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Online ads publisher – Art of Click. Advertising Agency of Native ads– Art of Click. Since the beginning of the boom in mobile usage, app publishers and marketers have been looking for unique mobile ad formats that can generate reliable clicks and attract potential users.

Advertising Agency of Native ads– Art of Click

Undoubtedly mobile advertising is a great app monetization strategy but you need to place your bet on the most effective ad format that gives higher ROI. Native advertising for mobile apps is now gaining traction & has become a new industry standard, rather than just being a buzzword. Understanding Native Ad Format“Native” mobile ad formats fit into an app without any disruption in the user experience. This type of ads 'natively' fits into the non-advertising content within the app. Since app stores have different search algorithm than general search engines, so it is important that app store optimization rules are considered while app advertising via native ad format. Mobile Ad Platform for Mobile App Monetization - Art of Click. In February 2014, Distimo – rencently bought by AppAnnie – published a study on monetization of the main mobile apps in the world.

Mobile Ad Platform for Mobile App Monetization - Art of Click

This study details the gaps, according to regions, between CPI (Cost per Install), average cost for app developers for one download and ARPD (average revenue per download) or also called LTV (lifetime value), average income out of one download. 1 – The First Market is Japan: Japan is the first market for mobile applications with an average revenue of 5,32 dollars per download for developers. 2 – The Five Main Markets for ARPD/LTV: The first one is Japan (5.32 dollars), then comes after Australia (3.60 dollars), South Korea (3.40 dollars), Canada (2.38 dollars) and Germany (2.30 dollars).

Russia and China take the ninth and tenth position in the ranking with respectively 1.30 and 0.92 dollars. 3 – The Five Countries that has the Highest Revenue Potential per Application: 4 – Confirmation for the Freemium Model with In-App Purchases: Why is that? Top Mobile Advertising Companies in India - Art of Click. Interesting Facts about Your Mobile App User Lifetime Value (LTV) – Art of Click. There are millions of mobile apps available to download in app stores.

Interesting Facts about Your Mobile App User Lifetime Value (LTV) – Art of Click

Some accomplish huge success while others experience a great setback. Today, success and failure of mobile app depends greatly on mobile marketing campaigns. The mobile marketing arena revolves around the lifetime value (LTV) of mobile app users. LTV is the most meaningful metric for determining the profitability of your mobile app. Lifetime Value is the projected revenue generated by a user during their lifetime from the time of app installation to the time it is no longer used. Fact #1: Monetization, Retention and Virality are the three drivers of LTV Ad-based monetization strategy will boost your revenue. Mobile Game App Monetization: The Winning Formula - Art of Click. The growing popularity of mobile game apps among smartphone users cannot be denied anymore.

Mobile Game App Monetization: The Winning Formula - Art of Click

Thanks to the creative minds of app developers! Some app developers rake in millions (and without much exaggeration in billions) because they know how to monetize from their mobile apps. Often app developers think that money will flow into their business once they come up with a novel app idea, create a compelling game app and get it accepted in the gaming space. However, the actual work starts right after this!

In order to make money via your app, you have to think about winning monetization formula. What’s that winning monetization formula? Presently, rewarded video ads are the hottest revenue generator for mobile game app developers. Mobile Ad Targeting: Evolution from Location to Audience Targeting. Mobile Affiliate Marketing for Publishers. Mobile App Advertising for advertisers. There are tens of mobile advertising platforms who attract deal-seekers once and let them go without long term results and good lifetime value.

Mobile App Advertising for advertisers

At Art of Click, we think mobile app advertising differently. Why would any business risk seeing their digital advertising budget disappear in a black hole? We believe a discounted mobile campaign is meaningless if a company cannot see nor prove its impact. Advertisers want real actions and tangible outcomes, rather than discounted click-through rates.

Art of Click focus on lowering cost per acquisition (CPA) while developing end-users’ lifetime value (LTV): the key developing strategy for mobile app advertising. Responding to advertisers needs, we aim at giving back control to brands and agencies on their mobile app advertising strategy. With Art Of Click, let your ad be accessible to the right users, at the right time, and the right cost, and make your mobile advertisement a concrete asset and a revenue-driver for your company.