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Arun Lakhani

Arun Lakhani vision is to supply water 24x7 in Nagpur through Public Private Partnership. Sewage treatment and Waster Water Treatment is goal of VIL

Vishvaraj Infra (VIL India)And Arun Lakhani. India has vast requirement of Infrastructure building and improvement.

Vishvaraj Infra (VIL India)And Arun Lakhani

The PPP route was established in last decade also saw some lean time. With New government initiative the PPP has again come with better risk sharing matrix between private and public. Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL) has been a proponent of PPP model, and has established track record in Road and highways sector. Arun Lakhani’s Views On Water. Sewage, Wastewater Treatment And Arun Lakhani. Chairman & MD of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL India), Arun Lakhani addresses the audience at the 4th Annual Conference on Sewage And Wastewater Treatment by India Infrastructure.

Sewage, Wastewater Treatment And Arun Lakhani

This conference happened on April 26-27, 2016 at the Le Meridien, New Delhi. The focus of the conference was to analyze trends & developments in India’s sewerage system, discuss the new government programmes, highlight opportunities and challenges. The conference also showcased successful projects, technologies and best practices. Here’s what he has to say. According to Arun Lakhani there is an necessity to have an influx of drinking water. Like this: Like Loading... Waste Water Treatment And Arun Lakhani. Arun Lakhani And His Dream For VIL India. Arun Lakhani had this vision to create Sustainable, efficient & Accountable – environmental services and infrastructure, with People Participation.

Arun Lakhani And His Dream For VIL India

He believes India is a country blessed with a young demography & business dynamism that is India. He says he feels lucky & proud to be part of this era and contribute as Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VI L) in this vibrant growth story, particularly in sectors which affect lives of millions of human beings. We at Vishvaraj Infra believe in creating value for ALL stakeholders by removing inefficiencies. We consider ourselves as social entrepreneurs since Water, Waste Water and Transport; the sectors in which we have built our reputation are closely interwoven with the lives of people.

As business, apart from value creation for share holders they also impact happiness quotient of the people, thus offering enormous satisfaction to us for our life transforming work. Arun Lakhani And Nagpur 24x7 – Orange City Water Project. The city Nagpur and the project Nagpur 24x7 are very close to me as an entrepreneur says Arun Lakhani.

Arun Lakhani And Nagpur 24x7 – Orange City Water Project

Nagpur 24x7 also known as Orange City Water was Vishvaraj Infrastructure limited (VIL) pilot project. The City – Nagpur is the 3rd largest city & winter capital of Maharashtra state, Nagpur is India’s loath largest city with a population of over 2.5 million people. It became the first city of its size in the country to outsource its water supply to a private operator under the PPP model for 25 years. The one big objective was to provide l00% safe drinking water 24×7 to l00% of the population including the slum-dwellers within 5 years.

The second major objective was to reduce Non Revenue Water below 25% in 10 years time. Involving people and to see their problems from their point view, is a key factor for the sustainable development in Water Sector especially through PPP. ArunLakhani. Why Nagpur’s Water Management Is A Good Model According To Arun Lakhani. Arun Lakhani And Nagpur 24x7 Water Supply. Arun Lakhani And Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Corporate social responsibility (CSR, also called corporate conscience, corporate citizenship or responsible business) is an outline of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model.

Arun Lakhani And Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR policy functions as a self-regulatory mechanism whereby a business monitors and ensures its active conformity with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and national or international norms. With some models, a firm’s implementation of CSR goes beyond compliance and engages in “actions that appear to further some social good, beyond the interests of the firm and that which is necessary by law.” The aim is to increase long-term profits and shareholder trust through positive public relations and high ethical standards to reduce business and legal risk by taking responsibility for corporate actions. CSR strategies encourage the company to make a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors, communities, and others.

Like this: Like Loading... Arun Lakhani Views On Sultan: arunlakhani48. Entertainment is become an essential part of our lives.

Arun Lakhani Views On Sultan: arunlakhani48

With times changing and the world moving towards globalization we become very accommodative of othercultures. And movies are one such mode of entertainment. Movies are considered as a very strong medium. The audience we can reach out via a movie is infinite and movies can be used to influence, teach and learn about different cultures of the world, different sports, lifestyles etc.

It gives a societal perspective to understand another country, city from a new lens. Arun Lakhani And Technology - ARUN LAKHANI. Arun Lakhani Views On Udta Punjab Film. Movies have become the most important part of our lives.

