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What companies are similar to Frog? Best Consulting companies to work for. Our Story. People over Profits It ain’t about the Benjamins.

Our Story

Relationships are our gold standard. We want to work with awesome people. Because, for us, success is measured by positive experiences, not the bottom line. As such, we strive to surround ourselves with both smart and passionate team members and clients, those who will grow our minds and hearts and not just our wallets. Keep it Simple Because it is simple. Our practices and solutions are simple, because simple = clear = understandable and executable. Quality over Quantity Less is more. Mental energy is a depletable bandwidth, so we concentrate our time and talent on fewer projects/clients. Ask more questions Demand better answers.

We believe that pushing the envelope helps to solidify and defend thoughts/concepts, and reshapes thinking. Make it Better There’s always room for improvement. This value remains continuous in our thoughts, a defined intention across all touchpoints of our organization. Keep it Real People are people. Never Stop Learning. 2011 Portfolio - Therese's Portfolio.


Interior Design News, Features, Insight & Analysis. 100% Design 2012 - 100% Office. Dates exhibited at 100% Design... 1995-2007 Key product(s) launched at 100% Design...

100% Design 2012 - 100% Office

I had a series of product launches during my time showing at 100% Design; I was really there as a maker but each September gave me the chance to put a product out there. There were some key moments for me: 1997 was special - I launched Rave furniture with Steve Pawsey. The main product was a flatpack spiral table made in neon acrylic and psycho vinyl. 1998 - Another important piece I launched at the show was Recession (above), a table which was one part of a small showcase in the reception of 100% Design. Key encounters at the show over the years... 100% Design always fed my interest in contact with people; at the show people are always doing great projects and trying new things: the last year it was in Chelsea (1997) someone brought a Mini in to the show that was covered in fur!

Annonce emploi pour professionnels en design, ameublement intérieur : Designjob. Atmosstudio. Design Job Requests. Sinot Yacht Design « Dezeenjobs architecture and design recruitment. WAN INTERIORS Residential, WOVEN NEST. Intricate London residential jewel: Detailed and compact composition of continuous built-in furniture creates elaborate yet airy and spacious home.


This home designed by Atmos for an actress and musician carefully slots between buildings and site-lines, and wraps built-in furniture into every available surface. Both plan and planning constraints generated a complex series of intertwining spaces, enlivened by light and interconnectivity. The massing was generated from the view-lines along the High Street below, tucked carefully out of sight to achieve planning permission for a new storey with front outdoor space hidden within the row of listed buildings. The roof-form deploys a double-pitched butterfly roof, angling upwards from low flank walls to greet the arriving visitor with taller walls at the central stairwell. A crystalline valley skylight hangs above, flooding the void with light.