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Home Makeover Ideas For 2021 – It's Time to Enliven Your Living Space! The pandemic-induced lockdown in 2020 has dramatically changed the relationship that people share with their homes.

Home Makeover Ideas For 2021 – It's Time to Enliven Your Living Space!

After you’ve been compelled to stay home for months, isn’t it only logical to want to spruce it up? As 2021 rolled in, it calls for home renovation. It is about being out with the old and in with the new. Also, staying indoors might just become the new normal and you would want to be prepared for it. However, home remodeling is easier said than done. Create a Functional and Comfortable Home Office According to Jungalow’s founder, Justina Blakeney, home offices are important. Hosting a dinner party? 5 tips to spruce up your dining space. Guests are coming.

Hosting a dinner party? 5 tips to spruce up your dining space

Is your dining room ready to wow them? Be it an informal or formal dinner party, your dining space must be ready to bring in the A-game so that guests have a memorable experience. Also, hosting a great dinner party will surely make you the talk of the town. But, dishing out delicious, hot meals and bringing out the china that you got at your wedding is not enough. With your finger-licking dishes and amazing-looking plates and cutlery, the décor of your dining space also needs to rise to the occasion.

Moreover, the dining room is the heart of your beautiful home. Brighten up the dining space with the right lighting options. Home Makeover 101 – 6 Ways to Make Your Home Appear Luxurious and Elegant. Who doesn’t want to own a home that looks stylish, elegant, and straight out of the pages of the Architectural Digest?

Home Makeover 101 – 6 Ways to Make Your Home Appear Luxurious and Elegant

The answer is – yes, you guessed it – everyone! Home means a lot more than just four walls and a roof. Interior Design: Expert Tips Towards Creating Inspiring Living Spaces. With the festive season just around the corner, most of us are looking to put together the very best for creating a stellar living space.

Interior Design: Expert Tips Towards Creating Inspiring Living Spaces

While that involves a total revamping of how things are place around one’s house or apartment, it does call for an expert opinion to impart certain designer touches for making a living space comfortable as well as inspiring. In this post, we will take a look at different areas of a home and share expert tips on how to go about highlighting each one of them. Sofa Trends 2021: Stylish Lounging Ideas for Your Modern Living Room.

Designs keep changing, but a classic sofa (or couch) can revamp the looks of your living room instantly.

Sofa Trends 2021: Stylish Lounging Ideas for Your Modern Living Room

To make your space look charming and more inviting, you need to choose a sofa with the right color, fabric, and furnishings that blend with the interiors of the living room. With aesthetic décor ideas trending up to reflect the modernity curve can be a difficult task to cope up with. Inspiring Dining Room Ideas for 2021 - DailyScrawl. The dining room is often said to be the most important room in the house.

Inspiring Dining Room Ideas for 2021 - DailyScrawl

This is where family members not only eat together but also talk to one another and catch up on events in each other’s lives. The dining room is not just for eating, but an environment where family members can socialise and interact without distractions. Many modern living spaces have done away with a proper dining room setup altogether, with people choosing a ‘kitchen island’ layout instead. Bedroom Decor Trends to follow in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted several industries, and the home space is not an exception.

Bedroom Decor Trends to follow in 2021

As people spent a lot of time indoors throughout 2020 and expected to continue doing so for the better part of 2021, people are craving more comfort. Also, people are reimagining their living spaces so that it can adjust to the ‘new normal’ lifestyle. When you’re staying indoors for most of the time (or even when you’re not), one room that screams attention is the bedroom. This is the room that you return to, at the end of the day, yearning for warmth and comfort. This is the room that’ll help you relax and forget about the worries of the day. Are You Sick and Tired of Your Bored Living Room Décor. There’s no room that deserves more attention when decorating than the living room.

Are You Sick and Tired of Your Bored Living Room Décor

As its name suggests, this room is where families spend the bulk of their at-home time together, and entertain near and dear ones. This room ought to exude warmth and coziness, along with reflecting the home owner’s personality. A bored living room can get too old too fast, and make you feel ashamed to have guests over.

