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Gander Mountain Coupons 20% Off. Security breach at Oracle could affect hundreds of thousands of businesses. Oracle, a software giant that makes point-of-sale credit card systems, has reportedly seen a massive security breach that could have far-reaching implications for its customers.

Security breach at Oracle could affect hundreds of thousands of businesses

According to security journalist Brian Krebs, a Russian cybercrime group has gained access to Oracle’s systems, including the customer portal for businesses that use its credit card processing systems. As you might imagine, this is not good. Oracle confirmed to Krebs that it had “detected and addressed malicious code in certain legacy MICROS systems,” and is telling customers to reset username and passwords. The Micros systems are credit card processing terminals used by hotels, banks, restaurants, and hundreds of thousands of other businesses. DON’T MISS: New iPhone 7 leak points to Space Black color option and no Gorilla Glass 5 display. Figleaves 10% Off Code. Obama to go to Orlando to pay respects to victims Thursday. WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will travel to Orlando on Thursday to pay respects to the victims of last weekend's nightclub shooting and to stand in solidarity with the community as it embarks on recovery, the White House said Monday night.

Obama to go to Orlando to pay respects to victims Thursday

Press Secretary Josh Earnest did not provide more details about the trip. Obama had canceled what was to be his first campaign event with presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the wake of the shooting at a gay nightclub that killed 49 and wounded dozens more. That event was scheduled for Wednesday. DepositPhotos Coupon 20% Hillary Clinton Declines Invitation to Debate Bernie Sanders. Photo DETROIT — Eager to move on from the Democratic primary race, has turned down an invitation to debate Senator Bernie Sanders ahead of California’s primary, her campaign said on Monday.

Hillary Clinton Declines Invitation to Debate Bernie Sanders

The announcement came hours after Mrs. Clinton unleashed a biting critique of while addressing a union convention, mocking his business record and offering a glimpse at how she might confront him in the general election. Mr. Sanders’s campaign last week tentatively accepted an invitation by Fox News to participate in a debate before California’s June 7 primary, and expressed hope that Mrs. In a statement issued Monday evening, a spokeswoman for Mrs. “We believe that Hillary Clinton’s time is best spent campaigning and meeting directly with voters across California and preparing for a general election campaign that will ensure the White House remains in Democratic hands,” Ms. Mr. Get 15% off all products $100 and more at GourmetGiftBaskets. Morpholio Launches ScalePen for Its Trace App.

Prior to CAD, design students, architects, and the like, used technical pens for drafting, when there weren’t any buttons to undo what you just did.

Morpholio Launches ScalePen for Its Trace App

A technical pen set back in the day was a big expense, but a must-have for design drawing to show line weight for things like space, details, sections, and hierarchy – a necessity for displaying a three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional drawing. Hand drafting faded into oblivion with CAD software becoming the norm by the early 2000s, but in recent years, there’s been a resurgence of hand drawing and sketching, thanks to touchscreen devices and styluses. Szul Coupons - Promo Codes For Diamond Jewelry & Rings. Art Is Vital - James Hamblin. ASPEN, Colo. — It has been three years since the spectacular video of Lil Buck dancing to Yo-Yo Ma brought jookin—which draws from hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and modern dance—into mainstream consciousness.

Art Is Vital - James Hamblin

Ma would later call Buck a genius; and, he is. According to the theory of multiple intelligences, which posits nine distinct dimensions, Buck is clearly off the charts in intelligences like spatial, musical/rhythmic, and bodily/kinesthetic. The theory was developed in 1983 by Howard Gardner, who is now the Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard. It defines intelligence expansively, as the ability to create an effective product or offer a service that is valued in a culture; a set of skills that make it possible for a person to solve problems in life.

It's a broader definition than many curricula address, and some of the multiple intelligences regularly go unstimulated and underdeveloped in traditional schools. Hot Buys at Boscovs. The Designer Who Peered Into Microscopes and Saw High Art. Carl Strüwe took only two kinds of photographs.

The Designer Who Peered Into Microscopes and Saw High Art

The first was typical enough: Italian sculpture and architecture he saw on vacation. The second was far less typical: close-ups of diatoms, butterfly wings, snail tongue, whalebone—all taken through a microscope. By simply zooming in, Strüwe took the familiar and made it alien. The German photographer wasn’t the first to place the lens of a camera into the eyepiece of a microscope, but in the 1920s, he was among the first to do so as art rather than science. The view from a typical microscope is circular. Carl Strüwe: Microcosmos showcases more than 50 black and white photos from the photographer’s archive. Strüwe made his first micrograph in 1926 by simply placing the lens directly against the eyepiece of the microscope. HP – Stream 13.3 Touch-Screen Laptop – Just $11/ Week at FlexShopper.

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