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Stylistic Inspiration

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Storyboard Inspiration on Pinterest. The art of Nekro. John Asaro - Nudes. Voyages Along Re-imagined Utopian Worlds By Jean-François Rauzier. Arches - Spiritualités, 2012, C-Print, 180 x 300 cm, photo credit Jean-François Rauzier Highly acclaimed, multi award-winning French photographer and visual artist Jean-François Rauzier has quite a long tradition as a distinctive visual storyteller and a prolific purveyor of re-imagined photographic hyper realities and utopian worlds.

Voyages Along Re-imagined Utopian Worlds By Jean-François Rauzier

Working as a professional photographer for nearly 40 years, Rauzier travels all around the world exploring cities, civilizations and cultural heritages, while trying new techniques and mediums to illustrate his unique vision of the world. In his relentless quest for a new medium of expression, it was only natural that numerical photography immediately captivated him when it penetrated the professional market 15 years ago. ''I waited 25 years for digital technology so I could finally do what I always wanted'', he says. Dolce Vita, 2011, C-Print, 120 x 200 cm, photo credit Jean-François Rauzier This is definitely an experience that is not to be missed. Franciszek Starowieyski Polish poster designer - biography and posters. 32 Highly Classified Korean Illustrators. Tom Butler Artwork » Tom Butler Art. James jean. Picture books. Waldemar-Kazak's deviantART Gallery.

BORDER LINE. H e n r y Y a n. Zhaoming wu art. The Artwork of Dominick Saponaro. Red Dead Redemption : Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - Shadowscapes. JOSE ORTIZ. Jean Giraud (Moebius) 1938-2012. I spent some time trying to select the right images for this post.

Jean Giraud (Moebius) 1938-2012

I found the top one particularly appropriate; if there’s any artist that I associate with magic coming to life from the pages of a book, it’s French comics artist, illustrator and movie concept artist Jean Giraud, more commonly known by his pen name, Moebius. I was saddened to learn that Giraud died today, March 10, 2012, at the age of 73. Of all of the fantastic artists and illustrators who have worked in the medium of comics, from the Golden Age newspaper greats to the present era of “graphic novels”, Giraud is my favorite. He is also one of my favorite illustrators, and for that matter, one of my favorite artists of any kind. I’ve often said that he demonstrated more imagination and creativity in a few of his offhand sketches than many professional comics artists and illustrators will display in their entire careers. Dmitri Danish. Ukrainian artist Dmitri Danish was encouraged by his parents to take up painting at an early age, and was accepted to the Kharkiv State Art COllege at the age of 15.

Dmitri Danish

He followed up with later study at the Deapartment fo Fine Art at Kharkiv State University and achieved membership to the Union of Ukrainian Artists shortly after. Fascinated in particular with cities, both in day and night, his subjects include many paintings of Venice as well as other European cities and locations in the Ukraine. His art is now popular in the U.S. as well as in Europe, Russian and the Ukraine.

Danish applies his often bold colors with a deft touch of the brush and painting knife, with particular attention to the soft and hard edges of the forms within his geometrically strong compositions. I can’t find a dedicated web presence for Danish, but his work is represented online be several galleries, sources for giclee reproductions and other websites. Concept Designer. Freelance Illustration — leroyvanvliet. Moby Francke. SETH ENGSTROM. Exhibitions / Fashion Illustration Gallery. FIG UnFramed FIG UnFramed Gary Card David Downton Ricardo Fumanal Richard Gray Richard Haines Barbara Hulanicki Richard Kilroy Tanya Ling Marko Matysik Gladys Perint Palmer Hiroshi Tanabe Peter Turner Zoë Taylor FIG at The Shop at Bluebird 350 King’s Road Chelsea London SW3 5UU Open to the public 29th May – 17th June 2015 Mon-Fri 9.30 – 8pm Sat 10 – 7pm Sun 12 – 6pm FIG Symposium Richard Kilroy, Gary Card, Alexander Fury, Zoë Taylor FIG at The Shop at Bluebird Saturday 6th June, 11am (no ticket required, just rock up!)

Exhibitions / Fashion Illustration Gallery

Richard Bernstein Interview Cover Art FIG’s Summer Show 2014 Featuring Richard Bernstein’s Cover Art for Interview Magazine and Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Books and Magazines from the world’s leading fashion illustrators August 7th – August 23rd 2014 FIG at The Mayor Gallery 21 Cork Street London W1S 3LZ Open to the Public Thursday 7th August – Saturday 23rd August 2014 11am – 6pm (Closed Sunday 10th & 17th) Ryan Woodward Art and Animation. Fantasy Comics ART - Juan Gimenez. Illustration Arts. Denis Zilber Art. Gallery — the Artwork of j.Dickenson. Menu Snow White & the Huntsman Jack the Giant Slayer.

Gallery — the Artwork of j.Dickenson

January. More art for the masses!


There is no “official” website, but Google image search has some very extensive results. Doze Green got his start in the 70s and 80s in the urban and hip-hop scene. Its easy to see where this influence comes into his modern gallery work- and really develops into a style unique to him alone. Drew works mainly in concept art, doing freelance illustration and concepts for various companies in the video game industry as well. SKETCHPAT. Fantasy ART - Hajime Sorayama. Mattias Snygg Online Portfolio. Robert Kondo - Art.

To inquire about commissioning work from this artist, please contact us.

Robert Kondo - Art

Target Practice Robert Kondo $850.00 Sold. Milo Manara. Portfolio. Loic e338 Zimmermann. IVAN ALIFAN - Artist, Oil Painter. © 2011 Ivan Alifan.

IVAN ALIFAN - Artist, Oil Painter

Paintings. Kevin Le Moigne: Portfolio. Yan Nascimbene Illustration. Chazme718. Mark Poole Art - Home. Paul Pope — Greatest Hits. Mateusz Kołek. Terada katsuya art. Craig Elliott Concept Design, Fine Art and Illustration - Portfolio of Artwork. DAVE MCKEAN COLLECTOR cd covers album covers. Jason Courtney - drawing, painting, and illustration. Jerzy Gluszek illustrations. Gallery - Gallery: Tatsuyuki Tanaka - Cannabis Works. Tabletmonkey Presents.

Virginie Ropars. 2D Masters. Welcome to high street studios. SVETLIN ILLUSTRATION. SERGE MARSHENNIKOV. Peter Bujdoso - Matte Paintings. Gerald Parel Art Mess. Mike Butkus. Naoto Hattori Online Store. RusArt. PAUL LASAINE: Portfolio. Moonshine. Welcome to Eyvind Earle®