Architecture/Interior Design

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Gridness. Architect Online: A premier site for Arch. Interior Design, Design News & Architecture Blog Magazine. Architectural Drafting and Design. History of architecture can be traced back to times, when man started building shelters for himself. The techniques of different types of constructions, architecture, and civil engineering started evolving as professions, when the need for constructing buildings increased.

After a gradual evolution, art of drafting and designing came into being. The disciplines of architecture, civil engineering and construction were hence differentiated. What is it? Architecture can be defined as the art of designing the buildings. How is it Useful? This process is used to determine the mass and space of the entire structure. Uses in the Modern Era In the modern era, considering the current space problems, this process is often used to determine the volume of the building, display its texture and overall get up.

It also include concepts like town planning, urban design, and landscaping. Skelewags - Urban Art (by @baekdal) #design. CONTEMPORIST. Modern Home, Interior & Furniture Designs & DIY Ideas.