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Flurl - Video Searc Engine

Flurl - Video Searc Engine
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John Pilger - Freedom Next Time
John Pilger - Freedom Next Time part 2
YouTube UK Blog YouTube UK Blog This evening from 8:30pmJamie Oliver hosts the Food Tube Show, themed around a Hot Summer Party. He's moving his kitchen studio outdoors and will be filming on the streets of London in a 45 minute celebration of all culinary things summery, aided and abetted by members of the Food Tube family. Jamie will be joined by top YouTube beauty queens Pixiwoo and UK stars of the vloggersphere Jack and Finn Harris from JacksGap, giving them a crash course in making delicious Dim Sum. The chef will be geeking out about his number one love -- chilis -- and challenging Jack and Finn to see who can take the heat when it comes to a super-hot chilli challenge. The irrepressible DJ BBQ will be bringing along his ‘redonkulous’ smoker to the party to make some Mexican Carnitas of succulent pulled pork… plus more Italian delights made by Jamie's pal and food guru, Gennaro Contaldo. All this washed down by the Food Tube cocktail, as decided by Food Tube viewers during the event.