Lost King of the Maya Lost King of the Maya Lost King of the Maya In an ancient Mayan arena, enemies of notorious King Yax K’uk Mo square off in a ball game that appears much like modern soccer. But in this fateful contest, winners live—and losers lose their heads. From 200 to 900 A.D., Yax K’uk Mo’s dynasty of Blood Lords presided over the Maya city of Copan, conducting hallucinogenic vision quests, ritual warfare and human sacrifice. Join a team of archaeologists and historians who are piecing together the fascinating rise and fall of this ancient city, its legendary founder, Yax K’uk Mo and its amazingly advanced culture.
Lost King of the Maya
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March 16, 1999, will be, in my Mayan calendar, the day K'AN-10, month UAYEB-3, year CHICHAN-12. On this date, we will perform Mayan ceremony and will consort with the planets Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Father Sun, Sister Moon and the Pleiades. This ceremony that will be carried out in the water of the cenote is to help us enter into the new era of Aquarius. The planets previously mentioned will be in the sky in the middle of the day to observe us and to help us enter into this Mayan cosmic initiation, into the knowledge of the new Magnetic Pole of Spiritual Education. The whole of humanity today needs the education coming from the cosmos, because, as it is known, the education of modern civilization is not complying with the universal creator's correct educational mandates. Many times it contradicts it without understanding it; today we have an imposed civilization personified by humanity's manipulators. Cosmic Returne Cosmic Returne

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Ancient World Mysteries Decoded. The Esoteric Knowledge of a Los

Ancient World Mysteries Decoded. The Esoteric Knowledge of a Los "Thou wilt not doubt the truth of Hermetic wisdom at any time, but thine ability to acquire it only." - Mendocus The passage of time is not always accompanied by an increase in knowledge, wisdom and truth. And what is excepted today as 'real' history - the orthodox superstructure of the present age - is strong confirmation of this. Confronted with the facts, the critical mind cannot deny that anomalies abound within the official narrative stretching deep into the past, giving rise to ancient world mysteries demanding resolution.
The Prophecy Page The Prophecy Page The Prophecy Page We do not remain gray always for to all things there is a season. Welcome to my personal prophecy site Prophecy is not physic reading, nor is it intuitive ESP, nor is it channeling. All these talk shows over the past few years have really messed things up... with their carnival acts to feed the obsession to fear factor. You have been listening to Physics not Prophets and there is a big, big difference.
Mayan Prophecies
Mayan Prophesies for the New Millennium
Earth Wizards & Their Method O Hunab Ku, One Giver of Movement and Measure, be kind to the children of this Earth. We see how every year you give and how every year you take away. This is so the children of Earth can learn to be free and dwell only in your presence. Yet we know that the children of the Earth must undergo their lessons as well. Earth Wizards & Their Method