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Science & Nature - Horizon. Backgrounder: Epigenetics and Imprinted Genes. Bruce Lipton : Internationally Recognized Leader In Bridging Science And Spirit. Dr bruce lipton. Bruce Lipton epigenetics part 1. Bruce Lipton part 2. Benjamin stewart. Epigenetics: DNA Isn’t Everything.

Research into epigenetics has shown that environmental factors affect characteristics of organisms.

Epigenetics: DNA Isn’t Everything

These changes are sometimes passed on to the offspring. ETH professor Renato Paro does not believe that this opposes Darwin’s theory of evolution. A certain laboratory strain of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster has white eyes. If the surrounding temperature of the embryos, which are normally nurtured at 25 degrees Celsius, is briefly raised to 37 degrees Celsius, the flies later hatch with red eyes.