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DSLR Video Shooter — Videos, Gear and Tutorials for HDSLR Users. Fluorescent HMI and LED Video Studio and Location Lighting - Cool Lights USA. GoPro Official Store: Wearable Digital Cameras for Sports. Blog - Flatten Your?5D. Readers of The DV Rebel’s Guide know that I like to set up my cameras to record as much dynamic range as possible, resulting in a low-contrast, low-saturation “digital negative” that allows more flexibility for grading in post.

Blog - Flatten Your?5D

If you’ve seen any video I’ve shot with the Canon 5D Mark II lately, whether in the Red Giant TV tutorial or on fxphd, you may have wondered how I set up the camera to achieve this. The answer comes in the form of some in-camera Picture Style settings. I posted a while back about using Canon’s PictureStyleEditor software to create these custom Picture Styles. Since then I have found that the controls in the camera are more than sufficient for creating a more post-friendly look for the 5D’s video files. Starting with the “Neutral” setting, I make the following modifications: