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Job Search - Apps on Android Market. Addons Detector - Apps on Android Market. Avast! Mobile Security - Apps on Android Market. Protect your Android™ phone and tablet with the top-rated (4.4 stars!)

avast! Mobile Security - Apps on Android Market

Free mobile security app with both antivirus and anti-theft. ■ avast! Mobile Security keeps your device safe from viruses, malware, and spyware.■ It helps you locate your lost phone through our web-based phone locate feature.■ Remote device lock and/or memory wipe in its advanced Anti-Theft component keep your data safe.■ Handy tools like network meter, app manager, and even firewall (on rooted phones) give you complete control of your mobile phone. Install it today – totally FREE. AndExplorer - Apps on Android Market. File Expert est l'app ultime pour gérer les fichiers de vos téléphones mobiles, tablettes, PC et Serveurs de stockage sur le cloud.File Expert vous aide à partager facilement vos fichiers avec vos amis en Wi-Fi.File Expert supporte actuellement 25 langues!

Beautiful Widgets - Apps on Android Market. Folder Organizer lite - Apps on Android Market. Using Folder Organizer to "Theme" Home Screen Icons For Free. GO Launcher EX - Apps on Android Market. KK Launcher, is the most polished, highly customizable KitKat style launcher, Smooth, Rich features, NO AD, Your best choice! "The closest you get to stock Android KitKat. It's amazing how many options this launcher gives" --Kostas"Really good, seriously the best KitKat launcher on the market ! " --Steven Q: What is the difference between KK Launcher and Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher ?

A: KK Launcher base on AOSP Android 4.4, while Nova and Apex base on Android 4.0, so the KK's UI and UE is pure KitKat experience and inherit the HUGE improvement from Android 4.4 Q: What is the difference between KK Launcher and Google Now Launcher ? Features: 1. QuickPic - Apps on Android Market. With PhotoGrid you can make your photos collection into amazing collage. #1 Collage app on Android, over *** 51 Million*** users like PhotoGrid.* Top1 in Photography over 11 Countries.* Top5 in Photography over 46 Countries.

QuickPic - Apps on Android Market

Photo Grid's simple interface and outstanding menu of pre-designed grids make it the best collage app on the market. - CNET We love Photo Grid. It can work hand in hand with Instagram to quickly produce beautiful results... and its interface is so intuitive that anyone will be able to master it - PC Advisor Best Instagram collage maker for Instagram to make grid pictures on Instagram. Photo Grid offers five different collage types, and lets you pull in photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, and the highly dubious Google Image Search.

PhotoGrid add video maker function which is more powerful than Flipagram. Photo Grid is a free app with lots of options for creating collage, as well as Instagram video slideshow accompanied by music. FAQ and answer. Speaktoit Assistant - Apps on Android Market. ** CNET: "...

Speaktoit Assistant - Apps on Android Market

Siri has breadth, but Robin has depth" ! ** Robin is your voice assistant on the road, bringing you texting by voice, local information, GPS navigation and even jokes, while keeping your eyes on the road. Voice in, voice out. Plus, she has more personality than Siri, Google Now or Cortana! Tapatalk Forum App - Apps on Android Market. Tiny Flashlight + LED - Apps on Android Market. Transformez votre téléphone en une lampe de poche couleur. Avez-vous déjà essayé d'utiliser l'écran de votre téléphone comme un phare de lumière, seulement pour trouver qu'il n'est tout simplement pas assez lumineux?

Transformez votre téléphone en une lampe de poche polyvalent avec lampe de poche couleur, le soft qui illumine jour de votre téléphone et ouvre la voie. Ne soyez plus jamais dans le noir sans lumière encore. [Couleur Lampe de poche HD de qualité de conception améliorés] * La lumière quand vous avez besoin, là où il faut Coincé à l'extérieur avec aucune lumière de rue? * Couleur Votre Lumière Changez la couleur et la luminosité de l'écran de votre téléphone pour vous guider où vous voulez aller. . * Cool effets personnalisés Avez-écran de votre téléphone simuler la lumière de la police, aux chandelles, un arc en ciel, une boule disco, et plus encore. . * Utilisation: Touchez l'écran pour afficher / masquer les options. U.S. Army Survival Guide - Apps on Android Market. ‪A‬ survival guide for any situation.

U.S. Army Survival Guide - Apps on Android Market

Great for when the zombie apocalypse ‬hits. Keep it on your phone and you'll have it where ever you go - even ‬without internet access. Includes an appendix with excellent color ‬photos. A highly updated version of FM 21-76.‬ ★★★★★Please rate and review! ‪ Find more outstanding free apps on our site.‬ U.S Army Field Manual 3-05.70Survival Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Survival Actions Pattern for Survival Chapter 2 PSYCHOLOGY OF SURVIVAL A Look at Stress Natural Reactions Preparing Yourself Chapter 3 SURVIVAL PLANNING AND SURVIVAL KITS Importance of Planning Survival Kits Chapter 4 BASIC SURVIVAL MEDICINE Requirements for Maintenance of Health Medical Emergencies Lifesaving Steps Bone and Joint Injury Bites and Stings Wounds Environmental Injuries Herbal Medicines Chapter 5 SHELTERS Primary Shelter—Uniform Shelter Site Selection Types of Shelters Chapter 6 WATER PROCUREMENT Water Sources Still Construction Water Purification Water Filtration Devices Appendix B.

Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT - Apps on Android Market. I am a 35 year old entrepreneur / software engineer and to be honest with you I got tired of texting my wife 10+ times every day. Don't get me wrong, we still talk on a phone but we all know that texting is more convenient for quick messages back and forward. With texting you can even ask stupid questions without getting yelled at ;) But we must agree that texting sucks, well in 95% cases, the other 5% of course being when you want privacy. Let's face it, typing sucks, driving and texting sucks, we know it but yet - we still do it.

So being software engineer I asked myself how can I suffer less? Can I fix this? All you gotta do is to install this app, throw your phone contacts into your own groups and you are done. 1. To summarize - it's sort of like a walkie-talkie but much much better! I am aware this app has issues on certain phones. Find more info at or if you want to contact me directly via, I will respond.