 billion and VR $25 billion. – TechCrunch The technology giants SnapChat, FaceBook and Google have been big players in implementing augmented reality solutions into their businesses with smart filters, AR camera platform and Google lens respectively. On 5th June 2017, Apple announced ARKit which they claim to be the ‘largest AR platform in the world.’

Introduction to Apple’s AR solution – ARKit Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) is used to keep an eye around the world. This AR solution is good in fast scene understanding and runs on A9 and A10 processor. Related. Ruby on Rails Development Services. Based on the Model-View-Control architecture, it is an open source technology that is used for developing web applications backed with databases.

Ruby on Rails Development Services

LetsNurture has an experienced team of ROR developers who can assist you with web app development of every kind and scale. Hire RoR developers to give your ideas a platform to turn into a success. Popular websites built with RoR – Groupon, Bloomberg, Shopify, AirBnB, Soundcloud and many others. Mobile App Testing Services for Android and iPhone. LetsNurture offers mobile testing services for both functional and nonfunctional testing of mobile applications.

Mobile App Testing Services for Android and iPhone

With over 5 years of experience in mobile app testing for various domains such as Banking, Insurance, Travel and Retail leveraging leading industry tools and best practices. Our Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE) constitutes of skilled test architects and engineers with expertise in mobile test platforms. Ensure your mobile apps work properly through our wide offering of expert XBOSoft mobile application testing types. Mobile Functional TestingMobile Performance TestingMobile Security TestingMobile Usability TestingMobile Accessibility TestingInstructional Design Our Mobile testing team comprises dedicated Mobile QA architects and test specialists derived from various solution verticals and QA specialization background: AutomationUsabilityManual.

Hire QA Professionals for Web Testing Services. So your web developer has built you a beautiful new website and has asked you to make your final review in preparation for going live.

Hire QA Professionals for Web Testing Services

Now think about your next step, what it should be? – To hire QA professionals for assessment and assurance of the quality. App & Web Manual Testing Services. Everyone from a startup to an established Fortune 500 organization needs to have a fully functional, immaculate and bug free software- may be a website or any mobile app.

App & Web Manual Testing Services

We understand the essential need to hire manual QA professional developers for your any project to be a success. Understanding the demand of hiring dedicated QA professionals, LetsNurture provides flexible options to hire our expert QA engineers on hourly, part-time or full-time basis. Why hire QA Professionals from LetsNurture? We are IT service providers providing end-to-end IT solution with a client centric approach. It is imperative that QA engineer works in conjunction with the software developers for a smooth and error free workflow. Our team of QA professionals has enhanced and maintained the delivery standards throughout the years. Ruby on Rails (RoR) Development Company. Are you looking to develop rich and attractive web applications or back ends of mobile apps rapidly to enter the market faster?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) Development Company

Ruby on Rails (RoR) development is the answer for you. RoR is an open source rapid web application development framework based on MVC that provides default structures for a database, a web service and web pages. LetsNurture has been helping a diverse range of industries and businesses ranging from startups to large global enterprises through RoR development. In this way, we are now amongst the top offshore RoR Development companies based in India. Ruby on Rails Development Services. Mobile App Testing Services for Android and iPhone. Hire QA Professionals for Web Testing Services. App & Web Manual Testing Services. Hire Chatbot Development Company. Instant messaging which started in early 90’s, became popular as a great way to communicate on 1 to 1 basis.

Hire Chatbot Development Company

Soon this informal way of communication was known as chats. From ICQ to AOL, Yahoo Messenger to GTalk and WeChat to Whatsapp – instant messaging has toured a great journey on its own. Since last 25 years, chat services have become better and efficient with allowing us to send not just text messages but sharing images, videos, locations, doc files, etc. Chatbot Development is definitely going to help businesses to prosper as the potential customers are going to get much relevant information on their hands in no time. Laravel Development Company. Laravel development is a free open source PHP web application framework that has made development easy and enjoyable.

Laravel Development Company

With Laravel developments, designs for customized web application can be made easy and quick. It makes the tasks easy such as routing, authentication, caching and sessions without affecting the application’s functionality. It has the best of all web frames including ruby on rails, Sinatra, MVA and ASP.NET. Hire iPhone App Developer and Programmers. Another Apple conference, a new iOS version and a lot of Media bite.

