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ArthaYantra was founded to answer questions like this and many others. The silo driven and product centric approach to personal finance has left most of the world’s middle class & upper middle class households without access to quality advice. Jargon filled conversations have alienated millions of families from the capital markets. We will change that.

5 Ways To Avoid Emotional Overspending. According to several studies, you are more likely to overspend when you are sad, anxious, or stressed.

5 Ways To Avoid Emotional Overspending

Shopping acts as a short-term slave while filling an emotional void, but it greatly affects your financial status in the long run. You may not control many things in life but can surely control your spending with strong determination. Read through this ArthaYantra posts to learn ways to avoid emotional overspending. 1. 10 Facts About Tax Benefits From Charity In India. What Goes Around, Comes Around – The Law of Karma According to the law of karma, whatever we put into the universe comes back to us.

10 Facts About Tax Benefits From Charity In India

It applies even to the donations made towards charity. The act of kindness towards charitable donations comes back in the form of tax savings. Tax deductions by the government encourage more people to donate to worthy causes. Personal Loan Balance Transfer - Things to Consider. If you are paying your EMIs for an existing personal loan and you get a call from another bank offering a chance to transfer your loan for lower interest, what do you do?

Personal Loan Balance Transfer - Things to Consider

Is it ok to accept the deal right away? Are there any hidden implications? 7 Common Money Mistakes To Avoid In Your 30s. Our financial responsibilities grow with age.

7 Common Money Mistakes To Avoid In Your 30s

Life in the 30s is not the way it is in 20s. Rather, the 30s is the time when family life is about to begin or already began, and the career had taken off. Money mistakes committed at this phase of life, are bound to lead to financial difficulties in the future. Certified Financial Planner Company in India. The Investor Challenge – Who's the best investment club chairman around?