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Ranger Up Fitness: Complete Guide to Nutrition | Military Stories, MMA News, Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy Ranger Up Fitness: Complete Guide to Nutrition | Military Stories, MMA News, Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy 17 April 2007 Since the feedback to the supplement article has been so good, I decided to write another short guide. In this case, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on nutrition; questions on different diets, meal timing (should I eat at night if I’m trying to cut weight), stuff like that. This can be seriously complicated shit, so please read carefully.


Fitocracy Whether you’re completely new to fitness, trying to lose 20lbs, you’ve run your third New York Marathon, or can bench press twice your own bodyweight, everyone has a goal they’re trying to reach. Many Fitocrats, just like you, have already reached that goal. They'll help you. Subscribe to our How to videos on YouTube Connect to people with similar interests Stay connected.


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Nerd Fitness Blog Bust out the lightsabers and start celebrating like the Death Star just blew up. After four years, nearly five hundred published posts, thousands of emails, and months of back-and-forth negotiations, my lifelong dream has finally come true. It’s been a long time coming, and although it’s somewhat bittersweet, I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. I’m excited to share this news with you today. Deep breath.

Nerd Fitness Blog

Exercise, Fitness, and Weight-Loss Tips - ExerciseTV

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The Daily Plate Sedentary Select if you work in an office or at home and sit most of the day. Even if you exercise a few times a week, you should track that information on separately on MyPlate. Note: We find that most members have an activity level of sedentary or light.

The Daily Plate