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Feminine Personal Development

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Original Skin™ Yoga for Confidence: Warrior Poses To Activate Solar Plexus - QiYoga. Amazing Guided Meditation for Acceptance and Self-Love. Healing Spirit: Guided Meditation for Anxiety, to Build Self Confidence and Relaxation. How To Develop Poise. Learning how to develop poise is like learning to put make up on but for the body!

How To Develop Poise

Read my article if you don't know what Poise? While you put make up to present your best face forward, poise is presenting your personal best to the world. Why is developing poise important? It is a form of communication. It is something like an advertisement, or a silent 'salesman'. For instance, a woman with elegant poise tells people that she has composure, dignity and self-respect. Another woman with a graceful poise makes her more physically beautiful and attractive that the physical features she was born with.

A girl with an intelligent poise may provoke interest in high calibre people. A certain stance would make you seem more confident, attractive, smart and successful. Ever notice yourself in an accidental photo with the perfect poise? You smile and think that you looked good for the former, and you shudder at the latter. Here are some basic tips on how to develop poise. Dress Your Best. How To Be Classy - Classically Elegant. A write up about how to be classy, classically elegant and simply sophisticated for sophisticated women.

How To Be Classy - Classically Elegant

Similar interests include how to be elegant sophisticated women, become a socialite, or what's in socialite life? Classy First Steps, an introduction online course. Learning to 'be classy' is about changing your feather to a finer class. Contrary to popular belief, money and class are not the same thing. What is "class" then? Unfortunately, many think once they have money, they have class. It is possible to have lots of money and no class. Image via Flickr Cocokelly If you googled the number of websites with the word "classy" in the entire web, you'll find that there are 78763 number of pages using that word.

Updates at Oct 05, 2015 An Elegant Style - Designer or Non designer Recently, I've been inspired by the non-designer elegant woman.

Updates at

Somehow I choose now to reflect who I am and my current place in society more accurately with the things I put on my back. This is just how I define my own personal brand of elegance and elegant style. Read about the inspiration behind that. Continue reading "An Elegant Style - Designer or Non designer" Aug 18, 2015 A Woman of Grace The mesage of grace: Be known as a woman of grace. Elegant Self Confidence - How To Be Elegant. Secrets of Elegant Self Confidence, Poise and Gracefulness Let me start by sharing this wonderful quote by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, "To be elegant is first of all to know oneself, and to know oneself well requires a certain amount of reflection and intelligence.

Elegant Self Confidence - How To Be Elegant

" There are two stages of becoming elegant, starting first from the workings of inner elegance, because true elegance starts from within. If you are looking for quick tips on to achieve an elegant look (outer elegance), click 'The Art of Elegant Style'. Everyone knows somebody elegant. She could be a celebrity. A Beautiful and Elegant Countenance of An Elegant Spirit - The First Steps to Elegance. The thought-life behind a beautiful and elegant countenance is an elegant spirit.

A Beautiful and Elegant Countenance of An Elegant Spirit - The First Steps to Elegance

These are the very first steps to Elegance What do you wear on your face? What kind of face do you deserve? What does your face say about you? Some of those questions might sound a little startling, but it was meant to drive in a point... that you can grow in beauty and elegance, just in case you are feeling a little hopeless and lost. Not everyone is born with great looks, but everyone can become a gentle and elegant spirit, to look at others with kind eyes and literally grow beautiful. How? They do so by influencing their countenance. "Countenance" is defined as "a person's face or facial expression".

That is why some people simply look approachable and nice. An Elegant Woman and Her Words - What is your word worth? Keeping your words elegant. I recently had some chance to reflect on this question, "What is your Word worth?

An Elegant Woman and Her Words - What is your word worth? Keeping your words elegant.

" In the past, I was taught that yourword, i.e. something that you say that you will do, was something you kept. It was not something to be taken lightly. A person's character can be measured by the value of his/her word. For instance, if someone said to me, I will be there on Monday, I give you my Word. And then cancels at the last minute, you can judge that his word is not worth very much. Keeping Your Word is a Measure of Your Character People who don't keep their word aren't necessarily bad, they are just not that trustworthy to uphold their promises. Of course, there are many people who don't believe it is absolutely necessary to 'keep their word'. Words must be followed by action. When I was 17, a friend from another class confided in me that her relationship with her mother was estranged. Recently, another friend who makes videos for work required the use of a tennis court.