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Arun Prakash

Chief Learning Strategist, Infopro Learning Arun is a seasoned learning specialist with more than 20 years of experience, and an expert in envisaging and implementing out-of-the-box training solutions collaborative learning networks, and knowledge management systems. He is responsible for understanding the business goals of clients, and subsequently aligning the goals with measurable learning outcomes and learning solutions.

Use Cases of Extended Enterprise LMS for Effective Training. Organizations have reservations about implementing an extended Learning Management System- with concerns like quality of training, lack of resources, compliance, security, and more.

Use Cases of Extended Enterprise LMS for Effective Training

Today, it has become easier for new-age organizations to implement online LMS to create, manage, and deliver training for both the internal and external workforce. The extended enterprise comprises customers, channel partners, resellers, sales reps, dealers, and franchisees. Providing impactful training outside the four walls of an organization helps reach a wide range of audiences and meet diverse training needs. Also Read: How does a Mobile LMS Improve your Business Efficiency? An LMS is a worthwhile investment that allows organizations to deliver impactful training to the external workforce. Using LMS with Blended Learning for an Ultimate Experience. Everyone has their own unique learning style.

Using LMS with Blended Learning for an Ultimate Experience

Some learn better by reading, others by watching and through practice and still others can retain information better if they hear it from teachers. As a business owner, you are responsible for the education of numerous employees. You can’t use a one-size-fits-all approach for training every member of your team. What is Blended Learning? eLearning Industry Included Unlock Learn in 2021 'Top Cloud-based LMSs for Corporate Training' With evolution of new technologies in learning and development, more and more organizations are implementing cloud-based Learning Management Systems to engage, train and upskill their workforce.

eLearning Industry Included Unlock Learn in 2021 'Top Cloud-based LMSs for Corporate Training'

Unlock Learn, the proprietary LMS of Infopro Learning, has been recognized in the “Top Cloud-based LMSs for Corporate Training for 2021” by The powerful learning management platform is built on a flexible framework that allows easy integrations and customizations as per the needs of the learning organization. It is a cloud based LMS that not only automates the entire learning cycle but ensures quick deployment, automatic upgrades, and advanced security features to align completely to the needs of the modern workplace. Arun Prakash, Product Owner of Unlock Learn says, “Our winning streak continues with the inclusion of Unlock Learn in the coveted listing for Top Cloud-based LMSs in the year 2021 by eLearning Industry. The Complete List of Winners is here. Unlock Learn Included in the 'Best LMS Software for Remote Working' List 2021 by eLearning Industry. With a huge shift in the business landscape over the span of just one year, organizations must explore more effective ways of training the remote workforce in 2021.

Unlock Learn Included in the 'Best LMS Software for Remote Working' List 2021 by eLearning Industry

During these unprecedented times, L&D leaders are actively adopting digital learning and learning technologies to make sure that the remote workforce is suitably trained and upskilled. Learning Management Systems too have changed dramatically, and they are more performance improvement tools than catering to its traditional functions of managing learners and managing training. These LMS+LXP solutions are playing a huge role in supporting organizations in their efforts to make sure that training and learning is continuous, seamless, and most importantly, impactful. Infopro Learning’s proprietary learning management platform, Unlock Learn, has gained a coveted spot in the “Best LMS Software for Remote Working for 2021” list by eLearning Industry.

Meeting Compliance Training Needs with Corporate LMS. Corporate compliance is not a task.

Meeting Compliance Training Needs with Corporate LMS

It ensures that employees, as well as the company, are protected from different liabilities and fosters physical wellbeing and workplace safety. It also improves employee behavior and creates a healthy working environment. In a traditional classroom setting, employees fail to stay compliant due to various reasons such as different modes of delivery, boring lectures, and less or no flexibility to undergo training as per their convenience. But today, organizations understand the significance of compliance training. This is where Learning Management Systems (LMSs) emerge as a one-stop solution to cater to the compliance training needs of all. Exploring benefits of LMS technology for the BFSI sector. In today’s digital world, many industries are shifting towards technology-aided solutions for workforce training and BFSI is no exception.

