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For the best African Safari tour experience call Ashford Tours & Travels. Book the Best African Safari Packages and Airport Transfers with Ashford Travels. African Safari Tours. Kenya and Tanzania Safaris. Kenya and Tanzania are two safari destination Countries in East Africa. Ashford Tours offer private guided Kenya and Tanzania safari with our local born and bred professional safari guides. They will lead you into the most beautiful destinations of Kenya and Tanzania. They have in-depth knowledge of the wildlife; flora and fauna that you will encounter along the safari trails.

A combined Tanzania and Kenya safaris may take duration of 7 Days to 14 days starting with Lake Nakuru National Park, Masai Mara Game Reserve, and crossing over to Tanzania to Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park. The tour gives you a chance to experience both of East Africa’s best safari destinations. You need to be well equipped to undertake African safari tours. Deciding on Africa as your future tour destination is a wise choice because it has tons of rare tourism experience to offer.

You need to be well equipped to undertake African safari tours

You must be aware that Africa is vastly different from the colder North and the hot and humid tropical continents. Kenya and Tanzania are singled out for amazing touring experience as they offer fabulous sight of the big 5 wildlife of Africa, Elephant, African Lion, Cheetah, Rhino and Leopard besides hundreds of other wildlife species. These countries also possess dramatic landscapes such as wild flowing rivers, thick forests filled with animals, large number of National Parks, snow capped mountain peaks and white sanded beaches.

If you are planning to visit these areas you must have airport and hotel transfers services to ease out the difficult and travel in comfort. Booking them in advance will augur well for your tour program or you will find it difficult to manage once you land at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport. Besides Wildlife Kenya is also famous for its Tea & Coffee Farms. Nairobi, Kenya is the most travelled Easter African city as it is forms the base for further adventure in to wild world of African animal Kingdom.

Besides Wildlife Kenya is also famous for its Tea & Coffee Farms

People who travel to Kenya first land at Jomo Kenyatta International airportand take up lodging in the city or outskirts and then embark on different African safaris. Most people are well aware of the various national parks and various attractions that Kenya has to offer but not many are familiar with farm tours Kenya. Farm tours in Kenya is equally important tourist attractions as it allow people from other continents to know about various types of farming including coffee and tea plantations and how these are processed. You can also see how the locals process dairy products including cheese and you will also see farms that grow different types of plants and roots.

In Kenya the snake farms and crocodile farms are famous because of the Nile Crocodiles that happen to be the biggest of the crocs in the world. Kenya Mountain Climbing, Hiking Adventure Trips. Perhaps you’re just getting started with mountain climbs and you would love to experience Mountain climbing in another destination.

Kenya Mountain Climbing, Hiking Adventure Trips

Mountain climbing doesn’t need to be all suffering though, and with a little solid planning it’s possible to prevent a great deal of pain. For Mountain Climbing trips, essential gear is required. The mountain climbing gear required to climb tropical mountains is not as bulky. Throughout the day tour guides will start by introducing to you standard mountaineering abilities. Mountain guide should continue to keep your eye on every member of the group. African Safari Tours — Include Mount Kenya in your African safari, it... Opt for Kenya flying tours for spectacular wildlife safari. Kenya is noted for its dramatic landscapes that include the East African coast line, Savannah, the Great Rift Valley and lake lands, mountains and wild life consisting of the Big 5 of Africa.

Opt for Kenya flying tours for spectacular wildlife safari

Tanzania shares border with Kenya and it has the same type of geophysical map that is amazing. Both countries account to maximum numbers of National Parks for wildlife in Africa and also co-host the unforgettable sight of the Great Migration by wildebeests. It is difficult to describe Kenya and Tanzania safaris in one line because it is multi-dimensional and safaris may include flying tours to walking tours. Hemingways Nairobi - Room rate from US$310 - Ashford Tours & Travel Ltd. Available Rooms Deluxe Room Bed Size: 1 Kingsize bed Maximum Occupancy: 2 Adults Room amenities includes: Air Conditioning, TV LCD/Plasma, Shower, Bathtub, Hair Dryer, Ironing_facility, Tea/Coffee facility, Bottled water, Telephone Executive Room.

Hemingways Nairobi - Room rate from US$310 - Ashford Tours & Travel Ltd

Kenya Safari Tours, Luxury Safari Packages. In case you haven’t, you might have to once visit Kenya for vacationing.

Kenya Safari Tours, Luxury Safari Packages

Kenya has plenty of National Parks and Game Reserves, and you will be lost for choices about which one to visit. A Kenya Safari holiday will give you a great chance to tour various touristic areas in the country. Arrange travel before mounting your African safari tour. Whenever you venture out on a holiday to global destination it becomes a necessary that you book adequate accommodation and transport vehicles in the respective countries.

Arrange travel before mounting your African safari tour

It may be difficult for a tourist to book a car or hire one at the airport as they won’t know which one to hire. It is quite common in African countries where unauthorized taxis and private cars ply outside of the airport and getting in to one of them may lead to bigger troubles. What you must visit in a Kenya safari tours.

