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Explore the collection. Art Project, powered by Google. Contemporary art in China: Chinese checkers. Contemporary art exhibition listings. From the VIP Art Fair to, the Art Gallery Goes Digital. Abou Dhabi 2010. Les artisans du Louvre Abou Dhabi. Abu Dhabi and Qatar Build Museums to Recast National Identities. Bâle : parcours dans la ville aux trésors. Bâle : sa foire d'art contemporain (Art Basel), son grand champion (Roger Federer), son fleuve majestueux (le Rhin).

Bâle : parcours dans la ville aux trésors

Et, ce qui nous intéresse ici, ses musées. La cité suisse, patrie d'Erasme, Holbein et Jean Tinguely, ne compte que 170.000 habitants, mais peut se vanter d'une impressionnante densité d'institutions culturelles au mètre carré. La raison principale : une tradition de mécénat qui remonte au Moyen-Âge et se poursuit aujourd'hui via les grandes entreprises, notamment pharmaceutiques, implantées là (Hoffmann-La Roche notamment). En plein cœur de l'Europe, située dans un pays, la Suisse, où les collectionneurs sont nombreux mais plutôt discrets, Bâle est une grande capitale culturelle européenne.

Visite de quatre lieux d'art phares. . Institution majeure, le musée d'art abrite l'une des plus anciennes collections d'art occidentales. Hans Holbein le Jeune, Portrait de Boniface Amerbach, 1519, Bâle, Kunstmuseum. . Musem Tinguely, Bâle. © Museum Tinguely, Bâle. . . Your Collection. Free museums: Visits more than double. 1 December 2011Last updated at 15:34 BBC arts correspondent David Sillito looks at the other ways you may end up paying on your trip to a free museum Government-sponsored museums that have stopped charging since 2001 have seen combined visitor rates more than double in the past decade, figures show.

Free museums: Visits more than double

Almost 18 million people visited the 13 attractions in 2010-11, compared with 7 million in 2000-01. Thursday marks the 10th anniversary of the Labour government's decision to end charges at England's national museums. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said free museums and galleries "ensure that culture is for everyone". Entrance fees to museums, including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum, both in London, were scrapped on 1 December 2001 as part of a government plan to widen access to the nation's culture and heritage.

Tourist revenue Continue reading the main story “Start Quote End QuoteMichael FayleBritish Association of Friends of Museums Continue reading the main story. The Spectacular Life and Finds of Max von Oppenheim. The Irish writer Samuel Beckett and Iraqi King Faisal I had traveled to Berlin to marvel at the latest sensation in the German capital.

The Spectacular Life and Finds of Max von Oppenheim

In July 1930, Max von Oppenheim -- diplomat, secret agent and frequent traveler to the Orient -- had established a private museum in Berlin's Charlottenburg district. Griffins weighing several tons, sphinxes made of basalt and strange "scorpion bird men" were on display at Oppenheim's new museum. The mythical creatures were from a buried fortress on the edge of the Syrian desert dating back almost 3,000 years.