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Konst och konstnärer

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Art Movements Infographic. If you read a book about some painter's life, or about fine art in general, you probably have been perplexed by that part when the author start talking about the painter's belonging to some art movement, or beeing aginst another's philosophy, without giving any explanation; unless you are an art expert, then you'll have no trouble what so ever.

Art Movements Infographic

However, for the rest of us, art critics and authors don't make it in anyway easy ! Then if you searched the Internet, you'll find lists of endless movments, lots of them are repeated, or actually names for one movement, and most importantly, those lists have no historical and organized order. You'll find this important, because Pre-Raphaelite for example, came long time after Raphael !

Or how war and economical and religious environment of some era affected a particular movment. For all those reasons, I present to you this simplified, but not truncated infographic, hopefully it would by useful for you. POSTER_Timeline Art Movements. Min mapp Bild - konstnärer på Pinterest.


Stencil med studie av en konstnär. These are still a work in progress...but I am already loving them so I wanted to post what I had so far!

Stencil med studie av en konstnär

We began our project with the book LMNO Peas by Keith Baker. It is a fun alphabet book about these tiny green peas that show action. It is a great book for talking about action verbs and having students come up with verbs that would go with each alphabet letter. I had mine try and predict what action the peas would be doing as I turned each page. By the end of the book they were getting much better with developing their action verbs! One of my friends that teaches Kindergarten had given me these great alphabet stamps that she had purchased from Lakeshore.

So we did an artist study on Johns and I displayed several copies of various art pieces in the room. We did print making with the alphabet stamps in cool colors then we painted around the letters with warm colors. Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Starry Night Printable Book & Art ... I believe that some of the most open-minded individuals when it comes to art are children.

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Starry Night Printable Book & Art ...

And I believe that art is a means for expression, understanding and acceptance of other cultures, as well as a visual chronicle of history. Now I have a confession to make. I have been TERRIBLE at exposing my son to fine art. I have no excuses. I have a degree in art history. It was inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. My son fell in love with making books when he was in kindergarten. He read the book, completed the pages that required it, and then I showed him the painting that inspired our activity in a book I had. Supplies: Marker/colored pencils Dull lead pencil Sytrofoam tray (think ground beef or chicken packaging) Small rolling pin wrapped in cling wrap (or a brayer) Acrylic paint Aluminum foil Gluestick White paper First I had my son draw a village, street, or city at the bottom of a piece of paper.

Create your own Piccassohead. Bildanalys - föreläsning. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Vincent van Gogh Art Gallery. Vincent van Gogh Gallery - Welcome! A. Collection.

35 Master Artists & Art Projects for Children — Meet the Masters. We offer 5 tracks that cover 35 Masters that will engage young artists through the wonderful world of art history and hands-on learning.

35 Master Artists & Art Projects for Children — Meet the Masters

Most schools buy tracks, but we also sell curriculum by individual artist. We have eight female artists and offer a very diverse and multi-cultural art curriculum. The Meet the Masters experience allows your students to discover and learn from the most celebrated and talented artists in the world. Each track includes an implementation guide with step-by-step teaching instructions, Powerpoint slides, scripts, visual aids, art prints, game props and vocabulary words. Art supplies and training DVDs for teachers are sold separate from the curriculum. Click the sample art projects below for detailed information about the lessons associated with each artist: Rosa Bonheur Alexander Calder Mary Cassatt Paul Cézanne Marc Chagall Leonardo Da Vinci Edgar Degas M. Paul Gauguin Katsushika Hokusai Winslow Homer Edward Hopper Frida Kahlo. Virtual Library (Publications Getty)

The Art Of Storytelling » Tell A Story. Get inspired by featured artwork from the Delaware Art Museum and write a story through the interactive Tell a Story activity. Look through the images below for a brief introduction on how this activity works, or click on the link below to begin telling your story. Launch the Tell a Story Activity 1) Choose an inspirational work of art First, select a work of art as the inspiration for your story. 2) Tell your story Next, you'll write a story to accompany the artwork. 3) Share your story Once finished, you have the option to send your creation to family and friends, and submit it to the Delaware Art Museum to be included in an online gallery of stories.

Målarbilder Konst. Famous Paintings Recreated with Food... as in Sandwiches... We are always looking for fun stuff to post on the site, to explore the random possibilites of art.

Famous Paintings Recreated with Food... as in Sandwiches...

Well, we have seen really amazing things done with food art in the past, but sometimes if you have some fruit, bread, and some cheese, you can be like Norwegian photographer Ida Skivenes and take that to a whole new level by making classic painting and pop-culture icons with your breakfast snack. Magritte with apples? Nice. via Mashable. Institut culturel de Google.