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Selfies At Serious Places. Jake wrote me, saying he’d prefer his photo to remain up and unchanged, but that he’d also like to explain it.

Selfies At Serious Places

Here he is: "As I’m sure you’re aware, Chernobyl isn’t Disneyland, in fact it’s probably the furthest thing from it. You don’t go to Chernobyl for fun, you go there to learn about the disaster and see the massive scale of the devastation for yourself. I was fascinated by what I had heard about the event - as I’m only 20 I wasn’t around when the disaster unfolded, so keen to learn more I took it upon myself to go to Ukraine and visit the site. The first thing that strikes you is the bleak nature of the place, followed by the realisation of how fast people had to leave when you visited the abandoned villages.

I would encourage as many people to visit Chernobyl before October 2015 (the expected completion date of the dome which will replace the sarcophagus) to experience what I experienced. Finally, I think some people have been quick to demonise myself and my picture. Plaquette de beurre. Rich Kids Of Instagram. Absent du bureau. Bonjour, Lire mon message ici → À bientôt,— Xxxxxxx Classé dans minimaliste submission À l'heure actuelle, je suis sans doute en train de vérifier cette histoire de fin du monde dans les profondeurs de la jungle mexicaine, une quelconque activité ordinaire, mais impliquant, puisque c'est la période, le fait que je ne suis malheureusement pas présent à mon bureau.

absent du bureau

Pour les superstitieux du monde entier, voilà de quoi pousser un soupir de soulagement. Mais afin de garantir la pérennité de mon entreprise et le futur de mes deux monstres, j'ai préféré aller vérifier sur place. Fort heureusement, mon absence ne grèvera logiquement pas l'avancée continue de Dogstudio, de Superbe et du KIKK sur la voie de l'élévation spirituelle. Dites-leur que vous appelez de ma part, ils comprendront.

Salutations et à très bientôt, Gilles. People dying like Marion Cotillard. Selon une étude américaine... Classé dans selon une étude américaine Ils s’emmerdent déjà… Il faut en parler aux leaders de l’UMP… En le gardant en mode vibreur bien au chaud dans son slip?

Selon une étude américaine...

Je dis ça, je dis rien… Pourquoi pas… Ivre, Tumbling on success: How Tumblr's David Karp built a £500 million empire. This article was taken from the March 2012 issue of Wired magazine.

Tumbling on success: How Tumblr's David Karp built a £500 million empire

Be the first to read Wired's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online. On the evening of August 23, 2011, Chris, a New Yorker who wishes his surname to be withheld, created a Tumblr account. His aim was to raise awareness of the Occupy Wall Street march planned for September 17. The idea was simple: he asked users to submit a photograph of themselves holding a sign explaining their economic circumstances. He called the page We Are The 99 Per Cent, and promptly forgot about it. Four days later, Chris returned to his flat, after spending time preparing meals for protesters, and checked the We Are The 99 Per Cent tumblelog. One photo was from Priscilla Grim, a 36-year-old activist working on strategic communications for the Occupy Wall Street movement who has been "protesting one way or another for about 20 years".

Lana Del Rémifasol… Accidental Chinese Hipsters. Tessa Chong sent me the above image with the explanation that she had seen and drawn the man from memory on a trip to Toronto. We got to talking, and the following interview and her interpretations of some other noted Accidental Chinese Hipsters ensued.

You can see more of her work here. ACH: How old are you and where are you living now? TESSA CHONG: I am 27 and living in Amsterdam. But I’ve only just arrived here. ACH: You introduced yourself to me as a fellow “halfie.” TESSA CHONG: My mother was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. My parents met in the 70s when they were both living in London. ACH: Do you mean that your dad hit on your mom without sharing her language? TESSA CHONG: No, he spoke in English to her. Premières phrases. Shit That Siri Says. We are the 1%, Bitches. #scarlettjohanssoning. WTF QR CODES. Ugly Renaissance Babies.

Je suis journaliste musical.