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NITI Aayog’s Grand Plan to Revolutionise India’s Public Transport Network. India’s premier government-sponsored think tank, NITI Aayog, has come up with a new policy that aims to change the face of India’s public transport with a combination of electric vehicles, as well as upcoming technology such as the Hyperloop and SkyTrans.

NITI Aayog’s Grand Plan to Revolutionise India’s Public Transport Network

Pod taxi dream sold, reality poses big hurdle. Summary: NEW DELHI: Introduction of driverless pod taxis to ferry passengers within cities and for inter-city movement will take longer.

Pod taxi dream sold, reality poses big hurdle

The fourth bidder was Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd. Pod taxi is a personalised transit system in which pods use the overhead rail like track. There is a need to establish that the technology used in this system is safe and can be used for mass transport . Each pod carrying 2-4 passengers running on electricity and driverless pods move at an elevation above the ground. The trick is moving above traffic on 305. By Geoff Daigle, Bainbridge Island Last week's public meetings in Poulsbo, Suquamish and Bainbridge were organized by local officials, and focused on identifying the problems of traffic on Highway 305 from the Bainbridge ferry to central Poulsbo.

The trick is moving above traffic on 305

It's a good start. Funds are on hand to get some studies done for near-term and long-term improvements to fix what has become a regular nightmare for commuters, Kitsap Transit, parents shuttling kids, delivery vehicles, service trucks, ambulances, police, fire crews and pretty much everyone. Missed ferries, missed appointments and missed flights are becoming standard. Not to mention the waste of time, added stress and higher pollution levels of idling cars going nowhere. Immediate fixes might include ways to time signals better, let buses get ahead at each intersection, and generally maximize the two lanes we have. SkyTran NewCEO PressRelease 015. The Economics of SkyTran in San Francisco.

By Billy Tetrud.

The Economics of SkyTran in San Francisco

The JPost. Yas Island tourists to be transported by levitating pods. SF SkyTran report calculations and assumptions may 2008. The Economics of SkyTran in San Francisco. PodCar%20City9%20DJM%20v3%20Nov20 2015. Doug Malewicki. Personal Rapid Transit - Skytran. Dubious Eco-Promoter. Businessman offering financing for eco-infrastructure misrepresents connection with PRT company Major 'sustainable,' 'eco' and 'green' projects take place in the spheres of business and finance, so it has to be expected that the field is going to see its share of hustlers.

Dubious Eco-Promoter

Luckily, we are in an era of information-at-your-fingertips, so it is somewhat easy to catch them out. Graham Cockroft is notable for his ubiquity in recent weeks, promoting his site on Facebook, and of late on Twitter. Maglev Movers is trying to interest city governments in "social housing," waste-to-energy, wind and solar energy systems, maglev trains, and Personal Rapid Transit. Dubious Eco-Promoter. Back And Forth With skyTran. SkyTran closes bridge loan tied to $30 mln Series B financing - PE HUB.

SkyTran, developer of elevated and levitating high-speed rapid-transit systems for people and cargo, closed a Series B financing agreement.

SkyTran closes bridge loan tied to $30 mln Series B financing - PE HUB

In a statement skyTran, based in NASA Research Park at Moffett Field, California, said the accord entailed “execution of a bridge loan tied to a $30 million Series B commitment.” The deal, negotiated and managed by Verita Merchant Bank of Hong Kong, enables skyTran to continue sales efforts and introduce the system worldwide. The company has demo systems in place at the NASA park and in Israel. SkyTran also has backing from Innovation Endeavors, the private venture-capital arm of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. Press Release skyTran Announces Series B Financing Agreement The funding boosts skyTran’s global presence. skyTran® Inc., headquartered at the NASA Research Park (NRP) in the heart of Silicon Valley, announced the execution of a Bridge Loan tied to a $30M USD Series B commitment. Looking for insight into VC investment trends? A Cheap Way to Levitate.

Hyperloop competitor thinks loop should be less hyper. LAS VEGAS - Intercity or intra, that's (one) big hyperloop question.

Hyperloop competitor thinks loop should be less hyper

As Hyperloop Technologies gets set to reveal a glimpse of its futuristic high-speed tube system here on Wednesday, one competitor in the quest to remake transportation thinks rivals are targeting the wrong problem. "I'm supportive of any technology that aims to alleviate our traffic issues, but the hyperloop projects that have been proposed don't eliminate the soul-crushing problem of urban congestion," says Jerry Sanders, CEO of San Francisco-based skyTran, which has raised $30 million and boasts a partnership with NASA. "Most hyperloop companies are looking to compete with aircraft trips of one to three hours," he tells USA TODAY.

U069418R. Tel Aviv contará con el primer sistema de taxis voladores del mundo. La capital israelí apuesta por este espectacular sistema, desarrollado por la NASA, para acabar con las habituales congestiones de tráfico.

Tel Aviv contará con el primer sistema de taxis voladores del mundo

En el futuro Los Ángeles, México D.F. y Bombay también podrían incorporarlo en el futuro. Por J.C. Luque De momento es sólo un proyecto pero Skytran, empresa comercializadora, asegura que muy pronto será realidad en la capital de Israel. Tel Aviv se prepara ya para acoger este innovador sistema de taxis voladores que consta de una serie de vehículos de una o dos plazas que circulan mediante levitación magnética sobre un carril situado a unos 7 metros de altura. Sci Amer page 04. After the construction of the test track at Livermore, officials at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration became aware of our work.

Sci Amer page 04

As a result, the space agency awarded the laboratory a contract to build another model, aimed at demonstrating a very different application of the Inductrack concept. Monorail vehicle - Patent # D329028. GCR - Innovation - Levitating pods aim to bring “physical internet” to city. 21 August 2013 People whizzing around in flying pods may sound like something from the 1960s television show The Jetsons, but the construction and operation of such a system is planned in Israel for as early as 2014, writes Ayshe Ismail.

GCR - Innovation - Levitating pods aim to bring “physical internet” to city

Tel Aviv is set to become the world’s first city to try a magnetic levitation mass-transit system, SkyTran. It consists of pods slung from monorails, levitated by magnets and controlled by computers. Magnets in the vehicle create a powerful field around the metal coil inside the rail, causing the vehicle to levitate, while adjustments to the current move the vehicle forward – a system long proven by Shanghai’s Maglev rail link. Developed by engineers from NASA’s Ames Research Center and the privately held SkyTran company, the Tel Aviv scheme aims to install a “physical internet” in the city to ease congestions and make travel fast, green and safe.

Rmargulies skytranpresentation 090. ST Mag Flight demo.mp4. ST Mag Flight demo.mp4 Download Sign in Caps lock is currently onSingle sign-on enabledor Log in with Dropbox credentials Sign up for Dropbox Play Current Time 0:00. PodCar%20City9%20DJM%20v3%20Nov20 2015. Taxis aéreos de SkyTran debutan en Israel; Estados Unidos podría ser el próximo. (CNNMoney) - ¿Estás cansado de lidiar con la congestión diaria del tráfico en la carretera? Es posible que muy pronto ya no tengas que hacerlo. Taxis aéreos de SkyTran llegan a Israel y a los Estados Unidos. Los taxis aéreos de SkyTran están haciendo su debut. El enorme sistema de transporte aéreo ofrece “autos” que planean magnéticamente a una altura de entre 6 a 7 metros por encima del suelo a lo largo de vías elevadas, de acuerdo con CNN Money. Skytran con sede en Mountain View, California, ha estado desarrollando el sistema por cinco años.