Exploring benefits of LMS technology for the BFSI sector

Companies in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector are striving to improve performance and unlock potential through effective training. The key to success for this industry is to remain innovative and quickly adjust to market changes. Hence, it becomes imperative for managers and supervisors to build a team of highly skilled employees that perfectly fit job roles within the organization. Product Knowledge Training for Improved Customer Experience. Why Your LMS Should Support ECommerce Integration. The learning methods in the digital went through an abrupt shift, thanks to elearning.

Why Your LMS Should Support ECommerce Integration

Those times are long gone when trainers used to solely rely on the “face-to-face” approach to impart training to their audience. Now, the focus has largely shifted to delivering and managing training programs through a Learning Management System(LMS). It’s not only interactive but more effective than the “chalk and blackboard” model. Although LMS has made course delivery and administration simpler than ever, selling courses to the audience is still a pain. Why? Tracking course progress becomes cumbersome.Assessing course performance becomes difficult.Gauging revenues is a problem.

This is what you are already facing while relying on a standalone ecommerce platform. Benefits of LMS integrated with e-commerce Single-point Solution E-commerce integrated LMS software lets you create, host, sell and track your online courses through a single account and dashboard. Better Feedback. 5 Reasons why Franchises Should Use Unlock Learn. Reasons to Track and Measure Results Through LMS Technology. A learning management system (LMS) can be beneficial for your company.

Reasons to Track and Measure Results Through LMS Technology

You can create online courses and training which allows the employee to complete the work whenever it is convenient for them. Coach Employees to Boost Performance with LMS Technology. A business succeeds when its employees perform their best and are more productive and efficient in their roles.

Coach Employees to Boost Performance with LMS Technology

Many times, the key to improving employee performance is to educate them on their jobs or by teaching them skills. Delivering continuous training through LMS technology provides several benefits to a company as well as for the employee. Promote from Within One of the reasons to provide training opportunities for your staff is to help them learn skills they can use to promote as job openings occur. They can promote up within a department or move across departments as they develop skills which can be used in other areas.

Engage & Motivate your Workforce through Gamification in LMS. An engaged learning environment is crucial for organizations to improve employee retention, drive performance, and increase training ROI.

Engage & Motivate your Workforce through Gamification in LMS

Modern organizations are thus shifting towards a gamified learning approach to deliver engaged learning experiences for all employees. L&D departments are looking for innovative ways to engage, encourage, and upskill learners with technology-aided learning. Utilizing the gamification feature of a Learning Management Systems (LMS) is often the most effective strategy to train a globally diverse workforce, in an engaged and immersive manner. Gamification in LMS is a popular feature that caters to the diverse training needs of modern corporate learners- be it onboarding, sales enablement, compliance, skills training, and so on.

6 Myths of Open Source Learning Management Systems (LMS) 7 Viable Tips for Buying an LMS on a Budget. Buying a Learning Management System with a limited budget is a challenge. It is difficult enough to find an LMS product that will work how you want it to, but then if you throw in the added element of “low-cost”, and you will find yourself in a tricky position. To help you along this journey, we have compiled some tips that you can use that might make this problem seem more solvable. Tip 1: Set a Budget Before you even start searching for products, finalize on your budget. It isn’t always so simple because nobody really knows what a Learning Management System should cost. Automated Compliance Training Solution for Healthcare Organization. 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Selling Courses Online.

