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NavSpark: Arduino Compatible with GPS GNSS Receiver. English, Simplified Chinese (简体中文), Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) For viewers in some region having problem seeing the above YouTube video, the contents is here: Powerpoint (简体中文), Youku Video (简体中文). NavSpark 点名时间上中文說明: NavSpark is a small, powerful, breadboard-friendly, 32bit development board that is Arduino compatible, with a world class GPS receiver as on-board peripheral, and under $15. There is also NavSpark-BD, a variant model having world-class GPS/Beidou receiver as on-board peripheral, that enables you to adopt new GPS/Beidou satellite navigation technology when Broadcom Qualcomm just recently came out with solution supporting Beidou to their tier-1 smartphone customers like Apple and Samsung. NavSpark puts leading edge satellite navigation technology in the hands of the makers. Up until now, adding GPS to an Arduino requires additional GPS shield, which adds cost and size.

We have been developing GPS related products for some years. . · GPS on board 1. Open Source Tracking Device by DSS Circuits. My project is an Open Source tracking device based on the Arduino platform. A few years ago we had a bad ice storm here in Massachusetts and we lost power for several days. Well during the power outage my brother-in-law's house was robbed and one of the items stolen was my nephews' PS3. As is usually the case, none of the items were ever recovered. I talked to a couple of law enforcement personnel and found out that gaming consoles were one of the most common things stolen from homes.

The idea was that if your house got robbed, there's a good chance your fake video game console would be among the list of stolen items. That's when I decided to condense the project down into a single board. The board contains everything you'd need or want in a tracking device. GPS - An ultra sensitive -165dBm receiver with on board passive antenna that can be configured to a 10Hz update rate.GSM - SIM900 Quad band GSM module to connect to the GSM cellular network. Thanks for your support! Electronic Kit Website. Arduino 16 Channel Digital Power Shield by I have been thinking of entering the electronic kit market for several years, but the time was never right. This EKT-1016 Arduino shield is my first attempt to produce and sell an electronic product in kit form. The Arduino is a very popular platform for student, hobbyist, experimenter, electronic technician or engineer to learn computer electronics and programming.

There are hundreds of kits, project ideas, tutorials and finished applications based on Arduino. Low cost 3D printers are nearly 100% Arduino based using dedicated motor control ICs. The same goes for many of the current desktop CNC mills and routers. Lots of low power LED matrix arrays and LED-cubes use Arduino with low power TTL drivers. The problem I ran into when trying to interface high power LEDs with an Arduino is that there are not many discrete universal power driver shields available and none that offer more than 8 channels of power output. By no means a complete list, here are a few devices that come to mind: E-Ink Display for Any Microprocessor by ePS Project Team.

The new video is of our hardware controlling the E-Ink Display Module. We chose a 5 frame image; a Sierpinski Triangle. This is calculated and displayed at less than 5 frames in 3 seconds entirely on our ePS prototype board. Control is by a command interpreter running on the ePS Display. These prototypes help us make the final design decisions for the three production boards, one for each size display. Here is a photo of a Large ePS Display mounted as a shield on an Arduino Mega, control is via Rx, Tx Serial or SPI: This project is to assemble, test, ship and support of a series of epaper displays. Our Story We wanted to display numbers, words and graphics in a more attractive way than the segmented LCD displays in our inventory permit.

We found a remarkable line of epaper displays and products that use the same display technology used in the ebook Kindle. We have loaded these E-Ink displays with images we have created for testing and demos. E-Ink displays are remarkable. Analog Is Easier With SimpleCircuits by Roy Stevens. We have began posting example projects on our website

So far the example projects we have are: Make A Sound Activated Camera Trigger For Your High Speed Photography Projects Automatic Plant Watering Circuit IR Remote Circuit Using Parts From An Old DVD Player IR Receiver Using Parts From An Old DVD Player Automatically Power Off Your Dehumidifier (Or Window Air Conditioner) When Your Door Is Left Open We have been having a BLAST making these example projects and we're going to continue adding example projects as often as we can! So make sure you keep coming back! Site Visitors: Please comment on the format of our DIY SimpleCircuit examples. Even after the kickstarter campaign ends, we are going to continue posting example projects on our site to encourage our users to keep exploring! P.S. We built SimpleCircuits because we think integrating analog circuits into your projects is much harder than it needs to be. Electronics makes projects cooler. Cloud Shield, Twine's Gateway To The Full-Blown Internet Of Things.