Kenya is one of the top wildlife reserves of the world as it has record numbers of National Parks that house a large number of African wildlife that are not seen in other parts of the world.

What you must visit in a Kenya safari tours

Kenya Safari Tours are offered to a number of wildlife and natural attractions and here are some of the attractions you must go for when you are in Kenya. Lake Nakuru National Park If you take a full safari tour of Kenya it will certainly include Lake Nakuru National Park. Book airport and hotel transfers from Ashford Tours. Kiambethu Tea farm Day Tour from Nairobi - Ashford Tours & Travel Ltd. About Tour cost: US$115 per person Daily departs: Morning and afternoon tours Tour Duration: Half day Kiambethu Tea Farm Day Tour Kiambethu Tea Farm Tour ( From Nairobi ) Limuru, Tigoni – Kenya.

Kiambethu Tea farm Day Tour from Nairobi - Ashford Tours & Travel Ltd

Book airport and hotel transfers before undertaking African Safaris. Are you visiting Kenya or Tanzania or any other African country for a holiday?

Book airport and hotel transfers before undertaking African Safaris

Do you have extensive plans for undertaking various Kenya and Tanzanian Safaris? You will need adequate Airport and Hotel Transfers Services to successfully enjoy your holidays here. As you know Africa is full of surprises to outsiders when it comes to tourism and its wonders, and the continent has plenty of them with its abundant wildlife species and numbers. Farm tours Kenya arecultural and second big attraction for tourists. Kenya is a great tourist destination where you will see hordes of wild animals including the Africa’s Big 5 and a number of other wild animals. The wide span of Kenyan National Parks are the main focus of any Kenya tour, however there is another diverse tour type you should consider joining and that is farm tours Kenya, which is a rare and novel experience.

Kenyan farm tours are known for its quality agricultural and horticultural crops such as coffee, tea and cut flowers and they are exported both nationally and internationally. Hemingways Nairobi - Room rate from US$310 - Ashford Tours & Travel Ltd. Kenya And Tanzania Safaris. Africa is a naturally blessed continent as it features diverse landscape, forestry, rivers, mountains and the sprawling savannah. It is also the theatre for some of the most spectacular animal activities even seen in other parts of the world such as “The Great Migration”. Kenya and Tanzania are the hosts of this annual event and you can see milling wildebeests eager to cross rivers filled with crocodiles so they could get into greener pastures in Masai Maara.

It is only the sample of what these neighboring countries can offer to tourists and by signing up Kenya and Tanzania Safaris Tours you will be able to witness many more of such wonders. Airport and Hotel Transfers Nairobi Kenya. Top Kenya Safari Tours For Amazing Holiday Experience. Kenya and Tanzania Safaris. Masai Mara National Reserve photo. Crocodile Farm Nairobi. Ashford Kenya Mountain Climbing Tours.

African Wildlife Safari Tours. Book Kenya And Tanzania Safaris Transport Beforehand To Avoid Last Moment Hassle. Kenya is a vast country with colorful geography and diverse wildlife population. The country is popularly known for its African or Kenyan Safaris that encompasses a horde of National Parks, Games Reserves, vast Savanna plains, wild games, the Great Migration, Mt. Kenya climbing, beach resorts, coral reefs, and snow clad mountains. Nairobi Excursions Tours, Nairobi Kenya Holiday Safaris Packages.

Ashford Tours offers online reservations for Nairobi Excursions, short Safari within and from Nairobi, day trips, Nairobi Tours Excursions, Nairobi Short Safaris, Lake Nakuru Day Trip, Nairobi National Park, Mt Kenya safari club overnight tours, Walking city tour Nairobi, Safari, Karen Blixen Museum, Giraffe Centre, Bomas of Kenya, Carnivore experience, Kenya short day tours, David Sheldrick elephant sanctuary, Nairobi Nation Museum, Kazuri Bead Center, Lake Naivasha Day Trip and many more. Probably you already know that Kenya is a wildlife paradise. But did you know that Nairobi is swarming with wildlife as well? Within some few minutes from the busy streets of the Nairobi, capital city of Kenya, you can see baby elephants playing in a special orphanage at David Sheldrick Elephant Sanctuary, feed giraffes in an urban sanctuary at Giraffe Center, or see free-roaming lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, buffalos, and hippos at the Nairobi National Park.

Famous Mountain Climbing Trips in Kenya. Ashsford Tours - Best Safari Packages Providers. Kenya Mountain Climbing, Hiking Adventure Trips. If You Wish To Go On A Mountain Climbing Trips During Kenya Flying Tours, Contact Us - ashfordtour's soup. African Wildlife Kenya Safari Tours. Affordable Airport and Hotel Transfers Service. Plan Your Mountain Climbing Trips With Our Experts Today - Article Submission. Plan your Kenya Mountain Hiking Adventure with our industry experts today – Kenya Mountain Hiking Adventure.

Plan your Kenya Mountain Hiking Adventure with our industry experts today – Kenya Mountain Hiking Adventure. Choose Us For Mountain Climbing Trips And African Safari Tours. Kenya and Tanzania Safaris. Ashford tours com. Kenya Safari Tours — Come And Discover The Nature In Its True Form.