When decorating your living room, make sure that it reflects you, as well as, your family. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should or shouldn’t decorate your living room. Artyz — Add Flair To Your Dining Space. Christmas Decoration Ideas – Get Your Home Ready! Christmas is undoubtedly the best time of the year.

Christmas Decoration Ideas – Get Your Home Ready!

And, you know what makes it even better? Decking your house with dazzling decorations to capture the holiday spirit and set the mood. To wow your guests and get every inch of your home into the Christmas spirit, take a cue from these festive and creative decoration ideas for spaces small and big. Let’s get started. 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Living Room. A living room is a room for socializing and relaxing.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Living Room

Such a room is usually near the main entrance, and therefore, this is where first impressions are made. Guests get an idea of the design of the home by looking at the living room. Premium Choices for Home Furnishing. Furniture is one of the integral parts of a home. It is what defines your style and completes the setting. If you have found yourself browsing through some of the amazing collections online, and have been meaning to make the purchase, you need to find a store or a manufacturer who deals with premium products. As a metropolitan, you will find several options for high end furniture in Kolkata who showcase some of the premium products which includes a classic home décor statement or a comfortable and ergonomic setting. Premium Ways to Ramp Your Home. As we are gearing up for the festive season, we can think of improving our homes as that is where we are mostly spending our time these days.

Refurbishing your home, or even a room can be quite a challenging task. It is time-consuming, and you need to be on your toes to ensure that your vision is coming to life. Moreover, if you want to ensure that your investment and time are not wasted, you need to involve the lifestyle experts who can guide you with your decision making and choice of products. Interior Design: Easy Home Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Living Space. Image Source: decoratorist.comEver wondered why we all love visiting cafes, open lawn terrace top gardens, a cozy library and malls? The common thing that tempts us to go there is the ambiance – the interior work, visual themes and meticulous details. The vibe is totally different there from what we feel at our house. The physical appeal of any space lightens up our inner-self. Perfect Kind of Furniture for Home Decor. Whether you’ve just bought a new luxury apartment or are simply planning on renovating the interiors of your house, chances are that you’ve already spent long hours scrolling through Pinterest and/or flipping pages of home decor magazines for ideas and inspiration.

Having said that, it’s pretty difficult to stumble upon a design you actually love in functionality as well as style and also fits your budget. These are the three most common issues that bum people out. But luckily, to save your wallets from burning a hole, we have accumulated a list of the important furniture that is required to amp up the look of your home! Also to make the planning process easier, we’ve categories the items of furniture according to the section of home they belong to.

To know what they are, continue reading! Types of Furniture Every room has its own essence and therefore requires the right kind of home decor that matches its vibe. Inube Verification. How to Renovate Your House from Scratch. Renovating your house is a pretty big task. You can do it because you feel like the house lacks certain things or simply because you’re tired of the way it looks now. As time passes by, we want our homes to look different because the people living in them are changing too.

The requirements increase and your preferences change too. The easiest way to redecorate your home is by hiring a professional interior designer who will take the charge in his hands but that might cost you heavily. Instead, you can follow some guidelines and decorate your valued abode by yourself. Ways to renovate your house from scratch: Divide and Plan Image Credit: The first step of renovating your residence is to divide the house into sections according to their function. Set a Budget Image Credit: Redecorating your house can be an overwhelming task and sometimes gets too expensive.

Get Inspired Image Credit: Focus on Doors Image Credit: Fresh Paint Storage Lightings. Interior Design: Decorating Ideas for a Small Living Room. Image Credit: freepik.comTime and again, not everyone lives up to the luxury of buying huge, spacious apartments. However, that shouldn’t stop you from decorating your smaller apartment as well. Having said that, in almost every house or apartment, the living area or the hall is generally the most popular space, compared to other parts. It only makes sense as one spends most time of the day in their living rooms, watching TV, chatting, or casually hanging out with family members and greets guests coming to your house. While that being said, if your living room is smaller than most others, it shouldn’t pinch your style statement.

