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DevOps Services Canada. We have adopted best-in-class DevOps practices and processes to enable an Agile team to move faster, produce better quality code, coordinate between different stakeholders, and deliver value to our clients.

DevOps Services Canada

In software development what matters most today is quick feedback cycles and flawless deliveries, meeting the customer's requirements. Releasing working software early on to the customer often reduces the gap between understanding the customers' value and how developers interpret it. Looking For An iPhone App Development Company In Canada? What We Do for You Our full-suite of strategy, engineering, optimization, testing, and support services allows us to align your B2B, B2C, or B2B2C business objectives with app performance for outcomes that elevate your business — and your bottom line.

Looking For An iPhone App Development Company In Canada?

No matter which Apple device — iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch — we have the expertise necessary to develop the right app using the right tech stack for the right audience. Using an agile process, we engineer bespoke digital products from eCommerce to SaaS and consumer apps that are on-point and on-trend. From concept and prototyping to MVPs, engineering, and optimization, we’re your partner in ensuring an intuitive, seamless digital experience. Whether you need a single app or an enterprise suite of apps, our experienced development team are experts in designing and developing custom, business-focused iOS apps and workflows for your enterprise team. Application Development Company Canada. iOS Development Services Canada.

Product Development Company Canada. Accelerated Product Strategizing & Roadmapping Opportunities in the digital space to innovate, evolve, and modernize move at lightning speed.

Product Development Company Canada

Using concise, proven methodologies, including design thinking and advanced UX/UI techniques, we devise a savvy strategic roadmap to move your digital product swiftly from concept to completion. Request a free consultation Accelerated Product Strategizing & Roadmapping Opportunities in the digital space to innovate, evolve, and modernize move at lightning speed. The Five-Step Approach to Nail Cross-Channel Customer Experience.

Cross-channel customer experience around businesses is quite siloed in this digitally dominant era.

The Five-Step Approach to Nail Cross-Channel Customer Experience

These silos not only limit cross-engagement opportunities but also badly affect the customer experience. And, as marketing channels continue to grow, it is becoming even more challenging to conquer customer delight. 4 Tips for a Simplified Mobile Checkout Process. A short, simple and, self-contained checkout process with no navigation bars or pop-ups – that push the visitor away to some other section – is the major reason behind a 37% increase in Adidas sales through mobile.

4 Tips for a Simplified Mobile Checkout Process

Mobile traffic is surging: an average user now spends 3 hours a day on mobile apps, however, the bad news is that mobile conversions are about half of those through the desktop. Nevertheless, it is only a matter of time before mobile overtakes desktop and surpasses the number of buyers. Hire Magento Developer Canada. Top 5 Key Factors to consider for Drupal 8 migration. Launched with power-packed features such as greater flexibility, scalability, and increased page load speed, Drupal 8 is turning out to be a remarkable CMS – compelling most businesses to migrate immediately.

Top 5 Key Factors to consider for Drupal 8 migration

While Drupal 8 migration may not be a cakewalk especially in view of the concerns surrounding data migration and module shifts, a good way to minimize hiccups is to be well prepared beforehand. While hiring the right Drupal website development partner can ease the process, this post will help you steer in the right direction. We will familiarize you with important facts and advantages in Drupal 8 which you can keep in mind while looking for your Drupal web development partner. The advantages are tremendous in Drupal 8 since it is built around brand new technologies such as Symfony and Twig, which will make the migration process successful.

11 Best News Apps For iOS and Android. Are you a news junkie or want to stay updated in this hyper-connected world?

11 Best News Apps For iOS and Android

Here is the list of the 10 best news apps to make you updated without compromising the busy and hectic ongoing routine. Gone are the days when radio, TV, and newspapers are the only means of getting the daily news updates. The Internet has changed the way, and the mobile app development world has conquered the TV and newspaper industries as well. Now, people can get the latest news updates in wherever and whenever with just a tap on their smartphones. All you need is to download news apps on your iOS and Android gadgets. 1. The BBC is a worldwide recognized news organization that keeps readers updated with the latest news stories and videos on-demand.

