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IF Calculator. Ranger Up Fitness: Complete Guide to Nutrition. 17 April 2007 Since the feedback to the supplement article has been so good, I decided to write another short guide. In this case, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on nutrition; questions on different diets, meal timing (should I eat at night if I’m trying to cut weight), stuff like that.

This can be seriously complicated shit, so please read carefully. Fitocracy. WalkJogRun. Nerd Fitness Blog. This is a post by Rebel Chef Noel.

Nerd Fitness Blog

Rebels! It’s time for a little roleplaying game. This is a solo adventure, and you’re armed with a few cooking skills that you’ve managed to pick up along your journey… Situation 1: You’ve been asked to bring a side dish to a family gathering or workplace potluck. Exercise, Fitness, and Weight-Loss Tips - ExerciseTV.


Swimplan. The Daily Plate. Sedentary Select if you work in an office or at home and sit most of the day.

The Daily Plate

Even if you exercise a few times a week, you should track that information on separately on MyPlate. Note: We find that most members have an activity level of sedentary or light.