No matter how small your living area is, you can still manage to stylize the same by bringing in little changes, from time to time. The magic of White walls Contrary to what many people would like to believe, white walls despite being dull have a calming effect. Take care of those Weird Angles Work hard on textiles Image Credit: Break Free from Box shapes. Modern Sofa Styles that Will Make You Fall in Love. Are you a sofa-shopping fiend? Do you spend your free time thinking of ways to pep up the look of your home? What started as a whirlwind romance with home décor, has turned into a bit of an obsession? Everybody knows that the sofa is the highlight of a living room, the center of attention and the ‘hero’ of the décor. Also, a snug place where you can lift your legs up, open up a bottle of wine and relax. A comfy, cozy sofa can lift your spirits in ways that your better half cannot!

If you pore over design sites like, Apartment Therapy and hang on every word uttered by the famous American interior designer, Kelly Wearstler while listening to Gwen Stefani, your constant sofa searching ends today. Bridgewater Sofa – classy and simple When you want something exotic, but don’t want to rub your guests’ noses into your amazing artistic side, bring home the Bridgewater sofa. Aria Velour Sofa – a small, yet towering presence Brownie points? Loveseat – it’s in the name! Loveseats bring people closer. Things to Remember When Decorating Your House for Your Family - Working Mom Blog. Spread the message. Stop the virus. HandsWash often. Decor Tips to Help You Make the Most of a Living Room that Can Double as a Dining Room. 4 Inner Decor Mistakes That You Need To Rectify – Artyz. Must-haves for a Comfortable Living Room. 8 Stunning Before-and-After Living Room Transformations to Get You Inspired - Living Gossip. Home Decor Tips to Bring Wow Factor to Your Home.

6 Awesome Ways to Beautify Your Small Apartment in Kolkata - Womenlite. Ways to Design Your Coffee Table. Why Buying Furniture Is Always a Tricky Affair. Sofa Colour Trends in 2020. 8 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2020. A Guide to Buying the Right Dining Table for Your Home – Artyz. How to Maximise Space with Unique Storage Furniture. 7 Tricks That Cleverly Transforms Your Home - Let's Begin. 5 Awesome Ways to Glam up Your Home Like Never Before. Designing a Living room that’s small – 8 Pro Tips to Consider. Cues to Find Your Dream Sofa – A Step-By-Step Guide to Help You Make the Right Purchase. Perks of getting custom made furniture - Beautifully Me. Designer Furniture Buying Checklist to Follow. Welcome to Artyz: Quick And Easy Feng Shui Tips For Your Home. What makes Interior Designing Different than Interior Decoration? Upcoming Trends In Home Decor For Living Spaces - Think Better Living. 5 Interior Decoration Secrets That Nobody Told You About.

Stylish Chairs To Spruce Up Your Abode. Revamp Your House With The Change In Seasons by Artyz Furniture. Let a chic sofa add some pizzazz to your living room. A Chandelier Adds Panache To Your Abode. Make Your Center Table The Center Of Attraction. Home Decor To Add A Regal Touch. 5 Spring Trends To Jazz Up Your Space - WorthvieW. How Curtains Can Add Splendor To Your Rooms. How to Style Up Your Living Room - Superb Answer. Center Tables to Liven Up Your Living Room. How Wall Décor Can Make Your Room Come Alive. Different Types of Chairs To Spruce Up Your Abode. Home Décor Ideas For Christmas. Add Panache To Your Living Room With Chic Chandeliers. Inspirations for Styling Your Living Room · Wow Decor. Highlight You Home With Wooden Floorings. Enhance Your Dining Experience With New Age Dining Table Sets. Dining Tables for a Distinguished Dining Experience.

The Trend Of Minimalist Furniture. Spruce Up Your Home with Home Décor Accessories. 6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Chandelier for Your Living Room. 8 Trendsetting Ways to Add Glam Quotient to Your Home Interiors. Tumblr. Adorn Your Home with Statement Chandeliers. Traditional or Modern Furniture? Which One to Choose for Your Home – Artyz. 8 Most Impressive Sofa Designs To Add the Wow Factor to Your Home. Home Decor Trends Reigning In 2018. Welcome to Artyz: Redecorating your Sofa - Tips & Tricks.