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Print Orders. Painted Leaves. Hauntingly Beautiful Portraits By 19-Year-Old Alex Stoddard. Fine art photographer Alex Stoddard is a 19 years old talented young person who knows how to create incredibly unique self-portraits that seems like they’ve come right out of a ghostly fairytale and left all the viewers curious where he is going to take them next.

Hauntingly Beautiful Portraits By 19-Year-Old Alex Stoddard

Today we have put together a selection of his latest and surrealistic portraits that will make you think how his talent is emulating at this very young age. Source: Alex Stoddard on Flickr. Fit Beautiful Bodies - Photo Series By Fedor Schmidt. Dima Rebus. Rebus Ne Tubus Ne Vantuz A Rebus Dear region.. 2012 The sketch of an unknown truck About 2012 CE.

Dima Rebus

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (ne huy sobachiy) home 2012 Self-portrait with a cherry 2012 Enter 2012 Duke Mikhail is hiding rook under his hat 2012 Portrait of stranger with golden tooth About 2012 CE. Election 2011 money 2011 Constellation 2011 Stars are only on the knees 2011 ©2014 Dima Rebus. Bonkers Forest Psytrance Rave.


Multimedia/sculpture. Painting. Drawing. Photo-Graphy.