If you’re not afraid of hacking together a bit of code and plugging tiny wires into a credit-card-sized circuit board, you probably already know what an Arduino is. If not, here’s the short version: An Arduino is a little electronic brain you can program to do interesting interactive stuff, like dim the lights in your living room when you turn on your TV. It lets you turn dumb objects (or environments) into smart ones. Meanwhile, you may have also heard of Twine, a little green box full of sensors that lets you connect physical objects to the Internet without having to know any code at all. If you’ve ever wanted your basement to send you a text message if it floods, Twine is for you. Now, if you’ve ever wanted your Arduino to connect easily to your Twine--because you’re some kind of mad maker genius--the guys behind Twine have got you covered. The problem that Cloud Shield solves is one of communication.

[Cloud Shield is available on Supermechanical’s website for $35.]


Power Supply & Conditioning. Home - GHI Electronics. An Arduino-compatible, electronic building block system! by GHI Electronics, LLC. FEZ Medusa is an open source hardware (OSHW) processor board that combines the Arduino platform with an ever-growing list of modules, for sensing and controlling things. This modular design of building blocks does not require any hardware experience, we call it FEZ for fast and easy.

On the software side, you will program using the Arduino IDE, just like if you were programming Arduino Uno, it even hosts the same micro ATMEGA328P. On the hardware side, everything is modular building blocks using a unified socket map. Arduino is one of the most popular platforms for educators and hobbyists. Its open source JAVA IDE is made to run on Windows, Linux and Mac. FEZ Medusa is programmed just like any Arduino-compatible board. The sockets on FEZ Medusa and modules are marked with one or more letters indicating the socket's capability. We have already developed drivers for all compatible modules and for the core functionality that maps the Arduino libraries to the socket mapping.

Piksi : The RTK GPS Receiver by Swift Navigation Inc. We’ve had a lot of interest in the Piksi RTK system from professionals in the GIS and mapping fields, but our RTK Kit alone was not enough to fulfill this need. To use Piksi in these settings, you need a durable, integrated solution - one that can be turned on with the flick of a switch, and is accompanied by an easy, intuitive user interface. So, we have added a new reward, a ruggedized version of our RTK Kit containing two Piksi receivers each fully assembled with an enclosure, a Bluetooth module, an SD card slot, an integrated radio link, and 10 hours of rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries. We’ll also be releasing data collection apps for Android and iOS that interface with Piksi over Bluetooth; you’ll be able to take measurements, plot points on your smartphone’s map, and for professionals, export to common formats to integrate into your standard mapping workflow - all with the 4 centimeter accuracy of the Piksi RTK system.

Some possible applications: Piksi Technical Specs: OSH Park ~ Welcome. Chipper - The ATtiny Programming and Prototyping Shield by Ben Rothschild. The Chipper Shield allows anyone with an Arduino or AVR programmer to easily program ATtiny chips. ATtiny chips are the core behind many projects that only need a few pins and cost a fraction of an Arduino ($1-4). With access to PWM and Analog pins ATtiny chips can take on any project in 8, 14 and 20 pin form factors. Features of this shield include: 100% Arduino compatibleProgram ATtiny 85/45/25/15/13 84/44/24 2313/4313 chips.Debug your program with 2 LEDs and a broken out sensor port.Compatible with either an Arduino board or AVR programmerHouse sensors on the proto area of the board with access to broken out power and ground.Reset a chip mid-program with the reset button.

Chipper Kit: This contains all of the parts needed to assemble your Chipper shield. Chipper pre-assembled: The exact same as the Chipper Kit, except that I solder all of the parts together for you and ship you the finished product. Chipper Chips: This contains one each of the ATtiny 85,84,2313. Personalized Chipper: Guides: