UPDATE: As some of you pointed out, the original rules of SRM 600.5 encourage some members to NOT compete. This was not our original intention, therefore we decided to relax the definition of “spectator” as follows: spectator is defined as a person who spends at least 3 hours in the Arena during the competition’s coding phase. We apologize for the midstream change of rules, but we strongly feel it’s better and much more fair this way. Programming Contests, Software Development, and Employment Services at TopCoder

Programming Contests, Software Development, and Employment Services at TopCoder

Overview When writing applications in the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), you may need to use layouts to give your windows a specific look. A layout controls the position and size of children in a Composite. Layout classes are subclasses of the abstract class Layout. SWT provides several standard layout classes, and you can write custom layout classes. In SWT, positioning and sizing does not happen automatically. Corner Article: Understanding Layouts in SWT Corner Article: Understanding Layouts in SWT

CSDN.NET - 全球最大中文IT社区,为IT专业技术人员提供最全面的信息传播和服务平台

CSDN.NET - 全球最大中文IT社区,为IT专业技术人员提供最全面的信息传播和服务平台 CSDN.NET - 中国领先的IT技术社区,为IT专业技术人员提供最全面的信息传播和服务平台 您还未登录! | 登录 | 注册 | 帮助 首页 论坛 博客 专栏 下载 搜索 空间 ITeye 程序员 会议 Pongo CTO 俱乐部 CSTO TUP 培训充电 高校俱乐部 招聘
java基础教程-GUI - liyang999的专栏 java基础教程-GUI - liyang999的专栏 建立GUIs 本模块讲述图形用户界面的建立及布局。它介绍了抽象视窗工具包(AWT),一种建立GUIs的类包。 AWT提供用于所有Java applets及应用程序中的基本GUI组件,还为应用程序提供与机器的界面。
完成端口详解 - 手把手教你玩转网络编程系列之三 - 小猪的网络编程 完成端口详解 - 手把手教你玩转网络编程系列之三 - 小猪的网络编程 手把手叫你玩转网络编程系列之三 完成端口(Completion Port)详解 ----- By PiggyXP(小猪)
Grails中你可以使用quartz插件来定时执行一个任务(如同unix上的crontab一样)。本文通过构建这样一个RSS阅读器的例子演示了这一功能。首先创建一个grails应用:grails create-app feedreader cd feedreader grails install-plugin quartzgrails create-domain-class Post ... 对于JSF的应用,你可能会在HTTP的头信息中看到这样的字样:Server : Apache/2.0.61 (Unix) X-Powered-By : JSF/1.2让用户知道这些消息没有太大意义,而且可能造成安全漏洞。需要屏蔽的话可以参考以下步骤:隐藏Server信息:在apache里控制的,在httpd.conf里加入一行 ServerTokens Prod... 编程相关 - 幻境 编程相关 - 幻境