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D.I.C.E. Awards Summary. Since 1996, the D.I.C.E.

D.I.C.E. Awards Summary

Awards have recognized games, individuals and development teams that have contributed to the advancement of the multi-billion dollar worldwide entertainment software industry. The D.I.C.E. Awards are the most credible, respected and recognized awards for the interactive entertainment community with voting cast by members of the Academy’s 22,000+ membership base. The voting process is supervised and certified by Votenet Solutions, Inc. The Hall of Fame award is reserved for individuals who have been instrumental in the development of highly influential games. The Lifetime Achievement Award is reserved for individuals whose accomplishments span a broad range of disciplines over a lengthy career in the industry.

The Pioneer Award is reserved for individuals whose career spanning work has helped shape and define the interactive entertainment industry. Rust 2015 - Le Guide pour bien débuter - Tutoriel Fr : Episode 1 (Créer son habitation) Rust (playrust) SCHOOL RP : La rencontre avec Victime. Pacman. Exclude Audio sources off your stream or recording. Use Virtual Audio Cable, VB-Cable or your Soundcards capabilities to exclude sound.

Exclude Audio sources off your stream or recording

Its fortunately quite easy to exclude an Audio source from your stream or recording. But there are a few things we cannot do. So let us take a look at the different sources we may have available:GoodVoice-Communication (Teamspeak, Skype, etc.)Music/MediaPlayer (software with good Audio options: foobar, winamp, etc.)Game sound (with good Audio options)[External Inputs (Line-In, Digital-In are already excluded unless you add them)]BadMusic/MediaPlayer (software with no Audio options: browser, itunes, etc.)Game sound (with no Audio options)Browser sound (Youtube, Flash stuff, etc.)Application sound (often no Audio options)Music(no Audio options), Game(no Audio options), Browser(no Audio options) and Application(no Audio options) sounds CANNOT be split (or excluded) from each other, they will always use your default playback device.

Recent Reviews. How to filter audio on your stream! - Breakaway Live Audio Setup. Twitch VoD Downloader v5. OBS Chat. Firefall. Firefall Forums. Firefall Wiki. Firebase HQ: The Firefall Resource. Firefall calendar. Click calendar to enlarge No currently active events.

Firefall calendar

Amazing Amazon 1.3 update. Addons - Firefall AddOns - CurseForge. ADDON INDEX Current Addons, Mods and Dev Resources. Released - [Addon] Personal Arcporter. Released - [Addon] Boing! LFG (A group finding addon) Alpha Release - [Addon] Inspector. Inspector 1.1Based on the wonderful AllFramesLoadout addon and recently exposed Inspect function, I present the addon that shows frame loadouts for the whole squad/platoon.How to useWhen in squad or platoon, use "/inspect" command.

Alpha Release - [Addon] Inspector

Released - [ADDON] Loot Tracker. Xsear's Loot TrackerLOOT TRACKER 2: The Lootiest!

Released - [ADDON] Loot Tracker

AbstractLoot Tracker was developed with one goal in mind: To assist the user in keeping an eye on all the loot that drops, and where it goes. [melder_info]version=1.19;patch=1.2.1843;dlurl=3119821[/melder_info] Released - [Addon] Scrapii - An Auto Salvager. Released - [ADDON] Deployable Helper (previously BastionBuddy by GMajor) Released - [Addon] Calldown Hotkeys (Formerly RadthorDax's)

Vendors - Guides de lord Ffnord. This guide contains a list of all existing ARES supplier vendors and their wares along with event vendors etc.

Vendors - Guides de lord Ffnord

It does not currently cover the scattered bartenders, most of whom are currently bugged and cannot be interacted with anyway. I highly recommend that you use Ctrl F to search for the item or recipe that you want and cycle through the options to find the one you want. I will update the guide as Vendors change and appear, if you see any errors or problems please let me know in the comments :) 1.1 Update in progress... Complete! A note on nano-prints Purchasing a nano-print also gives you access to the other nano-prints for that item and level with a lower quality. Scan Hammers If you don't have a Scan Hammer you can purchase one from any Supply Vendor for 50/45/40/35 Cy. Common Items (Every ARES Vendor sells them.)The price of these items depends on your reputation with the POI the better a discount you will get. Consumables Grenades. Modules - Firefall Wiki. Ability Modules - Firefall Wiki. Description Ability Modules are items that can be equipped in appropriately colored 'slots' in player abilities, similar to 'gems' in other games.

Ability Modules - Firefall Wiki

There are three colors of modules: Red, Yellow, and Blue. Each colored module can only fit into the appropriately colored slot. The number and color of slots in a given ability are determined by the quality of the item. Common (white) abilities have a red slot, Uncommon (green) abilities have a red and a yellow slot, and Rare (blue) abilities have a red, a yellow, and a blue slot. Module Colours In addition, there are Purple, Green, and Orange modules, which can fit into either of the two colored slots that make up their color (i.e., Purple modules can fit into a red or blue slot, etc). Like all items, modules have Power Rating. The greater the quality of a module, the greater its effect. Terminology. Weapon Modules - Firefall Wiki. Description Weapon modules are items that you can add to slots in weapons to enhance their stats, similar to 'gems' in other games.

Weapon Modules - Firefall Wiki

There are three colors of modules: Red, Yellow, and Blue. Each colored module can only fit into the appropriately colored slot. PokeMMO. Pokebot. AutoHotkey. Wiki Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans Builder - Base Design Strategies and Base Plans - Clash of Clans Builder. COC HTK - Gamatrix. VisualBoyAdvance. RomStation.

BlueStacks. Uptodown.