Hire iPhone App Developer and Programmers

One might argue that iOS7, iBeacon and iPhone 5S has really lived up to the speculations everyone expected? However, iOS7 becomes history as Apple has finally launched the Beta version of iOS 8, a new programming language Swift and a dedicated Web Backend CloudKit (ahead of the iWatch). But the biggest reason Pundits across the world are expecting even more from this iOS release, is due to Apple’s claim for iOS 8 to be their biggest release since the Apple App Store in 2008.

Let’s have a look at some of the dedicated features of iOS 8: From past Apple Conferences the strategic direction of the Company is very clear – more personalized iPhone & iPad and without compromising the security & privacy of the user. Professional Website Development in India. Today’s online marketplace has brimmed with websites of brands that are competing to gain the best of customers.

Professional Website Development in India

This is exactly why it is getting more important than ever to have website development professionally, which leads to have a striking design. Clients look for web and mobile sites that engage the audiences to the fullest and give a handsome turnover. Hire Full Time developer India. Businesses are now getting rid of bearing recruitment costs, retention costs, fringe benefits, promotion, infrastructure costs, training costs, etc. To overcome this, you need to outsource your projects. There are many benefits of outsourcing and one of them is to hire dedicated developers for your work giving you advantages over hiring the a permanent in-house staff.

LetsNurture is your one stop for outsourcing project development by saving a huge chunk of development cost and time. It you hire dedicated developer from LetsNurture, it means you are selecting comfort and quality for your business. Our pool of dedicated developers go an extra mile to offer you cutting edge solutions.

Flexible Hiring ModelsMonitor your teamHighly-Skilled and certified resourcesEasy and seamless communication with offshore teamMonitor team’s performance via Daily ReportsTrack team’s performance with Project Management ToolsSave time and moneySecured development areaAdherence to deadlines. What's New in Android - I/O 17 - Engineering @LetsNurture. As we all are super excited to know what are new things that came up in Google’s annual I/O developer conference. I am happy to share while developing mobile apps with my awesome team at LetsNurture, We are sharing our knowledge on by posting blogs on what we are learning and what we are doing.

As I am attending I/O Extended from 2015, I/O 17 was also super excited about interesting things. At Google’s 2017 I/O keynote, CEO Sundar Pichai introduced new products and shared more interesting things about Google Assistant, Android, Google Home, virtual reality, and much more. In this blog, we are talking about “What’s New in Android?”. Flexi Website Plan — for website development – LetsNurture – Medium. Website development is utmost important even for a small sized business to get a market presence and to generate trust amongst the public. Website Development gives competitive advantage in this digital age. Challenges for Startups during Mobile App Development Journey. The world is bristling with technology startups seamlessly. The majority of these startups are based around mobile apps. The success of applications like Instagram, SnapChat, PokemonGo, WhatsApp has often made a first thought to the startup founders for mobile app development like these app is easier than it is.

Many of them also assume that if you are developing something great, users will simply herd to it by thousands. As per the reports of WMC forum, as of October 2012, the iOS app development took place 43,813 in the itunes store alone, that means 1400 new apps on daily basis. 7 Reasons to Believe for Laravel’s Prominence in 2017. In the span of two years, developers have used number of frameworks for different languages. This includes, Yii2, Symphony, Ruby on Rails etc. But there is one particular framework which most of the developers have on the top of the list to work with, it is Laravel Development. Elements of Design Thinking for Enterprise Mobile App Development. Posted by Vidhya Engineer. Things To Take Care While Developing Disabled Friendly Website. Create a Tinder Clone Dating App Development. Top AngularJS Web Development Company. Since the inception of AngularJS, it has made a strong presence for both – individual developers and corporations.

Hire Top Beacon App Developer. What is iBeacon / BLE Device? Hire Full Time developer India. Hire Game Development Company. Beacon Based Solutions Entering The Education Campus - Mybeacon. The technology in the digital world has boosted many sectors including retail and travel. Online Food Marketplace Solution. Online food marketplace has become a new and innovative way for people to buy products online. Online marketplace allows you to sell goods without setting up your own online store. Selling through online marketplaces provides a flexible business opportunity with relatively low start-up costs. eBay and Amazon are examples of well-established marketplaces. Advantages of online food marketplace vary between industries and the companies and between buyers and sellers. Pet Tracker Solution.

