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Liverpool St Station - site of Crossrail skulls - ancient sacrifice site. The heliacal rising of Sirius on July 23rd. The heliacal rising of Sirius on July 23rd I have been performing a ritual dedicated to the 23rd day of every month for several years now.

The heliacal rising of Sirius on July 23rd

The “Keepers of the Flame”[1] dedicate this day to Sirius[2]. I wanted to understand why the 23rd of every month is dedicated to Sirius, and exactly why so much special attention is paid to Sirius. This is what I have learned: The scientists have known for a longtime about an African tribe near Timbuktu (Mali), called the Dogons. The Dogons have a cave on their land that stretches way back into a mountain, and in this cave are wall drawings over 700 years old. Dogons are very specific about this star. The scientists checked to see how much a white dwarf “Sirius B” weighed.

ISIS date calendar. Isis The apex of her influence, the Goddess of Rebirth was worshipped throughout the Greco-Roman world.

ISIS date calendar

Her temples were finally closed in the 4th century AD, but her role as Mother of God, as well as many other Christian borrowings from her mythos, was assumed by the Virgin Mary. Originally Isis was known as Au Set, a pre-dynastic Egyptian Goddess dating from 3000 BCE. Astrology - Horoscope, the word is from horus scorpio# St. John the Evangelist was also at it - the Poisoned Cup seen in Golden Ass as ISIS, being handled in art by John. The poisoned cup is an emblem of the Catholic saint John the Evangelist.

St. John the Evangelist was also at it - the Poisoned Cup seen in Golden Ass as ISIS, being handled in art by John

The symbols stems from the popular miracle story whereby at John’s blessing, the poison in a cup of wine intended for his consumption is transformed into a serpent. Interestingly, the image of a serpent rising from a cup is described in a vision of Isis in the Golden Ass of Apuleius: “In her left hand was a golden cup, from the top of whose slender handle rose an asp, towering with head erect and its throat distended on both sides. ” The Serpentine - Serpent sacred to ISIS, Diana mememorial. Route map: Bing / Google.

The Serpentine - Serpent sacred to ISIS, Diana mememorial

Meet Isis - Hyde Park's first new sculpture for 50 years. London - Wren, Hawksmoore, Evelyn - masons - Cabala, Rose Cruix. The City of London, or Square Mile, is history and mythology made concrete, going right back to the celebrated London Stone itself. [1] Settlement here dates to pre-Roman times, but the biggest influence on the City as we know it today was the rebuilding project that took place after the Great Fire of 1666.

London - Wren, Hawksmoore, Evelyn - masons - Cabala, Rose Cruix

This gave London much of its present form and introduced many of its greatest monuments. Unlike the previous random sprawl, which had grown up organically over centuries, the rebuilding was carried out according to a deliberate master plan. Sir Christopher Wren. Temple of Mithras, near St Pauls & the London Stone. Trafalgar Square, another Arc de Triumphe - Royal Arch, the Arch of Ba'al. The Feast of St John, revered. Royal Arch Freemasonry - the Temple of Ba'al, Trafalgar Square - opened April 19 Occult holiday. TM Sacred Geometry. 1.

TM Sacred Geometry

BUCKINGHAM PALACE 2. CHARING CROSS 3. CHURCH / SOMERSET HOUSE 4. TEMPLE BAR GRIFFIN STATUE 5. TEMPLE CHURCH ( KNIGHTS TEMPLAR) 6. The London Inner city state covers a relatively small area compared with the many TM systems to date . With the inner city area being about control and power I sensed any grid underpinning the physical manifestations would reflect major points of influence. Google Maps offered a great 1 :200 scale of London. One obvious straight line that jumped out was ‘The Mall’ leading to Buckingham Palace.....I continued this line suspecting the royal house to be built on a ley or power line ....extending this line brought in the following points : Charing Cross, Church / Somerset House, Temple Bar Griffin Statue, 3 churches.

Priesthood « The Knights Templar – Order of the Temple of Solomon. Occult London: Temple Church, the Knights Templar, close to St Pauls & Waterloo Bridge. The Arches Of Baal Are Appearing In New York City, And The Reason Why Is Disturbing. Many things pretend to be harbingers of the end of the world, but few have the ability to send shivers down your spine like this next thing.

The Arches Of Baal Are Appearing In New York City, And The Reason Why Is Disturbing

There’s an event on the horizon in the next few weeks that Christians are pointing to as another sign that time is running short. No, it’s not another blood moon eclipse, or another Shemitah event. This is something subtle and sinister, and speaks to the underlying darkness that has been allowed to infect the planet. In the Old Testament there’s a pagan god whose worshippers the Israelites encountered regularly. This false god’s name was Baal; a moon god, which many believed to be an early incarnation of what eventually became Allah in Islam. The Heathrow Airport Hexagram decoded. Heathrow Airport, 1955 Although not a geometrically perfect hexagram the hexagon formed by the terminal buildings suggests that the formation is deliberate as too will be the off-centre layout.

The Heathrow Airport Hexagram decoded

Gradually fading… More Brits signing up to fight with jihadist militants in Iraq and Syria than for UK Army Reserve. More British citizens signed up to fight in Iraq and Syria than joined the Army Reserve last year, it can be revealed.

More Brits signing up to fight with jihadist militants in Iraq and Syria than for UK Army Reserve

Just 170 extra reservists enlisted over the past year - despite a Government target to boost the stand-by force by 11,000 by 2018. But at the same time the brutal al-Qaeda inspired ISIS forces tearing through Iraq have been boosted by 'several hundred' Brits, ministers told MailOnline. Scroll down for video The terror organisation ISIS has wreaked havoc in Iraq and Syria.

Ministers are increasingly concerned British-born recruits could return to the UK intent on carrying out attacks in the UK Terror experts believe there could be as many as 500 Brits fighting alongside the jihadists in the Middle East for ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). A senior government minister said: ‘There is a real problem about people going in and being radicalised and then coming home. 'To get to Iraq most of them will have to go through Syria, so the two are connected.’ Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Operation Templer - Bath 'one of four cities targeted in terrorist plot' foiled by RAF. Summer Solstice - Jun 20 - point on symbol of St John. Summer Solstice takes place on June 20, 2016.

Summer Solstice - Jun 20 - point on symbol of St John

At the summer solstice, the days are longest and the nights are shortest, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice. Summer is the warmest of the four temperate seasons, between spring and autumn. Schools and universities typically have a summer break to take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days. In all countries, children are out of school during this time of year for summer break, although dates vary. LIST OF SATANIC HOLIDAYS (SRA) Formerly found at: Satanic holiday dates change annually according to the regular calendar and differ from cult to cult. Wellington Arch. Coordinates: Wellington Arch, also known as Constitution Arch or (originally) the Green Park Arch, is a triumphal arch located to the south of Hyde Park in central London and at the western corner of Green Park (although it is now isolated on a traffic island).

Built nearby between 1826 and 1830 to a design by Decimus Burton, it was moved to its present position in 1882–83. It once supported an equestrian statue of the 1st Duke of Wellington; the original intention of having it topped with sculpture of a "quadriga" or ancient four-horse chariot was not realised until 1912.

History[edit] Statue of Minerva, Minerva House, North... (C) Mike Quinn. An Occult Psychogeography of Hawksmoor’s London Churches. Architecture, Cemetery, Dark Tourism, Folklore, Freemasonry, London, Supernatural, UK There was a time when I used to hate London. I thought of it as a compound of tourist hotspots, rude locals and (admittedly quite useful) airports. Back then, I didn’t have much interest in graphic novels, either. Secrets In Plain Sight: Part 1.