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Artsanac believes in strict attention to detail so that you the client will benefit greatly from our expertise and commitment. Furthermore we will generate the identity and exposure that your organisation is looking for all through our digital creative design agency based in the South West of England. A one-stop shop for all your businesses’ needs, Artsanac Ltd has the capability to bring your ideas to life. With a dedicated team striving for excellence in all that we do, you can be rest assured that we will endeavour to magnify your personal requirements with the end goal of moving towards reaching new heights for your business. Artsanacspecialises in creative design for online and offline platforms. We develop market-leading websites, design innovative brands and design and manufacture high-end marketing materials. We also strive to deliver the very best 2D and 3D illustrations. Artsanac Services: • Web Design • Web Development • Content Management Systems • Responsive Web Design • UK Hosting • SEO • Content Writing & Editing • Email Marketing • Social Networking • Logo Designs • Brand Designs • Graphics Designs • Brochure Design & Printing • Booklet Design & Printing • Exhibition Design & Printing • Corporate Stationery • Printed Marketing Material& more • Simple or complex line drawings • Exploded view drawings • Cutaway drawings • 2D and 3D Imagery • Secure CRM Development • CRM App Development • Database Development • Sales Platform • Client Platform • Newsletter Marketing System For more details contact us: Website: Email: Address:The Old Church School, Butts Hill, Frome, BA11 1HR, United Kingdom For more links visit at:

Portugal Steals The Show At Eurovision. Last night saw the annual European musical extravaganza that is the Eurovision Song Contest take place!

Portugal Steals The Show At Eurovision

The show was broadcast from Kiev in the Ukraine and was won by Portugal and their act Salvador Sobral, scooping the prize for his nation for the first time in their history! Sobral, 27, was an early favourite for the title. He belted out a heart-warming ballad written by his sister all about a very serious heart condition he has held since a young age.

Triathlon Triumphs In The Artsanac Ranks. Most people see the bank holiday weekend as a time to sit back, relax, maybe do some gardening or even spend the day out with the family.

Triathlon Triumphs In The Artsanac Ranks

Well Samuel Worsfold, lifelong friend of Artsanac CEO Patrick Canastra, had other plans and successfully completed the Trowbridge Triathlon! Sam’s dedication and commitment to his training regime has been a real inspiration for everyone here at Artsanac as it shows that with a little imagination and a lot of hard work, anything is possible. When we heard of Sam’s plans to compete in the Trowbridge Triathlon we saw this as a perfect opportunity to not only support one of our closest friends but also to gain some brand exposure at a top quality local event. Artsanac Ltd - Michelmores Contract Portfolio. ARTSANAC - WordPress Website Development By Artsanac LTD In... Artsanac Riding The Wave Of Success With Latest Marketing Campaign. If you’ve been driving around the beautiful Wiltshire countryside recently you may have spotted some interesting cyclists whizz by embezzled with our Artsanac logo.

Artsanac Riding The Wave Of Success With Latest Marketing Campaign

Well that would be CEO Patrick finding time out of his busy day to build up the miles on the bike! Health and fitness go hand in hand with successful businesses. A healthy mind will lead to improved decision making and clearer visions for future projects. Cycling is a high intensity workout that can be undertaken anywhere, anytime and in any weather condition, although Pat is yet to truly test his new outfit in a typically British downpour! We can never underestimate the power of spreading our brand message in a variety of different ways. WordPress Website Design, App Design and Development at Artsanac Ltd – Frome, Wiltshire. Website Design and Development in Frome and Wiltshire – Artsanac. The Co-op rebrands for a familiar feel.

SEO Lowdown – Optimisation Made Easy. We all know that SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ but what does this actually mean for our business?

SEO Lowdown – Optimisation Made Easy

To rank highly on certain search engines is key in the pursuit of obtaining traffic, which will hopefully, in turn, lead to business. Nowadays whole businesses are built on optimising SEO in order to maximise profits. SEO is a key element in 21st Century business dealings but do you fully know how to get the best out of your own business? Here is a quick lowdown into two separate facets of SEO which may have sneaked under the radar yet could make your business scale to new heights of successfulness. These are On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. On Page SEO As you may expect On Page SEO focuses solely on the physical content on your actual webpage and blog. This doesn’t mean a website has to be laden with the same old predictable key words. Off Page SEO Off Page SEO is utilising the mentions and traffic your business generates away from your physical website. Google Introduces Latest Security Measures. Online security is a vital piece of any websites armoury.

Google Introduces Latest Security Measures

The need to stay safe and spam free is essential as a way of ensuring customers feel safe on your website. Now Google have launched their latest security programme and it is bound to make our lives even easier! Gone will be the days of undertaking annoying tasks to confirm to online security that we really are not robots! Now Google reCAPTCHA will work tirelessly in the background ensuring authentic users can browse stress free, whilst suspicious characters will be made to try (and evidently fail) the challenges.

Google reCAPTCHA uses the very latest technologies and works as a sophisticated ‘risk analysis engine’ in order to provide top class security to your website. Should I Redesign My Website? I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long.

Should I Redesign My Website?

Just figure out what’s next. Steve Jobs 2006 With 2017 in full swing many companies will be looking at projections and targets set in January to see how the first quarter of the year is shaping up business wise. It is all well and good setting realistic targets with company growth in mind but what if the goals we set ourselves aren’t quite working yet? Happy international Women’s Day. The Co-op rebrands for a familiar feel. Artsanac Help Launch New Wellbeing Website. Euro 2016, The Summer Spectacle For Businesses. Every two years a footballing tournament breezes into our lives, and for some it’s the most action packed and enjoyable three-week period of the year!

Euro 2016, The Summer Spectacle For Businesses

This summers European Championships have been captivating from day one, and a change in format has seen the likes of Wales and Iceland capture the hearts of the neutral fans across the continent. But what affect does this have on business? As we all already know football is fast becoming a business heavyweight right across the globe. The scope for international media coverage for sponsors acts as a certain factor when they invest vast amounts of money into the tournaments.

Each sporting nation has at least a handful of sponsored affiliates all of which will look to see profit from the tournament. Top Gear Returns To Mixed Reviews. The eagerly anticipated return of the BBC’s Top Gear returned last week to mixed reviews from fans and critics alike.

Top Gear Returns To Mixed Reviews

What Is The Future Of Print Media? This week saw the swift closure of the Trinity Mirrors “New Day” newspaper with the question being asked, “Is this the beginning of the end for print media?”

What Is The Future Of Print Media?

This was a bold move from the media corporation who aimed to deliver a newspaper with no political alliance, just one that would deliver daily news articles across the United Kingdom. #MotivationalMonday. Artsanac Ltd - Blog. Rio 2016 – Team GB Instil A Real Sense Of National Pride. Believe In This Success Story! Artsanac Re-Vamp Zahara Software Website. Artsanac recently had the privilege to work alongside an up and coming Cloud Purchase Order & Requisition Software company who are well on the way to global recognition!

Artsanac Re-Vamp Zahara Software Website

Zahara Software To work alongside an already well established company in their quest to better their own business prospects was something we really enjoyed partaking in. Client says: “Just had a call with Google about our AdWords. Artsanac Ltd - Blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ARTSANAC LTD. Website Design and Development in Frome and Wiltshire – Artsanac.