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Soud Art bibliography

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Synesthésie et Matérialisation du Son en Art à l'Ère du Numérique / 978-613-1-57614-0 / 9786131576140 / 6131576149. Details du Livre: In the Blink of an Ear. A Reference Guide to Sound Art Including a List of Notable Sound Artists ... - Gabrielle Dantz. Soundart - google books. À propos de cette page Nos systèmes ont détecté un trafic exceptionnel sur votre réseau informatique.

soundart - google books

Cette page permet de vérifier que c'est bien vous qui envoyez des requêtes, et non un robot. Notations 21 by Theresa Sauer - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists. Sonic Experience: A Guide to Everyday Sounds by Jean-Francois Augoyard - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists. Background Noise. Background Noise follows the development of sound as an artistic medium and illustrates how sound is put to use within modes of composition, installation, and performance.

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While chronological in its structure, Brandon LaBelle ' s book is informed by spatial thinking - weaving architecture, environments, and the specifics of location into the work of sound, with the aim of formulating an expansive history and understanding of sound art. At its center the book presupposes an intrinsic relation between sound and its location, galvanizing acoustics, sound phenomena, and the environmental with the tensions inherent in what LaBelle identifies as sound ' s relational dynamic.

For the author, this is embedded within sound ' s tendency to become public expressed in its ability to travel distances, foster cultural expression, and define spaces while being radically flexible. How does sound embed us within local environments while connecting us to a broader circumference? Sound by Caleb Kelly. VV.AA. - Störung: Sound & Visual Art. Site Of Sound: Of Architecture And The Ear: Vol 2. Acoustic Space #11 - Techno-Ecologies. AAVV - Sound Exchange, Experimental Music Cultures In Central And Eastern Europe.