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AryanPages - Accueil. Aprendizaje personalizado. DivertiMAT 1. Online Movies. #metoo. 50K+ NETFLIX MOVIE THEATER - AryanPages. Netflix has always something great to offer to it’s audience world over, and offerings could be select movies from world over, TV shows, Netflix original movies and what not.


No wonder Netflix now has 182 million subscribers around the world. This June is no different and many excellent movies are lined up for your viewing in the safe and comfortable environment of your home. So here is our first list of select Netflix movies for June 2020 for next couple of days. 1. Milea Netflix Release Date: Date: 13th June 2020 A bluff of Milea to keep Dilan away from the motorcycle gang during their higher school days resulted in years of their separation. 2.

Netflix Release Date: June 15, 2020 “Last flight to Abuja” is a film based on a story of Nigerian travelers those board Flamingo Airways flight from Logos to reach Abuja in 2006. Last Flight to Abuja received 5 nominations in 2013 at Africa Movie Academy Awards, and won the award for “The Best film by an African based abroad”. 3. 4.Charlie St. Coronavirus Lockdown- Stay Home Challenge - AryanPages.

­­As the governments across the world are resorting to tough measures to contain and control damage due to Coronavirus, which has already claimed 24000+ lives and infected more than half million population, 2.6+ Billion people across globe are now confined to their homes facing lockdown imposed by governments for their safety.

Coronavirus Lockdown- Stay Home Challenge - AryanPages

No one knows for sure that what will be period of this Coronavirus Lockdown. With more than 1/3rd population under these restrictions the biggest challenge for these people now is Stay Home Challenge! While most of us complaint under normal circumstances that we don’t get adequate time for our family, interests, exercise etc., but under current circumstances, when we are left with no choice, it is becoming difficult to confine ourselves to our homes during this coronavirus lockdown.

Your LAST DEFENSE against COVID-19 - AryanPages. In the last couple of months, the world has learnt to live with COVID-19.

Your LAST DEFENSE against COVID-19 - AryanPages

Huge resources have been spent by governments, business and support groups to create an infrastructure to help people survive this pandemic, and live an almost normal life as they enjoyed during pre COVID-19 days. With all necessary arrangements in place Governments are now reopening business activities once again across the globe to ensure that economy, which has already been affected badly by COVID-19, regains some lost ground. However, with practical limitations of three key guidelines i.e. Wearing Mask, Washing Hands and Maintaining Social Distance for people, and unavailability of any vaccine as on date, the question arises that if these three guidelines fail under unavoidable circumstances then what is our last defence against COVID-19 or Coronavirus?

How to protect your family from Coronavirus - AryanPages. NETFLIX MOVIE THEATER - AryanPages. Apple iPhone - AryanPages. Have a you ever tried Google to find smartphones with highest RAM, Storage capacity, Camera, Battery life, Screen Size, lowest or biggest size and other features?

Apple iPhone - AryanPages

We did a small exercise today and found that Apple iPhones didn’t appeared champion on any of the parameters as listed in paragraph above. But, to our surprise when we checked best selling smartphones in the world, Apple iPhone emerged as clear winner with five of it’s models featuring in top 10 smartphones of the world. You may learn more about these best selling smartphones in our previous article by clicking here. Let’s try to find out what makes Apple iPhone so special for everyone that people keep waiting for new iPhone models for months and stand in long lines to buy them. 1. Considering the importance your smartphone has earned in almost all walks of your life, security features of your device have become all more important than ever before. 2. 3.

Your iPhone doesn’t keep track of places visited by you. 4. Thank you! Top 3 Smartphones in 2020 - AryanPages. 2020 is a major landmark for cell phones after Apple’s introduction of the first stage shifted the standard a year ago.

Top 3 Smartphones in 2020 - AryanPages

The aim was to make telephones completely bezel-less, to update better AI capabilities, and to make them increasingly cutting-edge in view of the fact that technology has recently been scarcely discovered in this area. Every single company has walked the same path and we have a whole set of the latest smartphones in 2020 that happily brandish a first name. The OnePlus 6 may allow you to cover it up but there is no such choice for different phones. Despite the inadequacies, considerable progress has been made on both Android and iOS and the latest equipment has fueled increasingly complex portable work frameworks. It’s safe to say you ‘re planning on buying another cell, and you need the new mobile phone? NETFLIX MOVIES THEATER: JUNE 2020- Part-II - AryanPages. We thank all our readers for great response to our previous post NETFLIX MOVIE THEATER .


In this post let’s find out about Netflix movies scheduled for the rest of June 2020. In next two weeks Netflix is bringing some of the finest Action, Emotion, Anime, Dancing and other movies, Read about these movies and ensure you watch them on day ONE as they are released. So here we go: 1. Coronavirus - should we PANIC ? - AryanPages. The Novel Coronavirus i.e.

Coronavirus - should we PANIC ? - AryanPages

COVID-19 has now found victims in 32 countries and territories around the world and in one Cruise Ship –“Diamond Princess” harbored in Yokohama, Japan. Coronavirus has already claimed 2,362 lives out of 77,935 affected people globally, mostly from China who has lost 2345 citizens so far. As all countries around the world have now geared up to combat Coronavirus, almost 27% people affected are saved so far. What is worrisome now is the fact that out of 54281 active cases a huge 21% are serious or critical and with new cases being detected now also, there is a possibility that death toll may go up in coming days.

Coronavirus - should we PANIC ? - AryanPages. GATE at ZEAL- Mission GATE 2021 - AryanPages. In case you or your ward is an Engineering student in third or 4th year of college, then considering Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering or GATE 2021, and starting preparation for it from now is a very sensible idea.

GATE at ZEAL- Mission GATE 2021 - AryanPages

In our featured business segment this time we are introducing one of the finest coaching institute of central India Gate at Zeal , which is helping Computer Science and Information Technology students to fulfill their dreams of doing their Post Graduate Studies from premier Engineering Colleges of India and abroad for last 20 years. GATE is one of the most popular exams among engineering students in India, which has more than 10,000 Engineering colleges.

In GATE 2020 all across India 684,903 students appeared, which gives an idea about popularity of this exam. Most premier institutes offer a good stipend also during 2 year course, and this helps students to focus on their studies. GATE at ZEAL- Introduction Ms Jaishri Gupta and Mr. AryanPages- Let's explore the world TOGETHER ! How to stay SAFE and HEALTHY during Monsoon - AryanPages. In many parts of the world Monsoon is the most awaited season of the year.

How to stay SAFE and HEALTHY during Monsoon - AryanPages

People around the world long for monsoon season, for the relief it offers from high temperatures, and more than that for the fun and hope it brings to lives of everyone.