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1977 - La ballade de Bruno

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Stroszek Foreign Film Movie Review 1977 Werner Herzog Anchor Bay DVD. "We've got a truck on fire...can't find the switch to turn the ski lift off...and can't stop the dancing chicken...Send an electrician.

Stroszek Foreign Film Movie Review 1977 Werner Herzog Anchor Bay DVD

" In one of the most strangest and fascinating art films ever made, Werner Herzog's Stroszek tells the simple story of a mentally disabled ex-con, a tiny quirky best friend and a girlfriend who is a prostitute, who all three decide to leave Germany and begin a new life in a trailer house in Wisconsin; Which Herzog purposely shot in the hometown of serial killer Ed Gein.

Not only would Herzog decide to cast the roles of the townspeople with the real town locals, but he would also cast a non-actor named Bruno Scheinstein as the lead character. Bruno's lifestory is as strange and sad as the story itself, as he was born the son of a prostitute and incarcerated in a mental institution from most of his early life. Stroszek and the death of Ian Curtis « wonderchroma. Of all the faculties unique to the human mind, the ability to discern and dissect artwork serves as the most fittingly enigmatic.

Stroszek and the death of Ian Curtis « wonderchroma

Something as simple as a striped canvas can broadcast a digestible, yet open-ended message. In a way, the human consciousness — as well as art itself — is brought to life by the variability of perception. Case in point, Werner Herzog’s Stroszek: a movie so unrepentantly abstruse that it manages to inspire millions, while remaining mostly infamous for its somber outlook on life. Telling the story of an awkward, mildly retarded man named Bruno Stroszek (hauntingly portrayed by Bruno S.), Stroszek provides an outsider’s view of the “American dream”, and specifically its oft-ignored uncertainty. To a man ill-treated in his home country of Germany, the ideology of the American way of life provides a final safety net of sorts for the salvageable aspects of his optimism. Not that this should come as any real shock. By Daniel Crown ShareThis. Stroszek Movie Review & Film Summary (1977)

Who else but Werner Herzog would make a film about a retarded ex-prisoner, a little old man and a prostitute, who leave Germany to begin a new life in a house trailer in Wisconsin?

Stroszek Movie Review & Film Summary (1977)

Who else would shoot the film in the hometown of Ed Gein, the murderer who inspired "Psycho" (1960)? Who else would cast all the local roles with locals? Who else would end the movie with a policeman radioing, "We've got a truck on fire, can't find the switch to turn the ski lift off, and can't stop the dancing chicken. Send an electrician. " "Stroszek" (1977) is one of the oddest films ever made.

The personal history of Bruno S. forms the psychic background for the film. Herzog, who with Wim Wenders and Rainer Werner Fassbinder brought forth the New German Cinema in the late 1960s and 1970s, saw Bruno in a documentary about street musicians. Ah, but there is a reason why the screenplay came quickly. Stroszek. A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS by Dan Schneider There has never been a filmmaker remotely like Werner Herzog.


He blends fiction and nonfiction in ways no filmmaker before or since has done, and almost always it works, and works exceedingly well. Who else could craft memorable films with the psychotic actor Klaus Kinski? Make a ‘science fiction’ documentary (Lessons of Darkness) about the burning oil wells of Gulf War One? Craft an oddly moving, if undefinable film (Even Dwarfs Started Small) using a cast comprised solely of midgets and dwarfs? But, if all that were not enough, consider his two films made with Bruno S., the mentally ill, vagabond street musician and part-time forklift driver who was abandoned to orphanages, insane asylums, and prisons most of his life. The film follows a mentally deficient character just released from prison, whose name is Bruno Stroszek; a surname Herzog first used in his brilliant 1968 feature debut Signs Of Life. The use of non-actors is perfect.

WernerHerzogLintegrale.pdf. Stroszek ou La Ballade de Bruno de Werner Herzog. Je me permets de prendre la parole (c'est mon touuur) pour présenter un film qui me tient à coeur : Stroszek.

Stroszek ou La Ballade de Bruno de Werner Herzog

Film allemand de 1977, ce film se veut engager contre la propagande du dit rêve américain.Brève description : Le rêve américain se définit comme un concept; l'homme modeste partant de rien, sans un sou, qui par le courage, la force et l'endurance arrive à devenir riche et prospère. Ce rêve américain a été très utilisé pour stimuler la migration du monde entier vers les Etats-Unis. En somme, les indiens furent colonisés et pris comme esclaves des populations venues s'installer.

La ville de Chicago a été un exemple de sociologie, pouvoir étudier les rapports inter-humains entre différentes communautés.(1) Pour citer un exemple, j'ai vu un reportage sur Joe Dassin, son père a voulu tenter ce rêve. Coiffeur en France, immigrant, il est resté coiffeur aux USA. Une scène transcendante du film : Note : La Ballade de Bruno de Werner Herzog (1977) - Analyse et critique du film. « Suis-je au mauvais endroit ou dans la mauvaise vie ?

La Ballade de Bruno de Werner Herzog (1977) - Analyse et critique du film

N’ai-je pas réalisé, après être passé à toute vitesse dans une gare sans m’y arrêter, que je suis assis dans le mauvais train ; et n’ai-je pas appris par le contrôleur que le train ne s’arrêterait pas non plus à la prochaine station, 100 kilomètres plus loin ; et ne m’a-t-il pas confié, la main devant la bouche, qu’en réalité le train ne s’arrêterait plus jamais ? » (Conquête de l’inutile) Après Cœur de verre, Herzog a pour projet de tourner une adaptation de la pièce Woyzeck de Georg Büchner. C’est Bruno S. qui doit en être l’interprète mais alors que le film se précise dans sa tête, le cinéaste se rend compte qu’il faut absolument que ce soit Kinski qui joue ce rôle.