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Arun Vivek

I am B2B Saas Growth marketer & Senior Digital marketer at Touch Logic. My passion is about technology and finding better, smarter ways to work. More info @

How to be 10x More Productive with WordPress Updates. I hate WordPress updates.

How to be 10x More Productive with WordPress Updates

Sure, almost every WordPress update enhances security, improves usability, and sometimes adds cool features, but here's the thing: while the site updates I can't get any online work done. If I had one WordPress site, that wouldn't be a problem. But if you're like me and run multiple sites, managing updates can become a time gobbler. "What's a few minutes? " you might ask. Well, proper updates involve more work than clicking the WordPress update button. "What could go wrong? " "Lot's actually," answers the cautious site owner who has been burned more than once by an unanticipated WordPress update snafu. Do you remember the WordPress update fiasco back in October 2020? Here's the point. Table of contents 10x Your Productivity with WordPres I'm not against WordPress updates.

Updates are vital. 2. There are three types of WordPress updates: Core UpdatePlugin UpdateTheme Update. How to Downgrade WordPress Version. WordPress SSL: Is Your Site SSL Certificate Valid? I want to share my story so that no one makes the same mistake I did with my WordPress SSL enabled website.

WordPress SSL: Is Your Site SSL Certificate Valid?

If you ask any startup company entrepreneur what their nightmare scenario would be, top of the list would be a down website just before a big launch. My story is about how SSL almost cost me my second launch. My career-making launch as it were. A week before my second launch, everything was more or less ready to go. A few tweaks here and there and that was it. WordPress SSL: Don't Let Your SSL Certificate Expire! When I receive the alert, my heart skipped a beat. A small mistake when creating the certificate led to a situation where the number of allowed visitors was far too low. That was when we all realized that nothing but a proper, paid-for SSL certificate would work. Modern WordPress SSL Plugins to the rescue! Is your WordPress Backup done right? Toy Story 2 is a masterpiece of a film that put Pixar on the map as a contender to Disney.

Is your WordPress Backup done right?

It had big box office numbers and families around the world loved the film. It leads to the growth of Pixar and eventually Disney having to buy them out. So what does that have to do with your WordPress backup? Something that many people do not know is that Toy Story 2 was almost completely lost very near the end of development. Someone at the company made a mistake and deleted everything from the computers that were used to make the film. No problem, they would simply pull out the backup data. That was when the entire company was sent into a panicked state. She had needed to spend some extra time with her children that month. Did you backup your WordPress site correctly? If this story shows us anything, it’s that even successful companies backed by millions of dollars in revenue and venture capital - with Steve Jobs at the head - can be prone to the occasional mistake.

A Classic Manual Method Wait! Why WordPress Localhost Installation is Important? Step by Step Guide. In this article, you'll learn how to install WordPress locally using a free web app called Bitnami.

Why WordPress Localhost Installation is Important? Step by Step Guide

From start to finish, you'll need about 10 minutes to complete the installation. Installing WordPress on a local computer - called a local installation - is an intriguing idea. For the right person, a local installation can provide some big benefits. In the past, local installations were a bit complex. You had to fiddle with all the files that support WordPress. How to Install WordPress Locally? Why install WordPress locally? If you are a budding website builder, theme designer, or plugin developer, you should learn how to install WordPress locally. And that’s the point. Running WordPress on your computer gives you a stable testing and development environment.

Another reason is security. A third reason is convenience. Here's one more consideration: local sites are free. All your hard work and experimentation on a local site won't be in vain. What is Bitnami? 1 Downloading the Bitnami installer.