5 Biggest Challenges to a Successful Digital Transformation (And How to Overcome Them) According to the State of Enterprise IT 2018 survey, about 98% of enterprises are already involved in digital transformation initiatives.

5 Biggest Challenges to a Successful Digital Transformation (And How to Overcome Them)

Why Magento’s new B2B solution is ideal for B2B eCommerce businesses. Have you ever visited a B2B eCommerce website and tried to buy products from there?

Why Magento’s new B2B solution is ideal for B2B eCommerce businesses

3 Magento Plugins for Product Recommendation. The present day eCommerce customers are highly accustomed to features like product recommendations and personalization.

3 Magento Plugins for Product Recommendation

A website that hosts features that help them save their browsing efforts and time are the most desirable. While most of the retailers are leveraging big data to enhance the precision in personalized recommendations, it is time they classify the recommendations on the basis of the products as per their requirements and their interests. Targeted product recommendations are known for boosting sales by recommending the most relevant products to customers, while taking into account their purchase history. Website intelligence is one of the most crucial aspects eCommerce players need to consider for enhancing customers’ shopping experience.

Predictive Analytics has now enabled the eCommerce retailers to take product recommendation to the next level by serving customers with what they really want. Top 5 Benefits of Mobile App Performance Optimization. As of 2019, the number of apps on the Google Play store exceeds 2 million and that on the Apple store stands at 1.83 million. Now, if that is the competition, enterprises looking to cast their mobile apps, ought to do things differently. Mobile app performance optimization can turn out to be a key differentiating factor here because keeping a customer waiting is one of the biggest business sins in today’s fast-paced economy. Businesses today have been investing much in the app’s design and features, but what they forget is working on mobile app performance optimization. If a user is served with a lagging and a sluggish app, the user wouldn’t even sign-in to see what lies ahead. So, technology leads should make it a priority to optimize their app’s performance first, as faster the app, the better it is for a business.

Even Facebook realizes that mobile app performance optimization is the key to success. Benefits of Mobile App Performance Optimization. Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For Creating Compelling Videos in 2019. If video content is the future of marketing, then the future is here! More and more businesses are promoting their products in the digital space with the help of a video editing app. About 70% of businesses say that their sales figures increased by incorporating video content. And, with 85% of customers relying more on videos to make buying decisions, businesses now need to have a single focus on meeting their customers’ evolving demands as well as enhancing the brand image. – HubSpot If you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth investing time and money into a video editing app, this is certainly the time.

5 Ways to Improve Magento Store UX to Convert Visitors into Customers. “People ignore designs that ignore people” – Frank Chimero Good user experience is all about empathy. Any piece of a website, app, or software that is not designed from the users’ perspective is doomed to fail. 10 Reasons Why Python Scores Over PHP for Web Development. In today’s highly disruptive technology world, PHP and Python are the two most popular server-side languages that most businesses prefer. However, choosing Python over PHP or PHP over Python is always a tough call. While a massive number of websites are programmed in PHP, Python has been witnessing a steep upward trend for the past two years. Drupal + Magento Headless Integration: The Perfect Union of Content + Commerce. With digital moving at a rapid pace, online consumers are now looking towards personalization or better experiences while making a purchase.

And, with their attention span decreasing by the day, if they do not get the information that they are looking for, be it at the click of a mouse or a swipe of a mobile or a tab, then they quickly move on to another site. Given that, businesses have begun to work towards enhancing the customers buying journey such as improving product descriptions and product videos, customer’s testimonials, user-friendly GUI, etc. By adding different forms of content, they would also be able to retain customers’ attention span and help them in their buying decision. Kotlin Android Application Development Company. Flask Vs Django: Choose the Best Python Framework For Your Project. Kentico Development Services Toronto. 7 Key Marketing Benefits of Digital Experience Platform. A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a one-stop solution that acts as a hub of core digital technologies that work coherently as a unified platform to create engaging customer digital experiences.

Drupal Website Development Toronto. Website Development. Video Streaming App Development Toronto. Conversion Rate Optimization Services Toronto. User Behavioral Analytics: Top 5 Tips & Methods to Improve CRO. Building an On-Demand App: 15 Essential Features You Must Include. Building a Ride Sharing App: 15 Essential Features to Include. Python Website Development Toronto.