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DOM: objetos, métodos y propiedades

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DOM: introducción. C Document Object Model Recommendations: support claims. The following table indicates what claims are indicated by your user agent regarding the implementations of the W3C Document Object Model Recommendations. A list of W3C DOM Recommendations is available at If you get a year in a cell, your browser does not claim to support the DOM module for a given DOM Level. HTML5: ¿Por qué es importante escribir código correcto? (3/3) DOM: cómo recorrer un documento. DOM: cómo crear un documento. DOMImplementation - Web API interfaces. « DOM Reference The DOMImplementation interface represent an object providing methods which are not dependent on any particular document.

DOMImplementation - Web API interfaces

Such an object is returned by the Document.implementation property. DOM. This is a couple of classes to deal with yahoo yui menu. /* $menubar = new MenuBar(); $file = new Menu("File"); $file->setAttribute("href", " $quit = new Menu("Quit"); $quit->setAttribute("href", " $file->appendChild($quit); $menubar->appendChild($file); echo $menubar->grab();*/