Pet Owners know that pets are a part of their family, and they do not want to experience the pain of losing their pet. It is a knot in any pet owner’s stomach. The statistics show that a huge number of pets go missing annually. The American Humane Association estimate around 10 million pets is lost every year, while some authorities claim that up to a third of domestic pets stray away from their families and home at some point in their lives.The GPS app development can easily locate your missing pets so they can reunite with their owners safe and sound. Latest Tech News Updates. Transformando el mundo con Internet de las cosas (IoT) y soluciones IoT. El Internet de las cosas (IoT) es la tercera dimensión de la tecnología que ha llenado el espacio entre el mundo físico y en línea. La transformación del mundo tiene una gran razón para el desarrollo de Internet de las Cosas (IoT).

LetsNurture, uno de los mejores proveedores de IoT Solutions, está haciendo un impacto a través de soluciones basadas en IoT a través de organizaciones verticales – desde tiendas minoristas y logística hasta reducir el consumo de energía y el soporte en tiempo real para profesionales de la salud. 3D Táctil - Una característica que hace que el desarrollo de aplicaciones para iOS sea aún más fácil de usar. 3D Táctil es una versión más sensible del toque forzado que es una tecnología sensible a la presión multi-touch que está diseñada para agregar otro método de entrada a los dispositivos de Apple. Con el lanzamiento de iPhone 6 y iPhone 7, Apple está llevando la tecnología Force Touch a un nuevo nivel. Utiliza los sensores capacitivos integrados en la pantalla de los teléfonos móviles. IOS desarrollo de aplicaciones se ha mejorado con la introducción de la característica de toque 3D.

Hablando de tecnología de la fuerza táctil, es una tecnología sensible a la presión exclusivamente disponible en los relojes de Apple, que más tarde llegó a Retina MacBook, MacBook Pro, Trackpad Magic 2 y modelos de iPhone como el iPhone 6S y el iPhone 7. Fire TV App Development Company. Amazon‘s Fire TV has certainly become one of the most innovative ways to have turned your dumb TV into a Smart one, big time. Recently Amazon has released the Alexa-compatible variant of Amazon Fire TV Stick which has a voice controlled TV to replace the standard remote. It will avoid the situations like remote not working or getting misplaced. You can also take the advantage of Alexa features and skills for ordering services through apps like requesting an Uber or ordering a Pizza while checking up news and weather. Free SSL Certificate Installation Ubuntu - Engineering @LetsNurture. ReactJS - Getting Started - Engineering@Lets Nurture.

Compelling reasons to opt for Google Tag Manager (GTM) - Blog. Use of White Space for Better UX - Engineering @LetsNurture. Use of White Space for Better UX - Engineering @LetsNurture. iBeacon in Banks can save your Precious time! Apple's iBeacon & BLE technology: Reshaping The Future of Hospitals! A Beacon Installed in a Fridge Can Control Your Calories and Overeating! How Can Beacons Help a Business To Reach a Substantial Audience. Beacon Based Solutions Entering The Education Campus - Mybeacon.

Beacons Based Mobile App for a cause - MyBeacon. Leveraging Retail Insights by using Beacon based technology. What’s new in Ionic 3.0. Hire Affluent Professionals for Laravel Development - LetsNurture. Hire Affluent Professionals for Laravel Development - LetsNurture. Location-Based Solutions in Fleet Management and Car Rentals. Location-Based Solutions and Geofencing Used in Hospitality Industry. Things To Take Care While Developing Disabled Friendly Website. Fire TV App Development Company. Fire OS app development - OS Services and APIs. Hire a dedicated phonegap developer to foster your hybrid app development - Mobile App Devtech.

Considerations for Cloud App Development Platform - Mobile App Devtech. Why Mobile App testing is Important? - Mobile App Devtech. Build eCommerce Website With OpenCart. OpenCart Development Company. X-Cart Development Company For eCommerce Website. Best Internet Affiliate Marketing Management Company India. IT Outsourcing Company - Partnership. Accelerated Mobile Pages Development. Smart Water Management App Based on IoT. Facebook Instant Article Development. Automobile Car App Development Company for Android & iOS. Chromecast App Development. Raspberry Pi Streaming Solutions. Twilio SMS via API Services - Hire Us! Mobile App Development Using Parse Integration - Hire Us! Third Party Social Network API Integration - Social Media API. iPad Application Development. Enterprise Mobility Solutions Providers. Android Application Development. Mobile Application Development. Offshore Development Center. Health Apps for Android & iOS. Healthcare App Development.

Android Tablet App Development.

Online Mock Test Solution

Odoo App Development - Hire Odoo Developer - USA. Internet of Things (IoT) Based Solutions Providers. Mantra – Applications Android sur Google Play. Internet of Things Services and Solutions. Beacon BLE App Development. Content Management System.