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DESCRIBING A PHOTO worksheet. Intimate Impressionism - Berthe Morisot. We are moving right along with my series of artists in preparation for my visit to the Intimate Impressionism exhibit at the Legion of Honor.

Intimate Impressionism - Berthe Morisot

I really enjoy learning about female artists, especially those that were a part of the Impressionist movement. The theme of their paintings makes them appealing to me as a mother and lover of children. Impressed with Berthe Morisot’s The Butterfly Catchers – Nadene at Practical Pages shares a wonderful lesson and printable More Marvelous Berthe Morisot Art Appreciation - Practical Pages’ excellent art lesson with a free download slideshow of Berthe Morisot’s work Pull the painting up on your computer and let your children view it for a few minutes. Here is a link to the painting: In The Dining Room. You may wish to print and use this Impressionist Painting Scavenger Hunt activity to use alongside any of your studies included in this series. Skola och lärande. Picture Perfect Narrative Writing. Our new reading series at school uses a lot of photo cards.

Picture Perfect Narrative Writing

We use them to introduce our new vocabulary words and to retell our stories. The students absolutely love looking at real pictures. After learning about a fabulous site where you can purchase photographs to use, I knew that I wanted to come up with a writing unit where students could tell and write about real pictures. This past week, we wrote about one of our pictures from the packet. I displayed this picture with my projector. We had a discussion about the picture and the students brainstormed what they think may be happening. Next, we began filling in our graphic organizer to tell about our story. 3 Great Graphic Organizers for the Art Room.

Magazine / 3 Great Graphic Organizers for the Art Room The visual arts are such a broad and encompassing discipline that even teachers need to use graphic organizers to keep all of the information neat and accessible.

3 Great Graphic Organizers for the Art Room

Think: lesson planners. Students can benefit from graphic organizers in the art room too! Graphic organizers help students partition and clarify their thinking, serve as perfect formative assessments, and reinforce the kind of visual literacy that the art room is all about. Here are three great graphic organizers that can be incorporated into your teaching right now. Smithsonian Critique Critiquing artwork in a meaningful way is a tough skill to teach and to learn. CubingCubing, like the critique organizer, asks students to think about an issue beyond its surface. Frayer Models I like using Frayer model diagrams because they are simple enough to use with even the youngest learners, but can also be used with really complex ideas in the secondary classroom. Bildanalys i åk 5. I dag har vi tränat oss på bildanalys, igen… Vi tittade först på Paul Klees Red Ballon Jag lät eleverna svara i tur och ordning på följande frågor: Innehåll • Vad visar bilden (föremål, människor, händelser)?

Bildanalys i åk 5.

• Hur är bilden uppbyggd (färger, former, perspektiv, ljus)? Uttryck • Vad får du för känslor när du ser på bilden? How%20to%20Analyse%20an%20Artwork_UpperPrimaryWorksheet.pdf. How%20to%20Analyse%20a%20Photograph_UpperPrimaryWorksheet.pdf. Var en konstrecensent. Step 1 Description Description is the first step of an art criticism.

Var en konstrecensent

Students should act like detectives looking for the facts. Also teach students how to read the credit line. This step is just the facts. Ask questions so students can describe, for example: What do you see? What is the medium? What is the subject? Describe the images? Step 2 Analysis Analyzing an artwork involves discussion of the art elements and principles of design.

Lines: Students will need to discuss how the lines were used the work.Do they outline every object? Color: Discuss color.Are the colors warm or cool? Composition: How is the space organized? Art Discussion Cards for Class Critiques or Art History Lessons - Hi there!

Art Discussion Cards for Class Critiques or Art History Lessons -

I have a set of Art Discussion Cards that might be useful to you! These questions are great to use in small group discussions, individual writing responses and as a whole class critique. You can use these questions to discuss a famous artwork or student artwork in peer-to-peer critiques. If you order them, all you need to do is download them, print them off, cut apart and laminate. You can reprint them as many times as you would like. **Note: I have revised the design of these, so if you have already purchased them, you can download the new design again for free from TPT (or email me and I will resend them to you.)

Bildanalys. Bildlärarbloggen. Picture Perfect Narrative Writing. Bildarkiv - Örebro kommun. I Stadsarkivets bildarkiv kan du söka äldre fotografier från Örebro med omgivningar.

Bildarkiv - Örebro kommun

Ur stadsarkivets många fotosamlingar har nu över 40 000 fotografier gjorts sökbara på webben. Fler fotografier kommer att publiceras allt eftersom. Till bildarkivet Bilderna omfattar ca 140 år i Örebros historia – 1860-tal till och med 2000-tal. I databasen finns fotografier med motiv som till exempel stadsmiljöer, människor, skolor, sport och mycket mer. Använd fritt men ange bildkälla Du kan skriva ut eller spara ner bilderna om du så önskar. Foto som källa - Stockholmskällan. Varje gång man använder ett fotografi som källa i historisk forskning eller som illustration i något sammanhang gör man en sorts tolkning av bilden.

Foto som källa - Stockholmskällan

Gustav Adolfs torg När man arbetar med bilder som historiskt källmaterial kan man ställa sig ett antal frågor att tolka bilden.