When you create courses and other learning material for customers and put it online, you expect to make money. You anticipate major interest as everyone seeks to learn whatever the course is designed to teach. The truth is you can have the most important knowledge to share and it won’t sell if you make some big mistakes. Here are seven common mistakes and how to avoid them. Top 5 LMS Trends 2021 that Improve your eLearning Experience. During the global crisis, most businesses are investing in modern Learning Management Systems (LMS) to deliver a personalized training experience for all. Organizations are shifting towards eLearning solutions to cater to the pertinent needs of their new-age workforce. This results in mitigating costs, improving flexibility, while delivering custom content at reduced costs. What are the Benefits of AI Chatbots in Modern LMS?

With technological advancement, organizations are shifting towards an eLearning approach to deliver an engaging training experience. Modern corporates invest a huge number of resources in delivering effective Learning and Development (L&D) programs. Have you ever thought of using a tool that can improve your L&D strategy? You might need to utilize the AI chatbot feature of modern Learning Management Systems (LMS) to create interactive learning experiences to meet the personalized needs of all. Using Corporate LMS for Effective Remote Workforce Training. The current global crisis has resulted in changing workplace dynamics. Remote-first culture is the new normal while keeping the workforce engaged and productive.

Modern corporates are implementing technology-aided Learning Management Systems (LMS) to effectively train their remote employees, thus driving engagement, improving skill-gaps, and overall performance. Corporate LMS serves as an ideal platform to disseminate personalized training content for globally dispersed workforce, while instilling a proper work-life balance. While implementing the work from home culture, many organizations faced the challenges like redefining policies, upskilling employees on new tools, driving remote engagement, etc. With corporate LMS, companies can create meaningful learning experiences, while improving individual performance, gauge training impact, and enhance business ROIs. Gamification in LMS: Play your Way to Learn and Engage. Reasons to Deploy LMS Technology for the Healthcare Sector. Delivering Videos using LMS to Train Extended Workforce. 3 Ways Corporate LMS can Personalize Training Experience. Blended Training Solution for Leading Online Retail Company.

5 LMS Features that Unlock Corporate Training Success. Scale Compliance Training with Learning Management Systems. Deploying Corporate LMS to Achieve Outcomes that Matte. An Introduction to LMS and Unlock Learn for the New Business. How do LMS Chatbots Streamline Employee Onboarding Process? An effective employee onboarding process is well-streamlined and thought out.

It is not one-size-fits-all strategy but varies as per the new hires’ varied job roles, functions, and cultural preferences. The faster an employee gets onboarded, the more that employee contributes towards achieving organizational success. Most of the companies are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to transform their digital training landscape. They deploy corporate LMSs to leverage the AI chatbot feature and improve onboarding experiences. Key reasons why organizations require smart bots for onboarding include- Outdated new hire programLack of HR bandwidth for timely responsesInformation overload during the initial days of joiningLocation-specific policies by HR teams Employee surveys put a spotlight on the problem statement, with key new hire challenges around understanding company policies, structure, culture, etc. How LMS Can Reduce the Cost of Hiring New Staff.

Hiring a new employee is expensive. Replacing a former employee with someone of equal qualifications is even more costly. Statistics range from $4000 to over $9000 on average, according to the Small Business Chronicle. For those companies in specialized industries such as IT or the medical field, the costs are astronomical.

In fact, one estimate showed that to replace a nurse, a company would have to spend $40,000 while an IT employee could run over $125,000. Where the Costs Lie Those numbers can be hard to believe, but it’s easy to see how they add up when you think about all the expenses involved. Then comes the training. Maintaining Compliance Training through Corporate LMS. No matter what industry your business is in, you are required to keep your employees up to date on certain policies and procedures. It may be something as simple as OSHA regulations for maintenance workers or more complicated training in the finance or insurance industry.

Deploy Learning Technology to Enhance Workforce Performance. How Microlearning Works in Driving Employee Engagement. How will New Trends in LMS Change Your Business Strategies? 5-Step Process for Buying a Learning Management System. 5 Features an eCommerce LMS Must Have. Shifting from ILT to vILT using Corporate LMS. 4 Key Features of Learning Management Systems for Retail Workforce Training.