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As a family-run business that has been established for well over 50 years, we have been serving customers in the local area with an honest and reliable shutter and blind fitting service.With an extensive selection of blinds and shutters to choose from, we are confident that we can assist you in finding the ideal product for your home.

Blinds vs Curtains - Which is Better? - Art Blinds. When you’re trying to find the best option for window coverings in your home, you typically face a major decision of choosing either blinds or curtains.

Blinds vs Curtains - Which is Better? - Art Blinds

There are a few other options to choose from, of course. But, most of the time, these are the two major contenders. Truthfully, there isn’t anything wrong with either of them! Plenty of homes across the world have blinds, and plenty have curtains. While it’s easy to say that what you end up choosing is just a personal preference based on your style or tastes in interior design, that really is only part of it. There are actually more things to consider about both blinds and curtains than most people realize. When you take the time to break down some of the pros and cons of these two popular window coverings, you can make a well-informed decision that is right for you and right for your home. The Pros of Using Blinds Many people use blinds in at least a few rooms of their homes because they are durable, and easy to “control”.

Asphalt vs Tarmac - What's the difference? Asphalt vs Tarmac – What’s the Difference?

Asphalt vs Tarmac - What's the difference?

5 (100%) 1 vote Tarmac vs Asphalt On the surface, tarmac and asphalt look exactly the same. Despite their striking similarity, they have many notable differences. Tarmac driveways also known as Taramacadam is made by mixing tar, sand, and macadam surfaces. In 1901, as Edgar Purnell Hooley was walking passed a tar factory, he noticed a smooth stretch of road. Types of Tarmac Caveat tarmac Since tarmac is made using bitumen – a by-product of the oil industry. Bitumen tarmac Bitumen tarmac is tarmac made using bitumen instead of tar. Macadam tarmac Macadam tarmac is essentially a result of the mixture of macadam surfaces with sand and tar.

Types of Asphalt Asphalt is a cheap surfacing alternative for large areas. When considering driveway surfaces, it is worth noting that some driveways are called asphalt driveways when in fact, the material is asphalt concrete. Asphalt can also be used in making organic shingles. Tarmac or Asphalt Driveway? Bespoke Blinds Hadleigh, Benfleet - Essex. Luxaflex® Venetian Blinds Essex, Hadleigh - FREE Measuring & Quote. Bespoke Blinds Hadleigh, Benfleet - Essex. Expert Luxaflex Shutter Fitters. How To Clean Vertical Blinds. In general, vertical blinds need hardly any maintenance.

How To Clean Vertical Blinds

Their vertical orientation means that dust settles on them more slowly than, say, a kitchen counter or window sill. With that said, vertical blinds can still attract grime, dirt, and debris and will need cleaning on occasion. Vertical blinds come in a range of materials, including fabric, cloth, and plastic. For this reason, you need to adopt a cleaning method that is appropriate for the particular type of window coverings you have. Cleaning fabric and cloth blinds requires removing the fabric section from the window by unclipping it and then placing them in the washing machine on the appropriate setting.

You can usually carry out the cleaning of plastic vertical blinds without removing anything from the wall at all. Here, we’re going to take a look at how to keep your blinds looking great and the common questions that people have about cleaning them. How to Clean Fabric Vertical Blinds. Different Types of Window Shutters. A window shutter is a stable window covering installed for the security, privacy and to prevent outside elements from entering the house.

Different Types of Window Shutters

There are mainly two main types of window shutters interior window shutters and exterior window shutters. We are going to look into the different types of window shutters in this article. 1. Full Height Shutters You can never go wrong with this elegant and the most popular style, as the name says the full height window shutters, covering the window from top to bottom the shutters let you allow total privacy along with the amount of light you want in your room. 2. Tier on tier interior shutters is designed in a way that two separate panels that are one on top of other can operate independently. 3.

As the name says shaped window shutters, it is customisable window shutter type that can fit in any shape window. 4. 5. 6. For Window Shutters Essex : Call 01702 559 969. Window Shutters Essex - Bespoke Window Shutters Essex. Essex Blinds & Shutters in Hadleigh.