Arun Lakhani Views On Udta Punjab Film

Movies are considered as a very strong medium. It has the capacity to create a great influence on the audiences’ mind. It doesn’t spell out the withdrawal syndrome its characters endure or the addiction’s all-consuming cravings. Arun Lakhani And Sport Badminton. The Chairman and Managing Director of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL) also popularly known as Orange City Water (OCW) Arun Lakhani is also the President of Maharashtra Badminton Association (MBA).

Arun Lakhani And Sport Badminton

The Nagpur-based Arun Lakhani shuttled to the top post as the former incumbent Pradeep Gandhe stepped down from the post after over a decade at the helm. Arun Lakhani’s appointment as MBA Chief provided a reason for Nagpurians to feel proud as just prior to Mr.Lakhani being appointed the President of Maharashtra Badminton Association another Nagpurian, Shashank Manohar, was appointed President of cash-rich and most powerful sports body in the country the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI). The change in leadership at the MBA comes after Gandhe’s voluntary decision to resign from the position. Honouring his request after almost 11 years of active service, the MBA Committee followed the official protocol and unanimously chose Arun Lakhani as its new leader. Like this: Like Loading...

Arun Lakhani And Awards. Mr.

Arun Lakhani And Awards

Arun Lakhani a man with a great vision and a forward thinker makes India proud as a nation. India has vast requirement of Infrastructure building and improvement. Vishvaraj Infra, which is heading Orange City Waters – Nagpur’s core Water Supply Manager, has managed to bring some moments of proud to the city. In the recently held World Water Leadership Congress and Awards in Mumbai, the company headed by Arun Lakhani has managed to make the cut with two prestigious awards. While Arun Lakhani, Chairman and Managing Director, Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd has been individually honoured with World Water Leadership Awards for his Outstanding Contribution towards Water, his company Vishvaraj Infrastructure bagged the award for Best Water Reuse Project.

The PPP route was established in last decade also saw some lean time. Mr. Arun Lakhani And His Vision For Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited. Arun Lakhani’s View On The Public Private Partnership. Vishvaraj Infra (VIL India) is a stellar in the water industry.

Arun Lakhani’s View On The Public Private Partnership

Arun Lakhani saw this as a business opportunity in this industry and took it to the next level. However, he believed that people are the most essential of any project as it directly affects the people. Here’s what Arun Lakhani has to say about the PPP model and why the 4th P i.e. the people are important. He says it’s ‘People’- the fourth P that makes the critical difference to PPP (Public –Private Partnership).

Ever since the Indian economy was opened and the process of liberalization was set in, various private players added their might partnering with public enterprises in various sectors. ARUN LAKHANI - Arun Lakhani. Mr. Arun Lakhani’s Views On The Water Industry, Waste Water Reuse, Etc. – Arun Lakhani. Mr. Arun Lakhani had a vision of Water facilities for Billion Plus People. The rapidly urbanizing Indian population is expected to reach a figure close to 600 million urban people by 2031. This massive transition is creating serious challenges for urban planners and ULBs, especially which of ensuring quality water supply to these citizens.

Indian cities have for long lived with intermittent water supply systems riddled with a variety of problems ranging from high levels of NRW to contamination issues. As a solution to this situation several reforms have been initiated by the government which include introduction of performance linked PPP contracts, up gradation of existing ageing assets, 100% metering and efficient operation and maintenance of the supply system. This is the win-win proposition of VIL’s model for the all the stakeholders, a unique example of creating value from waste whilst contributing positively to environmental sustainability. Like this: Like Loading... Mr. Arun Lakhani’s View On Infrastructure & Technology - Arun Lakhani. Infrastructure and technology are the pillars to any industry. There is a high amount of investment that the public and private sectors make to progress in a particular industry.

Arun Lakhani’s View On Sports (Badminton) Water Crisis Management Is A Necessity: Mr. Arun Lakhani, CMD, Vishvaraj Infrastructure: arun48. While we keep mentioning Food, Clothing and Shelter as the survival essentials, we forget the importance of water. Now that water levels have fallen steadily in the last six months, all of us realize the need of water in our lives. While a crisis is on the anvil that can have severe economic and social consequences, Mr. Arun Lakhani sheds light on the solutions. We understand that two consecutive droughts have again brought forth the criticality of a good summer rainfall and this is particularly because of a sharp depletion in reservoir water. But, what we keep forgetting is that we need to manage water with the available resource. Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd., has introduced waste water management options that can avoid water crisis across India.